mother kisses the baby

The mother kisses the baby’s sevens small pay attention to
Kiss, not only is allow the kid to know that you love he have much deep of best way, also can make both parties feel to relax.A lot of mothers don’t know still have while kissing a baby 7 pay attention to.

1, sing a song,Quan’s invitation talk to the baby and daut him forever can’t be lead early

Naturally put into 1 to kiss in the melody of melody daintiness-the baby like very much with your man-to-man contact.

The sweet reminds:If you happen to be to catch a cold and seriously catch a cold or just once smoked, please avoid kissing a baby.

2, witness the sleeping posture of baby’s amiabilitybusiness enterprise level, each person’s hearts are silently melting

You listen to a baby a very shallow breath voice and looking at his eyelids of tiny vibration, can not not marvel the miracle that you create-stealthily and softly kiss you of baby.

The sweet reminds:Let the baby lie on the back a sleeping, notice whether the baby’s quilt cover good.

3, look at a baby each time huge of have no evil eyes, always can not control feelings ground to hold close and kiss him

The baby can make us involuntarily want to protect him and also have what can kiss to express us than the embrace of love?Really have no.

4, you need not always get in touch with the baby’s body completely,Tai solar energy from you of kiss, he can already completely be subjected to a benefit.

The sweet reminds:Everyday morning, be you send to a baby day care, let to kiss a part of becoming the routine rites.

5, walk of kid if suffer an accident to knock and break, you should start to embrace a kid and slightly kiss the part that he gets hurt.

Don’t know that young mothers have already denied the treatment method to realize that you are practicing a kind of ancient legend.It is said that the shaman in ancient times always uses a mouth to lightly touch location of injury, symbol will to pain of”improbity factor” suck out.

The sweet reminds:More and more like an activity along with the kid, more and more independent, it is hard to avoid to get hurt.The mothers want time to notice latent danger, but must calm down once taking place, let the baby keep equanimity.

6, want to from the beginning kiss the baby to feet to are very natural to mother.

Because the kid grows up, you can kiss is a part of the game, draw to take a common happiness from it.

The sweet reminds:The belly, finger, and toe…etc. that kiss a baby are the good methods that makes the baby know he or she’s health condition different part.In this process, the baby can always give the mother the brilliant smiling face.

7, gradually grow up along with the baby, he likes you of the skin fondle the felling of touching his skin.

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