female milk feeds to keep

The advantage that the female milk feeds to keep(mother’s article)

1, the breast feed help pregnant woman’s womb to recover.

After giving birth to baby several minutes inside make the new born suck up nipple will cause womb constringency, reduce issue of blood.The baby sucks up action incitement to urge to produce a vegetable of secrete, help the womb to recover the size before the Yun.The womb that breast feeds a pregnant woman recovers to compare the pregnant woman of breast feed not more quick, thoroughly.global terrestrial mobile

2, the breast feed contribute to the pregnant woman’s body figure instauration.

Be pregnant period mother body savings of the fat is a great universe is “fuel” of postnatal period breast feed but storage.The breast feed consumes mother additional calories inside the body, the mother’s metabolism for nursing with milk will change, and need not Be on a diet and then can attain to reduce weight a purpose.BE making the baby have a body figure with normal health such as the female milk, the baby also helps a mother to recover a body figure in the meantime.

3, the breast feed protect the mother be free from some paroxysms to harass.

Various researches express that which afraid several rates of cancer only breast feeding for a few months, suffering from mammary glands will consumedly be less than have never breast fed of women.With never the women of breast feed compare and breast feed to expect several rates that more than 25 months mothers suffer from a mammary glands cancer want to reduce 1/3.And, the female milk feeds to keep of the baby girl will suffer from several rates of mammary glands cancer from now on also is less than have never eaten a mother the baby girl of the milk.The breast feed can also preventĀ°from ovary cancer, wet road infection and bone soft.

4, the breast feed is a kind of planned parenthood of nature.Freecom DVB-T

The research aring a great deal of for several years expresses and adopts the pure female milk of certain way to feed to keep, at least at the baby be born in back 6 months in, have certain of birth-control effect.

5, breast feed since satisfy baby again convenient mother.

The mothers who once nursed with milk all know that have no what come more conveniently than the female milk.Once the baby cry, the mother embraces to lift clothes and then can feed, but need not fluster ground to boil water, blunt milk powder, hot milk or wait for a milk powder reducing the heat.One of the infant’s mental characteristicses BE, once having a need, have to satisfy right away, the body of their immaturity since not know also isn’t suitable for to wait for.Feel hungry right away eat a sweet female milk, will let baby betterly the establishment rise the trust feeling to the life.Feed a female milk since can save the trouble of preparing the milk powder as well as dismiss the voice of crying of kid but cause the mother’s compunction and worry anxiously.Especially in the nighttime, feeding the female milk can make the whole family all sleep more safely.Particularly convenient is traveking on the way, need not worry boiled water supply, milk bottle disinfection, nurse with milk tools and implements of sweep an etc. problem.

6, the breast feed relax mother’s body, mood delectation.

Every once observed a breast feed of the mother’s persons will discover, nurse with milk a medium mother it’s very leisurely, the baby also eats to eat in quiet and asleep, seem two people all took a natural tranquilizer.The fact is just such.Have in the female milk a kind of natural promote sleep of protein, can make the baby safely fallen asleep;And baby’s sucking up action will also make the mother’s body endocrine contributed to loose hormone.Many work busy mothers all reflect, after, busy day’s nursing with milk can make oneself relax down, the tired tired felling will immediately disappear naturally.The breast feed is again one to make the mothers feeling pleased in the meantime affair, the mother’s love transports into the baby’s small mouth along with the human milk, the baby’s face becomes sheen rosy, the mother’s in the mind will also rise hard proud of feeling for comparing to.The mothers pass to feed to feed a female milk and understand own body more delicately and also enjoy own female role more profoundly.

The advantage that the female milk feeds to keep(baby’s article)semiconductor diode’s

The female milk implies all nourishments that the infant needs and contributes to infant’s growth.

Very easy digest, absorb, can drive infant machine body effectively make use of.To infant, the mother is lacteal of various nourishment not only go together with exactly, because the infant’s appetite digests and kidney’s excreting function haven’t developed completely, can not bear the protein and mineral quality of surfeit.The protein and the mineral quality content in the female milk although not equal to milk, can temper into benefit at the comparison for absorbing, make the infant’s nourishment absorption got,can’t increase to digest and excrete of burden.There is good fatty acids comparison in the female milk, too, not only easily absorb, but also imply enough essential fatty acids to provide the infant with normal growth.

There is still in the female milk enough materials, such as amino acids and lactose…etc., have already promoted a function to infant brain growth.

The female milk not only improves the infant’s immunity ability and protects an infant to be free from an infection and prevents diarrhea, breath way from being infected, can even lower the infant’s allergic physical endowment.Formula of the infant takes female milk as standard, possibly mimicry the formula that”be like” with female milk, but in no circumstances mimicry, some things are mimicries don’t come out.The most typical is various factors that the anti-s are infected, like immunity globulin, repair a body and dissolve germ vegetable, and anti- inflammation and immunity regulate factor etc..Some researches also point out that eat the infant of female milk hereafter take place child’s diabetes is as lower as the opportunity of child’s cancer.For the infant’s immunity function the postnatal period is most important for 7 days, the colostrum(contain antibody and have a bowel movement factor) of endocrine, the mother should feed to the infant possibly.

Feed to feed female milk’s development toward the infant’s personality development and the parentage to even have the most close relation.Breast feed of in the process, the infant and mother has a skin to the skin, contact of eye to eye, satisfied an infant to warmth, safety, and loving need.

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