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Breast-feeding, the first lesson of new mother

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Many people say that feeding lactating mothers good parenting book I’ve read, no matter domestic or abroad, has said so, and breastfeeding for your baby’s health, mother and baby to communicate are the most helpful, but also can enhance your baby’s IQ, EQ train baby can be said to have a bottle-feeding should not be compared to advantage in, and so was born one from the Registration Sphere, I have always insisted on feeding himself Registration Sphere. He is very healthy, and my feeling is the best, and I together, he always tease me laugh, very much like to laugh.

1, the breast to allow the healthy growth of baby

(1) in breast milk containing the growth of the baby all the necessary nutrients. Of which protein, fat, lactose, inorganic salts, vitamins and moisture, such as the proportion of major components, are best suited to the physical needs of your baby, your baby is the most easily digested and absorbed. But also induced breast baby good appetite, promote growth and development of your baby. Breast milk have higher levels of unsaturated fatty acids, and particles of small, easy to digest baby, the baby’s brain development is very good.

(2) baby health most helpful is the new mother’s colostrum, colostrum contains a large number of immune cells and many kinds of immune globulin, can enhance your baby’s immune system can avoid the baby plagued by various diseases . Therefore, breast-feeding your baby the first 6 months are rarely disease than bottle-feeding the baby more healthy. Registration Sphere in the months after birth, has never won any disease, Registration Sphere healthy, happy growth, is my biggest wish of the.

(3) by a new mother breast-feeding are secreted by the mammary gland, milk temperature and body temperature the same, would not stimulate and hurt the baby’s stomach will help to increase after the baby food supplement. And less chance of being contaminated, is more conducive to your baby’s health.

2, so that the restoration of my body faster

Now some young breast-feeding mother did not understand, for fear of the impact of physical, do they not feed your baby. In fact, not only will not affect the breastfeeding mother’s body, but also to allow the body to resume faster. Registration Sphere after birth, I will insist on feeding him, I did not feel the impact of feeding Registration Sphere to restore my body. But I can honestly say that I do not know are not let my body recover faster, but doctors and books are not so say that the baby sucking mother’s milk when the mother can stimulate the secretion of a hormone, this hormone can promote uterine contraction and is conducive to the resumption of maternal uterine and scheduling make lochia, the reduction of maternal hemorrhage and other infectious diseases.

3, so that my body fast recovery

Heard a lot of mother complained that the baby after birth, become their own fat, body weight has been cut down, it invariably miss slim pre-pregnancy figure at that time. In fact, after weight gain and breast-feeding is not related to feeding their own baby will not let their own weight, on the contrary it can help the new mother to lose weight.

Production after the mother body fat accumulation is ready to do in order to produce the milk of. For baby feeding time, some fat will be consumed, weight loss is to burn fat, fat was consumed, of course, played a role in weight loss. I would also like to say here, in fact, I think modeling is more important than weight loss, it makes you look more beautiful, more feminine. And should not the pursuit of quick weight loss, it is a long-term process, but you need to do is not particularly fat, and it will not deliberately go weight loss.

4, can promote between me and the feelings of

Baby just come to a new world, it is strange, I am afraid, this time most in need of a mother’s embrace. To the baby when breast-feeding, mother’s attention, the embrace of mother and mother’s physical contact and let your baby have a sense of security. I remember that as long as it is with Registration Sphere, he will be very well-behaved and not noisy nor downtown. Baby in the growth process, not only required to eat, but also required the care of mother, mother to the baby when breast-feeding and baby are the best time to communicate.

Although breastfeeding is not the only way to foster parent-child affection, but it is the most direct and effective method. Mother’s love will lead to a more healthy and happy baby’s growth, the future baby to develop good character has a great help. Registration Sphere character is now very good, I feel that this is closely related to breastfeeding.


Tips to get young children to easily eclipse

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Child care in the correction of partial eclipse this problem, we take home, park parallel two-track system, after a long-term research, repeated practice, and explore a number of methods, and achieved good results.

(A) cooking therapy

Requirements of kindergarten in the cooks and all parents strive to practice the following methods:

1. Adjust cooking method: the same ingredients have different cooking method, we should change frequently boiled, steamed, boiled, steamed, boil for a short time and so on, so soft rotten food easy to chew, to eat the children happy.

2. Deformation discoloration law: We must always on the menu on the do decoration, to attract children’s interest. For example, the child can not eat the liver into pistols, rockets, rabbit and other shapes; model or vegetables used to decorate rice into a Hello Kitty or than Cacho; adding vegetables to fried rice, tomato sauce for color change points and so on.

3. Food doping law: not the children know in advance, in his favorite food to eat in the incorporation of food ingredients. For example, their children do not eat lamb, shrimp, chopped celery, mixed in food or in mix in the stuffing started small, gradual increase in the future, when the increase after a certain extent, on the natural habit of .

4. Tableware temptation law: the child does not like the food containers on the lovely, not only can attract children’s attention, but also greatly enhanced the wishes of the child to eat.

(B) psychotherapy

This is the most fundamental remedial measures will require the joint efforts of teachers and parents, use the following methods:

1. Example of the Model Law

Teachers, parents set a good example, does not eclipse, not being choosy food, it is necessary to take the child to eat, always eat the food of each show is Shannon, I am very satisfied with the look. At the same time, early childhood favorite to be someone else’s praise, children can be picky eaters before, greatly praised the children not being choosy food, so that the child because of envy and actively follow.

2. First-hand experience law

Encourage your children to do meal services, parents, teachers can use their curiosity, good dynamic nature, so that they help put tables and chairs, side, sub-go, even when cooking vegetables so that they help, get seasoning. In the production process, so that the children and give full play to their creativity, in the face of their own the results of participation in the labor, the children will naturally open the appetite.

3. The atmosphere to create a law

Whatever the reason, parents, teachers avoid threatening the child’s meals, scold or otherwise punish children, affecting their appetite. To be good at creating a happy atmosphere at the dinner, the children happy, happy eating.

4. Ideal excitation method

Child has this or that kind of ideal, we must capitalize on the trend. For example, see the media when the football players, the children can say “You see, these uncles of physical multi-rod, because they often eat carrots, cabbage, fish and meat, are not you grow up you want to be a football player? You can from now on you start eating these dishes!

5. Look forward to Incentive Act

Children are eager to be rewarded. When some kids do not like egg yolk, then we make a vow to them to buy some toys, or take them to the park to play, encourage your children to stop. After the children ate the timely recognition and we have been promised and never lose the trust.

6. Interested inhibition

A comprehensive understanding of the psychological needs of the child’s partial eclipse, when he do not eat a certain food, stop he thinks to be most interested in activities such as watching cartoons, go to the zoo, etc., so that children will be reluctant to put up with do not want to eat food, a long time , we can produce results.

(C) physical therapy

This is a correction of some complementary methods, the use of them can play an immediate role:

1. Control the snacks and snack foods

Many children preferred snack, snacks, until the dinner time to eat. There is an old said:  Hunger of the past when they did not like to eat good food will find the taste, so snacks and snacks to give to be strictly controlled.

2. A wealth of outdoor activities arrangement

Parents, teachers make reasonable arrangements to ride a small bike, playing ball, running games, such as outdoor activities, in order to consume its energy, to promote their appetite. At the same time, the prohibition of the children had just finished eating after strenuous exercise, because there is no appetite at this time, let them wash hands frequently, will be a quiet dinner.

3. Timely prevention and treatment of disease

Timely prevention and treatment of early childhood caries, parasitic diseases and other diseases. Because of illness can also change the hobby, easily give rise to the partial eclipse.

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