B liver vaccine

Does your kid need to reseed B liver vaccine?
B the biggest bane of liver virus be will the one who cause to take change into chronic B liver sufferer, even develop to become liver cancer further.The research suggests that take the person of B liver virus if is a new born, 90% will change into chronic B liver virus to be infected.The child is infected about 28% is behind~30% will change into chronic B liver virus to be infected.But adult this comparison is 2%~5%.Therefore, taking B liver virus is more serious to the infant’s bane, brand businessthey also even need to inoculate B liver vaccine.

The our country brings into B liver vaccine in 1992 plan the immunity manage, but B liver vaccine with inoculate a fee demand at one’s own expenses.Practiced after 2002 free inoculate B of liver vaccine, but need to pay 10 dollars to inoculate a rent service fee.Until the rent service fee cancels in May, 2005, inoculate B liver vaccine just the real little money don’t accept.Therefore, may there is child giving up to vaccinate because of the economic reason before in 2005, they can lend this time opportunity to reseed vaccine.Have some a child, because of premature or be born low weight etc. special circumstances, can not inoculate B liver vaccine after being born.Moreover some children are born behind although inoculated B liver vaccine,afterwards lost immunity dint again, therefore they also need to be reseeded or beat B liver vaccine to strengthen needle.

Once beat vaccine to not and all take effect

Want to know whether B liver vaccine that inoculated in the past still has a protection function, can pass to draw blood to analyze an assurance.If B liver surface antibody is a feminine gender, didn’t produce antibody or once produced antibody but have been already disappeared after explaining to inoculate, this kind of child shoulded reseed three needle B liver vaccines.If produced antibody, but the level is low and explain the protection effect is weak, can beat one more needle B liver vaccine, then strengthen needle.If the antibody is higher for masculine gender and antibody drop degree, elucidation originally of B liver vaccine still has good protection effect, don’t need again inoculate B liver vaccine.In addition, some people though the vaccinating B liver antibody is a feminine gender,re- beat after one needle vaccine an antibody drop degree to obviously go up behind, this circumstance explains to still have immunity memory to the original vaccine inside the body, at this time again beat one needle vaccine all right.industrial chains

The past survey suggests that greatly parts of persons after inoculating B liver vaccine will get a protection and protect the effect generally can keep on for 12 years at least, therefore isn’t each kid to need to draw blood to analyze antibody.If the kid’s family or touch elbow existence B liver virus takes of circumstance, it is B liver surface antigen masculine gender to particularly is a mother, the kid after inoculating B liver vaccine had better draw blood to analyze B liver surface antibody.If feminine gender should strengthen immunity or inoculate again.Time of analyzing can when the last needle vaccine inoculate after a month, for example the new born is a birth after 0, 1, inoculate three needles June, so can analyze on the time in July age whether appeared B liver surface antibody such as being a masculine gender, explain vaccine effectively.

Vaccine should the whole distanceses inoculate

Come to say to the new born, inoculate a ratio not and inoculate well, the whole distanceses(3 needles) inoculate than the single needle and inoculate well, birth behind immediately inoculate compare lead a period of time behind inoculate effective, the antigen content is high in the vaccine effective, such as 10 tiny gram of vaccines are more effective than 5 tiny gram of vaccines.

So, 10 tiny gram of and 5 tiny gram of vaccines have what differentiation?Compare under, the high antigen ratio vaccine can carry out rapid serum B the liver surface antibody sun to turn, can sooner appear a protection function, and acquire the serology protection of Gao level.Have again, the antigen content is high of the vaccine provide of the protection term is also laster long.For understanding their differences further, a “15″ topic-B liver immunity strategy researches just compare 5 tiny gram of with the difference of 10 tiny gram of B liver vaccine effect, research will the knot in next year, then will have more accurate data.

Currently nation’s unifying the vaccine of request is an antigen content 5 tiny gram of of B liver vaccine, but should choose for mother for the new born of “big three sunses”s 10 tiny gram of of vaccine.Under support that part of economic circumstance better region, like Peking,innovation development Shanghai and Zhejiang, in the local government, the B liver vaccine of new born is 10 tiny gram of amount ofs.Moreover, if the economic condition allows, the parent can choose for the kid at one’s own expenses 10 tiny gram of domestic or importing B liver vaccines, each needle expenses is between 20~70 dollars.

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