baby can not leave out

The vaccine that the baby can not leave out
Take a baby to inject to plan to save heart most and anyway stipulate a dozen inside the vaccine, words don’t beat, kid’s park all can not up, so need not the consideration should beat of problem.Say again, these vaccines are all safe, generally can’t have what problem.Moreover, also need not worry to miss time, the hospital will notify you in time.So, you need to notice baby’s health condition to be not very good, have to not have after firing away what reaction, all right.However, some problems, you had better understand once.Mo harms

The our country plan immunity vaccine includes the bcg vaccine, spinal cord ash quality burning vaccine, 100 white break three allied vaccine, measles vaccine and B liver vaccine.Inoculating these vaccines is all free.

1, bcg vaccine-be born first needle

Inoculate bcg vaccine, can strengthen baby’s occurrence toward the resistibility of tuberculosis, the prevention serious tuberculosis and tubercle meningitis.What our country adopts reduces poison to live vaccine currently, safety effective.The baby will inoculate bcg vaccine in time after being born.


When the new born gets high fever, seriously impatient symptom and immunity not whole, birth when the companion has seriously congenital disease, low weight, serious eczema and suspicious tuberculosis don’t deal with a kind.


After inoculating at inoculate part to there is red knot stanza, the companion contains hurts, knotting the stanza will become worthless scoundrel or fester.This kind of phenomenon belongs to the normal reaction of vaccine and heals by oneself for general 2-3 months.

If the baby didn’t inoculate while being born, can arrive local tuberculosis to prevent and cure in 2 months the plan immunity out-patient service of bcg vaccine out-patient service or disease prevention control centre to reseed.have never met

2, spinal cord ash the quality blaze vaccine-edible vaccine

The spinal cord ash quality burning vaccine, the brief name ridge ash sugar pill, is a kind of to reduce poison to live vaccine, it is a white grain-like in shape sugar pill.The baby takes sugar pill according to the plan after being born, can availably prevent spinal cord ash from quality burning.(namely poliomyelitis)


(1)when the infant take sugar pill send after canning use cold boiled water deliquescence.This vaccine lives a virus product, if use hot boiled water deliquescence, living the vaccine will lose an activity because the temperature leads Gao and ate to also have no function, can’t produce antibody in the baby’s body.

(2)in 30 minutes the thing of not edible heat.(include a female milk)person not

(3)take behind if can re- repair because of vomiting milk or vomit…etc. to cause vaccine’s taking amount of shortage.

3, 100 whites break vaccine-three allied needle

100 whites break vaccine is the whooping cough germ seedling, diphtheria toxin and tetanus infection toxin the mixture make into, can preventĀ°from whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus infection in the meantime.Inoculating the object is 3 babies with above month.

100 whites break vaccine to beat three needles in a row, namely 3 in month inject first needle, every other month will inject one needle hereafter.Three needles would produce enough antibody after injecting in a row.

These can maintain certain time, can not the whole life immunity, so still need to beat to strengthen needle after a period.Because big age child or adults vice- reaction to the whooping cough germ seedling is more old, past 7-year-old strengthens to use vaccine to no longer imply whooping cough germ composition, but change to break two allied products with the white.

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