symptom parents don’t neglect

The infant gets sick six kinds of symptom parents don’t neglect
The behavior parents make person surprising, but is also an at a loss what to do for for the first time of, particularly is a baby the first time get sick.Very small cough or will feel flurried since the rashes, how know the baby’s circumstance severity or not?If the infant has 6 kinds of following serious symptoms, the parents should not neglect.
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1.The lips deliver purple

If the baby’s lips deliver purple, or mouth cavity or tongue mucosa becomes blue, is the omen that didn’t get enough oxygen, be called hair Gan.It is a very suitable way of doing to by this time stir to call 120.

2.The breath isn’t agreeable

All infants will often send out murmur voice or moan voice, if their breath is always all very difficult and urgent and see they excessively use their their own chest muscle, or the nose extend, may breathe a hard-pressed evidence.By this time want right away and make a phone call to the children’s doctor, if is next time, can consider seeing emergency call.

3.The new born gets a fever more than 38 ℃LED don’t flash

If you of the infant don’t arrive 2-month-old, anus is more than 38 ℃ , will ahem.The new born gets a fever not of the common run, may be catch a cold or meningitis, hard treat the new born’s fever.

Body temperature more than 38 ℃ new borns may go to hospital to have a series of check, is like a vertebrate to wear a sting the valuation is the reason why to result in fever, he|she probably needs to use antibiotics;As for the immune system of child with bigger age develops more complete, the fever isn’t necessarily very serious problem.

4.The jaundice is worsen

If the new born’s skin is more and more yellow, he|she may have jaundice.Isn’t that all jaundices are dangerous, it is normal to have some, will disappear by oneself, but if more and more Huang but can’t disappear, cause epilepsy to go into action to hurt with permanence for the possible influence brain.

Majority of doctors will suggest the increment feeds on frequency, let infant the bowels expel superfluous of the Dan is red and plain, and do for infant the light treat is red by increasing Dan plain decomposition.

5.DehydrateLED lighting town

If the baby’s diaper isn’t wet to worry a dehydration problem.After being born of in 6 days, the diaper of usage increases 1 slice every day, 6 divas use 6 pieces of diapers every day.

Other the evidence seriously dehydrating include thirsty, eyehole to deeply sink and love to sleep, the doctor of the pediatrics may suggest to feed an infant to drink electrolyte displacement a liquid at this time.Making the infant drink water at this time isn’t good, because it may cause sodium content’s descending, but this causes epilepsy’s going into action again.

6.Vomit the gall of shallow green

The reason that the baby vomits is a lot of, because a cough devotes major efforts, cries too much to make an effort, eat too much too many and stomach trouble etc., however, if vomit green gall severity.Vomiting thing’s looking like a black coffee residue is very serious.LED indicates card

Green gall representative the bowel jam and need to be noticed immediately, vomiting a thing to look like coffee residue may be the evidence of internal bleeding.Vomit to also need to be evaluated after sustaining a head injury, because it may be the evidence of concussion of brain

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