Chinese mother

Lack most in the female milk of Chinese mother which nourishments
Because food structure and living habitual reason is sometimes also in need of some nourishments in the mother’s human milk.Therefore, the breast feed mother should add a homologous nourishment chemical element in good time.

The nourishment in the human milk of Chinese mother has what time shortage

1, the fat content be partial to little;colour ranges

2, the calcium content is low;

3, DHA content less.ation progress

How add to be in need of in the human milk nourishment chemical element?

1, just the right amount of increment absorbing of fat food, raises human milk in of the content of fat:Fat can provide a human body everyday thermal 20% needed~30%.But 2 years old the infant as follows is adipose everyday of the demand is larger and take up 45% of the total calories~50%.The source that can provide fat food contains edible oil, nut, butter, and animal fat… inspector

2, drink milk more is bestly repair a calcium article:Calcium is help kid’s skeleton, muscle and nerve to develop as usual can not lack of nourishment chemical element.Calcium content within female milk the shortage Be direct to have something to do with the calcium shortage in the food that the mother absorbs.In addition to milk, the rich food with the calcium there are also sours milk, meat, fingerling, and drieds shrimp…etc..

3, DHA in Chinese mother’s human milk the content is less than foreign mother to pass sea fish to increase a DHA content:DHA is the gold brain that we say, to the infant’s brain growth and see the formation of retina to contain important function.DHA is mainly stored in the sea fish, particularly is a fish head cent, so eat sea fish more, can the content of in aid of exaltation DHA.

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