6 important affairses baby

6 important affairses that the baby is born to want to do behind
Full moon of time with just be born variety very big, if we can in advance know “important event piece” that the baby(baby’s food) may take place this month, the new mother(mother’s food) looks after a baby will be with proficiency, not fluster, vacant have no Cuo.Be received great favors

Important event piece 1:The first cry(BE born just)

Big wave big wave mother:The baby indeed as expected cries on being born, is still one”big voice”, just this small guy didn’t cry how long asleep.

In the prenatal period, the baby depends navel string transmission mother nutrient within blood for living.His lung department can not also operate.The placenta promises the mother is rich to contain oxygenous blood and baby to eject of imply the commutation of of the blood of carbon dioxide.After being born, come in contact with air, his breath system and blood circulation system can not rely on a mother again, he starts breathing, heart and lung department start circulating operation.The air was full of his lung department, the lung bubble extended, very quick, you heard this historically the first crying.

Important event piece 2:Suck at breast for the first time(birth after half an hour inside)

Road sun mother:The felling that the baby sucks at breast is light soft, with imagination different, the milk hasn’t come down at that time, baby Chuai several asleep.

Foot month baby Wan is after cleaning, if your body allows, can nurse with milk for baby.In inchoate two days, you of breast probably secretes a few colostrums, but the nourishment(nutritious food) composition of colostrum is very high, and implies a lot of antibodies, can increase a kid the stomach and intestines way resist bacterial ability.So, if the baby makes him much suck up.electric power industrial

Important event piece 3:Vaccinate(birth after in 24 hours)

Little father distance(father’s food):On the first day, the nurse notifies to get bcg vaccine and B liver vaccine to inoculate a list.After taking a shower for baby, the nurse inoculated B liver vaccine for him.

B liver vaccine normal regulations of new born after inoculating, at least in 9 years need not strengthen immunity.Inject time for in 24 hours beat first needle, the full moon beats one needle behind and beats one needles again after 6 months, total three needles.The bcg vaccine is used for prevent┬░froming tuberculosis.Every foot month the new born all should complete inoculating of bcg vaccine in 24~72 hours after being born, baby 3 in month, should also the tuberculosis for the region prevent and cure the tubercle germ done the vegetable is on trial to definitely inoculate whether effective.clouds placard

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