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Thursday, January 19th, 2012

According to the January 19 issue of This visit , they sent to the Philippines , The four U.S. senators, three important members of the Senate Armed Services Committee , one member of the intelligence committee , and their backing of the Japanese people can not ignore the time visiting .

Senator Lieberman declared ,

Members of the visit to the United States , the Philippines, politicians have questioned the sound . Philippine left-wing political parties , Mr Raphael ? Mariano 18, warned that four U.S. senators visiting with we know that Mr McCain’s security, defense , foreign affairs of the anti- China stand , the four U.S. senators are likely to visit the United States recently announced the new military strategy .


denied that the EU member states have oil sanctions on Iran to agree .

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

BRUSSELS, Jan. 5 (Reporter Sun Wen ) 5 in Brussels, EU officials to accept Xinhua News Agency reporters interview, denied that the EU member states have oil sanctions on Iran to agree .

4, citing the media ,

5 telephone interview with reporters the EU’s foreign and security policy High Representative Paddy Ashdown ‘s spokesman Michael Mann , to verify the matter. But Mann said:

The same day , the reporter also on the EU oil sanctions against Iran if the possible impact of an interview with the Brussels think-tank the European Policy Center Director约瑟夫詹宁. He believes that even if the European Union banned imports of oil from Iran , for forcing Iran to abandon its nuclear program will not have much real effect , it will push oil prices to Greece and other heavily indebted countries to deal with the debt crisis adversely affected.


According to the U.S. Fox News reported on January 5

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Global Network reporter Guo Wenjing reported on January 6 last year, the United States in Florida, Cape Canaveral Air Force base in the successful launch of the second aircraft X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle. U.S. Air Force official argument is that the aircraft is to launch a new spacecraft test the various technologies, but on the aircraft by the military capabilities and intentions inherent in speculation never stopped. Recently, an aerospace magazine reported that the United States, X-37B is perhaps in the space station to monitor China’s prototype –

According to the U.S. Fox News reported on January 5, the second aircraft X-37B unmanned space plane on March 5, 2011 launch, but the U.S. Air Force has shouldered its task and return to the mystery of time shut up in silence . Found that unmanned aircraft with China,

) magazine editor David? Baker (David Baker) told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) interview.


Reports, X-37B aircraft’s initial research and development by the U.S. NASA launched, and later replaced by U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to implement and, eventually, by the Air Force Office of rapid response capability to take over. X-37B’s official purpose is to test new space technology, but there was speculation X-37B contains a potential military capability, Iranian media even called U.S. Secure World Foundation (Secure World Foundation) technical advisor, former U.S. Air Force orbital analyst Brian? Viton quoted on Iranian media often part of this title.

Reported that the Viton suspected X-37B may be used for the manufacture and operation of the United States responsible for the National Reconnaissance Office spy satellite test transmission equipment.

However, Viton and others believe, X-37B and the In this latitude, X-37B only interested in the Middle East and Afghanistan.


the Poyang Lake protracted predatory of resources inning. By 1997

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

January 4, Xinhua Xinhua Nanchang (Low water level behind the dry, worrying development is the phenomenon of wanton vandalism worsening authorities by conservative estimates, the waters of Poyang Lake on the occupation of mu. Who is

Fill in around the big lake, Poyang Lake

Vast lake basin water, biodiversity, Lake become the world’s most important wintering area for migratory birds and wetland areas, is one of the most important of the Yangtze River flood regulation and storage devices. But now the Jiangxi

Poyang Lake is located in the core area of ​​the Western Waterfront DUCHANG Nanshan, facing the waters of Lake mountain pine doors, some of the mountain was split, bulldozers and earth-moving vehicles will be next to the mountain rocks or construction debris, fill in the dry Lake Lake bed; around the lake around the dam is being commercial real estate construction. Local introduction, including the Western Waterfront, including about 400 acres of park land around the lake and filling the proceeds.

Across the lake with the stars DUCHANG County more good fight By the construction of West Lake Avenue and back to Ma Cai Ling Ling highway connector project opportunities, bulldozers continue to push the new soil to the lake bed, fill around the lake, the construction of Lake Avenue and Lake Park – River Park ramp. Hedong Village near the town of White Deer, said: This makes you sad toss!

Waters of Lake Poyang Lake wetland beads main lake, Poyang County, Reporters saw the mountain was split filled a small bay; and much thirty-four storey villas being constructed, supporting the development of leisure and tourism sites also accounted for part of the lake … …

Jiangxi Province, land, water conservancy, fishery and other departments are, in recent years, some local governments have not been approved in the case of long-term use of low water level of Poyang Lake is conducive to the construction characteristics, by reclaiming land from lakes, filling the lake made to the development and construction, etc. , by conservative estimates, the waters of Poyang Lake on the occupation of mu, and getting worse.

, continuous low water level of Poyang Lake, the ecological environment has been seriously affected. These occupation,

Made to make money as a

Lake waters

2001 According to the State Council in December 2009 formally approved the of At present, the Poyang Lake has been filled out and occupy the waters of Lake Branch of the basic height of 22.48 meters in the Wusong within.

Poyang lake wading through the water department for approval to the project. Jiangxi Provincial Department of Water Resources Laws and Regulations Department official said: departments around the lake on the lake’s filling the phenomenon had to rectify, but soon on the

So who is condoned, even as

Indicators of more intense land use, and potential development land lake against the backdrop of high prices, many eyes will be locked in place Lake waters.

DUCHANG waterfront development and construction of the Western Leading Group Office of the responsible person believes that the current more stringent protection of arable land, land lightly touch the red line is not good, although filling the lake around the lake have some impact on the ecology, but also make money making filling the local land development tensions and solve financial difficulties as a

Local people but also to the correspondent calculations: DUCHANG through West total development investment.

And some governments around the lake along the lake shoreline to consolidate, build parks, landscaping, land prices have pushed up the lake. Xingzi County town of White Deer Ridge mill village east village close to the oblique Cai River Park, surrounded by lakes filling the Xiudi stable shoreline, the lake was built landscape park, the lake had no one is interested in the land became the . Beginning in 2009, the village has 100 mu of land to be requisitioned 20,000 yuan per mu, by the government to more than 200 million yuan per mu sold to developers.

Poyang Lake, bull management, is filling the lake around the phenomenon is difficult to contain an important factor. Management of each department involved in the Poyang Lake is only one aspect of the content,

Jiangxi Provincial Land Department official told reporters that the land department is only responsible for land use planning on the next pass up, but they meet the local land use planning can still be filling the lake. But the water department, said: years, until the place will be

People with the Lake

Pernicious. Large lakes in China’s ecological protection, pollution control of Dianchi Lake after ten years, spent about $ 20 billion did not fully recover the ecological environment; old 八百里洞庭, because filling the large-scale development around the lake, after the country’s largest fresh water slide for the second.

Love to wear that Lake had already experienced a ecological catastrophe, and this

After the founding of New China, the Poyang Lake protracted predatory of resources inning. By 1997, reduce the area of ​​natural waters to 3900 square kilometers, more than two thousand kilometers long cut nearly half of the natural shoreline, loss of more than 4.5 billion cubic meters storage capacity, the storage capacity greatly reduced Lake. Ongoing reclamation also directly undermines the lake environment, fish to survive, increased soil erosion. In 1998, the Yangtze River after the catastrophic floods, central and local governments invested 60 billion yuan, in the Poyang Lake area vigorously implement the In 2003, the water area expanded to 5100 square kilometers and recovered to the level of founding of New China.

Many water experts fear, for the restoration of the lake, at all levels of government has spent huge amounts of money Tuitianhuanhu, more than 90 million people will move out of low-lying lakes. Now some places are free to engage in development and construction of reclamation, were then moved to the lake to fight, the early ecological protection

Person in charge of the first expedition of Poyang Lake, Jiangxi Academy of Sciences Research Fellow Tan dark, such as that from the long-term consideration, must establish a comprehensive regulatory agencies, centralized management of Poyang Lake, the formation of law enforcement efforts, otherwise, the Poyang Lake is bound to face a new turn The

According to Poyang Lake to the final management of lake levels of government to implement the body. Recommended to protect the integrity of the lake and local government assessment linked to effective way to eliminate condone and even participate in some places around the lake to fill.


cover a broad range

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

The Pentagon announced a new U.S. military strategy assessment report, the next 10 years, defense spending will be reduced from the This is a contraction of the overall strategy, but the Asia-Pacific a more prominent position. Pentagon officials said, the strategic adjustment of the main target is Iran and China.

This strategic adjustment of the United States should make us more conscious. The United States has been China’s strategic lock can not be changed, the development of China-US relations for the details of efforts to offset the rise of China has been impossible to bring America’s great anxiety. U.S. friendship with China in the future, we use only the strength of

The history of Sino-US game beyond any experience, globalization and Sino-US economic relations tightly wound, so that the United States can not implement a real sense of China’s strategic encirclement. The United States to contain China to crack more easily. China needs as the situation changes, the strategy will deal with the U.S. diplomatic strategy of containment is set to one of the most important goals, external forces can be united as unity, at least to some extent to ensure that the United States on strategic initiatives.

As China’s national strength and interests of the face are growing rapidly, we do not need to become the United States against all China’s diplomatic work, but other directions of cooperation or struggle, for we should not deal with the U.S. grand strategy resulting in substantial interference. This is not only China’s diplomats to keep in mind, the Chinese public must also have full see through and understand.

The strategic adjustment of the U.S. once again remind us that Iran is important for China. Whether we like it or not that country, its existence and to maintain the current foreign policy posture are important constraints on the formation of the United States. Chinese society and culture must not follow the American social and political value judgments, to determine the likes and dislikes of Iran.

U.S. to contain China’s development of anti-access capabilities offshore, as a focus of the strategic adjustment. China is also no need to engage in a tit for tat strategy, but it really should take some action, increasing the difficulty of containing the United States to do this. In addition, China to moisten things silently continued to ring out the United States to push the game to enhance long-range military strike capability, the development of more deter U.S. military targets. China to use the fact that the United States recognizes that China’s rise could not cover its hand, and friendly to China for U.S. interests to achieve the most effective and most cost-effective.

Strategic relations with the United States Department of China’s future and destiny of the general policies of some countries there is a chance to adjust the bias, but a significant deviation of U.S. policy, it means that China took the wrong road. Therefore, China to the United States must not be impulsive, can not be clinging to stereotypes, with fantasy instead of reality.

In the United States to do a comprehensive plan ahead, we should see that China’s rapid economic rise of China and the U.S. is by far the biggest change in the balance of power thrust, it is also America’s most worried about the most overwhelming, and finding fault from the point here is also directly at least. Unlike China’s development of military power, we have an excuse to suppress the outside world a lot. U.S. economy to stay in the game longer, cover a broad range, the better for China.

Reflects the economic strength of the United States each rise and fall of the But military and political, will always be interrupted or reversed We will have to beware of is the U.S. doing this to interrupt or reverse. Of course, we want to prevent a new Cold War United States, but to avoid the security perimeter of Chinese to give up in exchange for peace of mind to do in Asia, the U.S. price. It is also the Chinese New Cold War bad


practical use of nuclear weapons North Korea may be close

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

British Reuters quoted a senior U.S. 28 expert analysis, practical use of nuclear weapons North Korea may be close , short-range missiles carrying nuclear bombs with the deterrence .

Former senior expert Larry the U.S. Congress ? Nike Shi believes that North Korea may be only one to two years will be able to produce enough highly enriched uranium , and to achieve miniaturization of nuclear weapons , nuclear warheads, which will be integrated into range ballistic missiles , which will effectively balance the United States and its allies on the Korean form of overwhelming conventional military situation . Nike Shi basis mainly from North Korea and Pakistan sharing nuclear and missile technology, investigation, he claimed that Pakistan’s the Nike Shi believes that North Korea seems received in May 1998, Pakistan conducted nuclear tests

Nike Shi speculated that North Korea may first nuclear warheads deployed technology is relatively mature ,

However, the Brookings Institution researcher Jonathan ? Pollack believes that AQ ? Khan, the information provided on North Korea ‘s nuclear weapons development may not be much help , North Korea still needs its own solution Former U.S. Los ? Alamos National Laboratory head Siegfried ? Haeckel said that North Korea make sure nuclear weapons may soon achieve practical . ▲ (


China has chosen the larger

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

In 2011, the Chinese Air Force is a special year. This year, the Internet, in various media, are talking about the Chinese J-20 fighters turned out. F-20 online discussion and concern, is the users who love our country and the army, a strong manifestation of patriotism.


The terms of combat capability, F-35 and J20, compared to which more powerful?

Liao Zou baby: I think these two models developed from the beginning, the goal should be to set it there is a difference. For example, F-35, F-22 as it is level with the models. First break each other’s air defense network, opened by the F-22 was launched to carry out. Next is a comparison of a large number of F-35, passed in droves flutter, overwhelming the ground targets destroyed. Should be so conceived. Our goal should be directed at J20.

First, the air is the F-22, so the corresponding F-22 special operations, its characteristics, its functions, J20 is certainly against it.

Second, J20 can take an important goal against other major air.

Third, it can be important targets for ground attack. So this function more fully as heavy fighter, F-35 still can not afford, I think the main difference here.

F-20 fighter photos small, the disclosure of photographs from the point of view, it is so special?

Fu Sentinel: From the photo, such a shape of things, it is with the U.S. F-22, the Russian T-50, there are substantial layout area, and that two aircraft, with tail-style layout, J20 using pressure-type the layout. After the end of the use of layout, greater use of stealth, the use of pressure-type layout, both stealth and high speed flight.


national defense.

- Air Force experts Fu outpost

F35 and F-20 race: Asian sky into the


Speaking Asian fighter in the past quite a long time, basically the United States and the Soviet Union fighter aircraft split the world. China, India, equipped with a large number of Soviet fighters, Japan, Korea and other countries are equipped with a large number of American fighters. With the F35 fighter candidate to become Japan’s next-generation units, the Chinese J-20, turned out to Asia, the sky is entering a new


Changes in the pattern of the Asian fighter what the trend, or the emergence of the Asian fighter J20 what impact the market?

Fu outpost: J20 fighter appeared on the Asian market with great vibration, regardless of South Korea, Japan has a plan until ready to dress a new generation of fighter aircraft, what aircraft are certified research, J20 occurred, aviation equipment, a significant impact of structural adjustment. Fighters and equipment from the past situation in the entire Asian market is basically two factions, with American and Soviet-style. Asian countries, because our country is the first production jet fighter, J5, 1956 年 out, is the first production fighter phoneme surplus countries J6, J7. More advanced is Japan, which has been introduced at different stages of the American fighters, their own production. South Korea and India, mainly by buying, rather than the introduction of production, from the industrial development capacity in terms of some weaker.

Stage into the next century, Asian countries can be seen in the aviation industry to increase investment, production capacity of all ability relevant. The most typical in China, other countries like Japan, India, Korea, and even the Pakistani state. Begin with self-developed or developed in cooperation with others ability. Production models are currently more advanced, basically able to produce three generations of machines.

Future of China’s skies should be the main fighter J10 and J20 fighter is it? So to understand?

Ge Lide: China has chosen the larger, flying leopard, JH-7 is definitely the future, one of the major combat equipment, as well as F-11, in a long time, but also bear the more important tasks.

Fu outpost: three generations of aircraft attack and defense, prevention and control of operations or air operations, J10, J20, JH-7 offensive operations, a tactical aircraft on it. J10 with J20 is not with the relationship. With the development of aviation industry and aviation technology capabilities, with the future should not be the case. J10 in the end because it is three generations of machines, with four generations of machines with, now has a gap. I think in the future if possible, we will develop medium-sized stealth fighter.


- Air Force experts Fu outpost


carry out the police Collaboration silver channel

Friday, January 6th, 2012

29 Ministry of Public Security held in Xiamen bank card to prevent crime against the forum and the economic loss of $ 400 million.

In 2011, China’s public security organs in the code-named big net ,

The special focus on combating counterfeit cards class action , class and related net cash etc. a high degree of subjective bad faith , involving a large bank card crimes , through the initiative , widely distributed networks and other means to play a regional police cooperation benefits , during the operation the national bank card crime in previous years were arrested 927 fugitives .

Currently, the Ministry of Public Security has established a national network of bank card suspect blacklist database, Economic Investigation of the provincial departments of public security organs with the province to establish a liaison system for financial institutions , involved through regular exchange of information, carry out the police Collaboration silver channel

In addition , the public security organs at all levels of Economic Investigation Department also carried out various forms of promotional activities to enhance the means of mass screening for various types of crime prevention.


Zhao Yi at the secondary road K29 +630

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Xinhua Kunming, December 20 (reporter Ji Zhepeng ) reporter from the relevant departments that Zhaotong City , 20 at around 7 , Zhao Yi at the secondary road K29 +630 , due to water seepage caused by ice mountains collapse , causing traffic congestion . Currently , work is underway to reopen , no casualties reported , is expected to be reopened around 15:00 .

It is understood that after the collapse Zhaotong municipal government immediately organized the construction team , mechanical , and timely repair of the collapsed body of the PAT . At the same time , local traffic police department is also first at the scene to maintain traffic order , ensure that blocked vehicles and drivers and passengers safe .

Zhaotong secondary roads linking Zhaoyang Zhao Yi , Yiliang , mark three counties , a total length of 91.678 km , full capacity in December 2009 , the end of August this year, opened to traffic .


the threat of the United States

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

吉哈德马格 Darcy Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman: We signed the agreement on a positive attitude, ready to sign, we require signed an agreement in Damascus, to show the sincerity of the Arab League, we signed an agreement in After the Arab League should lift sanctions against Syria, and restore Syria (Arab League) membership.

Moderator labor Chunyan: Good evening, welcome to the news channel is being broadcast

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