“Pimple” of new born

“Pimple” of new born, you know how much?carbon light source
The “pimple” of new born is substantial to is the occurrence of the Cuo Chuang of infant, many because of baby before being born from maternal acquired excessive male of sex hormone, birth after make the sebum gland secreted prosperous, baby face sebum the gland is flourishing, secreting the excessive sebum will the Yu accumulate in the hair bag and make the skin formed the pimple kind hair bag papula.LED product covers extensively

Generally speaking, “pimple” on the infant face can fade away by oneself, and don’t continue in office after few weeks at being born what trace, but the face skin of new born is very and young and delicate, if not appropriate to the nursing of these skin rashes, will make it be infected maturation, the future reunion forms the small pit or scar formation of cave convex gravamen more.Consequently want to hard treat.LED industry healthily develops

Infant Cuo Chuang the symptom is light generally don’t need to be cured, after several weeks then can from more, the symptom is more heavy should arrive hospital to make a diagnosis and give treatment in time, carry on eliminating inflammation, anti- infection treatment, slice to hate to suffer from son a parent from make the decision a piece, use a skin to easily wait ointment to cure for baby in disorder.

The new born suffers from the case of “pimple” not a few see, this kind of new born’s”pimple” mostly the occurrence be born after a week and be called “infant Cuo Chuang” on the medical science.LED illuminates a marketing

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