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Take a shower parents for new born to notice 7 details
Behave a parental father mother to come to say to the beginning, take a shower for baby isn’t a simple affair.After baby is born, the day haven’t got out of the hospital at the pregnant woman, will have a specialized nurse to take a shower for babyeduce weight a fruit, once getting out of the hospital, the parents will take a shower for baby in person.
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The baby takes a shower to not only sweep a skin, but also accelerates blood circulation and help the baby to grow growth, so the academic association takes a shower for baby is each affair that the parents should will do.The baby is born after the second day, the conditioned words should take a shower to the baby once everyday.That obstetrics protected to grow Li Gui Feng to specially introduce the some steps and detail that takes a shower for baby.

Detail a:

The water temperature is between 38~41 Celsius degrees

Taking a shower time for baby should arrange before nursing with milk for 1~2 hours, the in order to prevent causes to vomit milk.The best appropriation of the new born’s bathtub brushes the basin clean first before taking a shower, the conditioned words were burned bathtub to once wash with the hot water in order to prevent leave a germ.

Baby’s skin is young and delicate, in order to avoid baby skin burn, giving the taking a shower of baby the water temperature should control between 38~41 Celsius degrees.Should put first cold water puts hot water(this in proper order hope each parents shoulds special attention, if put hot water first to forget to put cold water, cause a baby very easily skin burn) again, then by hand carry on the back or the wrist department try water temperature.Because these two part skins are younger and delicate, Be approached to the baby’s young and delicate skin more, can know by feeling how of the water temperature suit a baby more, the water temperature takes doing not feel very hot as proper.Can also use specialized water temperature to account to measure water temperature,Super strong DIY more accurate.

All these after readying to, can take off clothes for baby to take to take a shower.

Detail two:

The left and right hands moderates and give baby’s body

Can pour the baby appropriative bathing liquid into water or whole body daubery bathing liquid, then lightly put baby into water.

Time of taking a shower, clip tightly the baby’s body with the left arm and give steady baby’s head, make the baby feel safe and comfortable, use index finger and thumb lightly baby’s ear to inside cover up, keep water current from going into baby’s ear.

Take a shower a department to the baby the beginning wash face first, the engineeringthen shampoo, then wash whole body first and from the beginning.

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