eyelash should how reply

The baby pours an eyelash should how reply?

1, what is pour an eyelash?greatly see a point

Pouring an eyelash means that the eyelash changed a growth direction and grew toward the direction of eyeball, while opening eyes or shutting an eye, the eyelash rubs cornea or conjunctiva and feels an eyeball unwell and sheds tears and there is foreign body.Pour most seriously the eye hair is continuously like “the hair brushes” and rubs transparent but young and delicate cornea, time is getting longer and easily make black eye pupil gradually turbid and influence sight.In addition, other reason can make to turn over to pour Jie inside the eyelids occurrence scar formation to be like various hot burn, chemistry burn and conjunctiva diseases, such as pimple Chuang and diphtheria conjunctivitis…etc. in the sky.

2, pour eyelashes to all have what symptom?group incorporated

The infant pours Jie occurrence mainly at under Jian seamy side.Light of next Jian inside turn over, general along with age of growth but ease to go to disappearance;If pour Jie friction cornea, can temporarily use one while appearing to whet symptoms, such as eye and Chong blood…etc. long form rubber cream, on carrying fixed Jian next good luck, another on carrying to glue to stick on the cheek skin, will under the Jian outwardly lead, with can at the right moment correct inside turn over for degree, the in order to prevent makes the Jian outside turned over but to shed tears.To the kid who pours Jie severity, should arrive surgical operation in the hospital to correct and cure.3.5 mms receives

3, discover that the baby pours Jie how to do?

Discovers kid pouring Jie, don’t literally use forceps to pull out an eyelash, this is very dangerous, because do like this can not break a hair bag, the eyelash also re- grow after pulling out, sometimes returning may make hair bag burning because of the germ infection or eye side Jie.If is a trachoma to cause of inside turn over to pour Jie, have to actively cure trachoma.decoding receive a machine

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