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baby’s special”language” to cry

Friday, July 29th, 2011

It is the baby’s special”language” to crylocal shoes designer

It is the main way that the kid communicates to cry and scream, so say from a certain meaning, it is healthy performance to cry and scream, that is the kid to tell you that he needs you.If do parents of can read to understand crying and screaming of kid and posture and common behavior, the relation between you and kid will be definitely more intimate.At kid pimping time, you should learn to listen to his “a talk a line of, each and every move”.Listen to be you have to concentrate attention, listen to with the mindset of observation, but don’t treat a kid by anxious and worried internationalize

When baby cried, shut an eye to open mouth, double the arm stretched to bend, two legs disorderly Dengs were good workout sport, not only toughens the function of nerve muscle, and increase extending of lung, enlarged lung capacity, was advantageous to air commutation;In the meantime, accelerated blood circulation, strengthened metabolism.Moreover, the baby cries generally is because hunger, thirsty, disease, often wet cloth to wait until reason to result in, as a result the parents should find out reason according to the concrete circumstance and solve in time, this has much of an advantage to the infant’s growth growth.choose light taboo

“Pimple” of new born

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

“Pimple” of new born, you know how much?carbon light source
The “pimple” of new born is substantial to is the occurrence of the Cuo Chuang of infant, many because of baby before being born from maternal acquired excessive male of sex hormone, birth after make the sebum gland secreted prosperous, baby face sebum the gland is flourishing, secreting the excessive sebum will the Yu accumulate in the hair bag and make the skin formed the pimple kind hair bag papula.LED product covers extensively

Generally speaking, “pimple” on the infant face can fade away by oneself, and don’t continue in office after few weeks at being born what trace, but the face skin of new born is very and young and delicate, if not appropriate to the nursing of these skin rashes, will make it be infected maturation, the future reunion forms the small pit or scar formation of cave convex gravamen more.Consequently want to hard treat.LED industry healthily develops

Infant Cuo Chuang the symptom is light generally don’t need to be cured, after several weeks then can from more, the symptom is more heavy should arrive hospital to make a diagnosis and give treatment in time, carry on eliminating inflammation, anti- infection treatment, slice to hate to suffer from son a parent from make the decision a piece, use a skin to easily wait ointment to cure for baby in disorder.

The new born suffers from the case of “pimple” not a few see, this kind of new born’s”pimple” mostly the occurrence be born after a week and be called “infant Cuo Chuang” on the medical science.LED illuminates a marketing

you will always know

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

At the end, you will always know
If there’s one day.
A return to the man disappeared.
One is inseparable from the people leave.
Also never mind. Time will bring you to the right person.
Please love yourself.
Then the still do not know where they.
Will come to you.Da Vinci furniture
I missed you but I missing you . I missing you but I missed you . I see you but I seeing you. I seeing you but I see you
– I have been missing you, but I miss you.
When I miss you, but I can’t have you.
It has not, yet again.
When we meet again, but have to say goodbye.
The world’s most painful feeling,
Not lovelorn,
But my heart to you,
You are cheating me
Leave a place, scenery is no longer belong to you, Miss a person, Blessed is the man that has nothing to do with you.
To leave a place, scene no longer belongs to you; miss a person, that person would have nothing to do with you.
The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.
The worst feeling, do not know should wait or give up.
Because of the love,
The two strangers can suddenly Shuluo to sleep in the same bed.
However, the same two people,
Said that when breaking up,Furniture’s musical
I think you are more and more strange.
Love the two people become familiar with the unfamiliar,
And become familiar with the unfamiliar.
Love is a stranger into a pair of lovers,
Turn a couple into a stranger’s game
In this world I can meet lots of people,
My love will not give you the,
I just gave you cannot give others.
I’m not waiting for you not to be,
But I waited for you couldn’t wait for someone else.
I also can not forget you,
You just let me die like the pain.
Let people miss, miss good than others.
Life, just do one’s own.
This time, I want to give you the world.
This time covered all over with cuts and bruises, also never mind.
This time, all of the brave.
This time, can do not care about anything.
But just this once is enough.
I am not so heavy love.
Would you drop down self-esteem, reserved, no matter worth, no matter how humble love.
I love you, there is no purpose.
A miss is avoided disappear.
There is a miss call avoid meeting
Maybe God wants you to meet many wrong people before you meet the right one, so when this happens, youl will be thankful.
Maybe God wants you to meet many wrong people before you meet many wrong people,
So, when this happens, you’ll be thankfull.
How many people, how many feelings,
Is not the distance,
It is not lost to the time,
But the lack of a brave courage,
Missed the best opportunity.
Love and life,
In the world of emotion,
We can reserve,
But not too tight,domestic product
Most of the time you need to be in the right and self-confident to speak out,
But not atrophy in the side of silence,
Silence can only create a mystery,
Never let each other know.
I acted like it wasn ‘ t a big deal, when really it was breaking my heart.
I pretend everything is indifferent to, although I have be mentally and physically exhausted.
And you missed,
You talk with him too much is nonsense.
And you have the wrong people,
Your presence will wake up all his feelings.
Some people even in the understanding of a few years later are strange,
Between each other always seems to have a layer of diaphragm exists,
As if bloom at the other side of the flowers,
Stand far apart facing each other far beyond one’s reach
Sometimes God doesn t give you what you want, not because you don ‘ t deserve it, but because you deserve more
– sometimes, God didn’t give you what you want,
Not because you do not deserve, but you deserve better.
One of the most happy moment,
Is to find the right person,
He winks at you,
And love you all.
In the end you ‘ ll see who’ s fake who ‘s true and, who would risk it all just for you.
To the end, you will always know, who is open-minded and,
Who have a genuine and sincere desire to fling caution to the winds, who you.

shaping the very important

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Infancy: shaping the very important
Correcting the baby sleeping position — baby pretty face
Infants are born with the skull is soft, not completely ossified, between each blade still growing gap, there is considerable plasticity. But, baby’s neck muscles is to turn the heavy head, when a range of bone plate under a long-term whole head weight pressure, its growth and shape will be affected.Noxious gas’s
When the baby gradually grew up, skull hardness has changed with large, seam sealing, head the general assembly is not changed. Adjust the baby head gold period is after the baby is born within 3 months.
Previous Chinese parents used to make baby taken supine sleeping position, so the Chinese face is mostly flat, three-dimensional sense is not strong. Moreover, the supine also is easy because the baby needs turned to cause skull asymmetry, forming a. While the Westerners do not mind the baby sleeping habits, many babies sleep, they are also not interfere, the West face bright also have some of this factor.
However, parents should also be based on the baby’s face to decided the baby ‘s sleeping position, for example: some children with high cheekbones, if let him sleep on it, later zygomatic will be higher, the face becomes not good-looking.Newspaper considers
Baby face flat for either side to sleep, so as not to make the prefrontal and occipital ( head ) by extrusion, and allows both cheeks force inside the plastic, can make beautiful head contour.
Here to note is: take the prone sleeping position also has the certain risk, must have special care, always pay attention to baby’s airway patency, prevention of respiratory tract obstruction.
Sleep contributes to the baby — good body shape
The child’s head basically is every parents focus. When a child is born, 24 hours a day, to sleep more than 20 hours later, with the old growth sleep time will be shortened, but the infant the best day to sleep more than 12 hours.LED billions of dollars
Some mothers would say” my children every day to sleep more than 12 hours, should grow?” but it is worth mentioning that sleep time is also very important. Even 12 hours of sleep, but from 9 at night to sleep for 12 hours, from 1 a.m. to 12 hours of sleep effect is distinct. Studies have shown, growth hormone 70% are the night deep sleep secretion, so be sure to ensure the baby sleep at night is the most critical.

usual enough calcium

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

The blood calcium doesn’t represent a kid as usual enough calcium
Formerly, people always say “10 fight, nines are for money”, can now now the all families”10 fight, nine for the sake of the kid”.Don’t say first because who take a kid who more hard cause of quarrel, the list is smallly small and repair calcium for one of topic, old woman daughter-in-law’s 2 always make get into a hot dispute.led lighting design

The old woman has the reason of old woman:”Past kid which don’t also make up for a mistakes what, not also similar healthily long?”The daughter-in-law has a daughter-in-law of according to:”Sciences all lay claim to repair calcium now, don’t repair in case of lacked how to do?”But, contend for to fight to go, who also say to not and very ask for so a person to vexedly repair a calcium antinomy how to exactly should quell?To this, armed police total Liu Qiu Ling’s director from pediatrics in hospital hints everyone, have to the explicit child repairs a calcium purpose first for the sake of prevention rickets disease, not afraid lack calcium to just repair calcium, so have to not give discount to hard repair calcium.

Prevent rickets disease from repairing calcium of still need to add vitamin D in the meantimeled grow lights

The baby of the Ying more than three months.Listen to the other people saying that the kid should repair calcium from the birth beginning and otherwise lack very easily.The Ying is as tall as none of husbands, Ying’s fearing a kid is also a small little fellow in the future, so repair calcium for kid since full moon.Can the kid arrives check in the hospital for six months, doctor says that kid’s rib outside turns over badly, the Zhen bald turn also very serious, probably get rickets to get sick.The Ying bands together very much and shines on to look after child with quiet attention every day and fears some mishap, how was this ?

The expert guides:A lot of babies appear time of disease-like in shape rickets, people always purely think is lack calcium and repair calcium, in fact otherwise.Rickets disease mainly is because the vitamin D lacks causable calcium inside the body, Lin metabolism mess, but make a bad kind disease of skeleton calcify, so cure the key to rickets disease to add vitamin D.Rickets attack disease of first performance for fidgety, have no reason of cry and scream, night Ti, sleeping often drive not obvious of the voice wake up with a start and perspire much symptom of waiting the plant nerve mess, and in order to perspiring incitement head to rub to around appear in the back part of skull a turn of takes off hair for”the Zhen is bald”.Severity still have a skeleton change, like square Lu, “ping-pong head”, the ex- Xin shuts to match a night and tooth night, “the rib outside turns over”, and”chicken breast”…etc..So we usually say of afraid that the kid lacks calcium to repair calcium, main purpose for the sake of prevention rickets disease, but rickets disease prevention of had better the measure is to add vitamin D.led home lighting

Three the baby before the year old lack calcium to add with the medicine

Because one gives the repairing of kid the calcium topic, China China was regarded as to ascend with mother-in-law more strength, who all want to battle out predominance power.The mother-in-law thinks that oneself brought up three childrens and added nursing experience for 15 years, repairing calcium for kid have to depend food and depend to take a hideous mess medicine to have no some advantage to the kid.The daughter-in-law basically has no experience and just read at the time the book learns of, armchair strategist just.Bringing up a baby certainly should is predominated by experienced he or she.The reason of China China is also very full and certainly need to use modern science nursing, repairing the calcium has to add vitamin D and calcium every day, didn’t fill vacant post how to do?

The expert guides:A lot of families all in order to repair the problem affliction of calcium for kid, lift a standpoint:”3 years old the medicine repaired before, 3 years old the food will repair hereafter.”Suggest baby the calcium absorb to measure for 0-6 months everyday:400 mgs;6 months:2 years old 600 mgs;3-9 years old:800 mgs;10-12 years old:1000 mgs;13-15 years old:1200 mgs;16 years old go to adulthood:800 mgs.The vitamin D adds, the baby 11 months ago can choose each product with the 500 IUs, and 11 babies with later month choose each product with the 700 IUs.Among them, three the baby before the year old because of growing the speed is quick, the outdoor activity is little and feed to keep a difficulty and add to assist to eat etc. in time don’t cause of lack calcium have to add with the medicine.But 3 years old the baby after the outdoor activity is many, can acquire the vitamin D of amount of foot from the irradiation the ample sunlight, so the needing to be noticed repair calcium for baby from the food all right.12 volt led lighting

The list is completely repaired calcium by formula milk to attain effect

Satisfied baby five months, the weight none of height reaches a mark and lacks zinc to lack calcium.Satisfied say, the baby eats formula milk and assisted a food to still add some egg yolk and rice paste.Because see add vitamin D and calcium in the formula milk, don’t additionally repair calcium and vitamin D for kid again, can check for kid recently, unexpectedly lack calcium.

The expert guides:The food that the calcium enhances, for example formula milk, rice flour, repair calcium to really have a certain function to the baby.But what to remind everyone BE, formula on the market adds vitamin D and the quantity of the calcium currently how much not etc., the list depends formula milk to repair calcium to completely attain effect.Some parents think to eat formula milk not to need to repair calcium to the kid, this is the false understanding.

Repair calcium for baby to choose in response to the head moreover water-soluble good, taste good, take convenience, contain calcium to have great capacity, bowel absorption rate Gao of calcium, recommend the calcium of using the calcium carbonate composition.The cent time small amount of repairs calcium for baby to compare big amount of to take absorption rate Gao, and had better be taking for the after meal 1-1.5 hours.If takes once just everyday, had better arrange to just before sleep take in every night.led lighting automotive

Blood calcium’s being worth doesn’t represent a kid as usual enough calcium inside the body

The treasure English house is recent to take place a war, repairing of a reason still a baby calcium problem.Repairs calcium to the baby, the treasure English has been thinking that the do-it-yourself must is very good and insists eating cod-liver oil for kid every day and check a trace element for kid to the hospital every two months and analyze a list top always all what to show is normal, the treasure English is always very delighted.Can a few days ago get to hospital to check body for baby, the doctor says that the baby has bald Zhen and lacks calcium.On asking to just know, the mother of treasure English is afraid to take medicine every day not good to kid, take advantage o a treasure English to go to work and then secretly throw away medicine every day.Does the trace element checks enough calcium but the treasure English is still very interrogative?

The expert guides:Take charge of to grow the trace element examination of getting hold of the baby report, all generally will pay attention to two sets of values, a set of is the content of a certain trace element inside the body of baby, another is the normal reference value of that trace element scope.In fact, in addition to need to be paid attention to whether the baby’s examination number is as usual being worth in, even want to pay attention to they isn’t being worth in-between position as usual and then can satisfy a baby so fast- growing up demand.

The calcium is in the blood of distribute to have 1%, then have 99% in the skeleton.When human body calcium isn’t enough, the calcium in the skeleton will transfer blood and keep a calcium density within blood stability.Therefore, if you see the value of baby blood calcium normal, probably don’t represent a kid enough calcium inside the body.You still need to notice to observe a baby to have a much sweat and night surprised, fidgety, the rib outside turn over etc. performance come comprehensive judge.

academic association comprehends

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The academic association comprehends the meaning that the baby cries
Someone once once did the experiment of long term to the baby’s behavior and was living every day 1 versatile and have the baby whom the baby of good emotion and another grow up in the life of the monotonous boredom to make a comparison, clearly see:The reaction of the former is more intelligent than the latter, and this baby at later of also display very great advantage in education.

Can see from this experiment:The exaltations of development, speech of happy emotion experience to baby’s intelligence all include aggressive influence.Once your baby be born, should give him happy of living experience.What about how to foster the infant’s good emotion?

Embrace baby moreThe collector holds

There is such an experiment, what to speak is the Prussia of Western Europe to contain a monarch, he really wants to know what mankind first language is.Hence he thinks:If find out a group of infants to come to keep, stipulate anyone get not talk with them, probably can know what “mankind first language” is.He issues order to those mothers who bring up an infant and nurses, suckles the baby, takes a shower and absolutely prohibits to talk with infant.He thinks by so doing and waits the time that the infant talks, will definitely from the mouth in spoke Hebrew, Latin or Greece language.Thus, can know mankind the first language was what.But this gentleman king didn’t get the result that he wants to get, but got a very pathetic final outcome:These infants all died.This case tells us:The infant can not exist at all under the sistuation that no one and him talk, cans not gets an embracing each other of mother or looks after under go to.

So the parents want to embrace baby more, let the baby pass know that he or she is loved deeply with the contact of mother’s skin of, this is count for much to infant.Because in addition to needing of nourishment, the infant returns the demand of full of energy.The baby is embracing in mother’s that warm bosom, will feel the mother’s good care and care, he will stare at the mother’s face, looking at the mother’s form and listen to a mother that warm voice.Often embracing a baby can satisfy their spirit demands, so the parent never neglect.

Concern crying of baby moreEnglish name

The baby bears to come and then will cry.It is the first method of infant and outside communication to cry.Pass a weeping over of infant, the mother can know:The baby is a hunger, ache, uncomfortable, relieve nature, have already still felt lonesome.The baby of half year old only uses to cry to express his demand and claim, if you was careless of a crying of baby, he would feel don’t help very much.Time a long will become pessimism negative, and no longer think for attaining some one purpose that the square tries to express his/her own viewpoint.This certanly will influence the development of baby’s language.

So the parent wants to concern crying of baby more and comprehends the meaning that the baby cries hard.When the baby cried, the parent mighted as well walk over to concern ground to ask:”Wet the pants?”"Whether baby means to say words?”Combine to solve his difficulty in time.If was a baby to feel lonesome, will coax him and read aloud son song or sing a song to let him listen to, or do a game with him, let him experience personally happy.

Let the baby have a sense of security

Some parents for the sake of the development baby’s independence, baby one the birth make him leave parents to sleep alone.Some researchers think:To want to foster the baby’s independence the most important is to want to make the baby’s emotion stable, the emotion is naturally once stabilized, willing produce independence.Blue precious stone

If made the baby leave a mother since the childhood, when he needed to hear the mother’s voice, smelt a mother the smell on the body and got a with meticulous care looking after of the mother, but can not get should get of satisfy, the baby will produce insecurity.Also influence their emotion in the meantime, the nature can’t strengthen his independence.So, at baby 6 months ago, the mother had better nearby sleep at the baby, clap, coax, embrace him in good time, or sing a lullaby and let the baby fully satisfiedly and safely fallen asleep.

5 kinds of correct postures

Monday, July 11th, 2011

5 kinds of correct postures for mother’s female milk to feeds keep
A, the cradle embrace a method

The elbow joint seamy side used your arm props up the baby’s head, makes his belly tightly stuck your body and props up your breast with another hand.Because the part that the breast peeps out is few, giving out its effect of breast feed will be better.


The usually the most simple and easy to learn posture;

Majority of postures with the inest common use parents.

Two, cross cradle to embrace a method

Act decomposition:

And usage the cradle prop up the position of method similar, but use this time to side of arm, so can by hand prop up baby’s head, prop up body with the forearm.Thus you can more directions of the control baby’s heads.


Use to prop up neck back, comparing to use forearm will form a better control to infant’s head;

While using to is a premature infant or Diao prison nipple to have a difficult infant to breast feed particularly effective.The Jinzhongjiang

Three, the side lies(football) to embrace a method

Let the baby is one side at the your body, prop up his to carry on the back with the forearm, let neck and headrest on your hand.If you just recovered from the Pou temple produced surgical operation, so was a very suitable posture like this, very small to the pressure of wound because of this.


Be easy to observe a baby whether already nipple formation in the Diao prison effective of breast feed;

Will be more comfortable for accepting the mother whom the Pou temple produces but speech, because keep off to slice to embrace an infant;

The breast bigger mother will be more comfortable, because the infant’s chest can help the weight of supporting the breast;

When breast bulge is full, is advantageous to the shape that adjusts breast by that posture.

Four, the side lie to embrace a method

You can the side lie on the bed, let the baby’s face toward you, the baby’s headrest is in bending arm and make his mouth and your nipple kept level.After propping up with the pillow carry on the back.If is after the Pou temple produces Shu, this is also a good posture.

Advantage:Wrestling shoes

Easy to take a rest in the breast feed;

The meeting Yin cuts open or tears to pieces the women of ache or piles ache to adopt this posture the most comfortable.

Five, the rugby embrace Zi

The rugby embraces Zi to be applicable to those BBs that suck at breast to have a difficulty, can also be advantageous to a mother in the meantime observation kid, can adjust BB positionses when the kid sucks at breast.In order to make the BB lain on a more wide chair or the sofa, the step places he in you of under the arm, the head closes to you of chest, the finger using you props up his head and shoulder.Then under the kid’s head the mat previous pillow, make his mouth able to come in contact with you of nipple.Interview wearing

infant’s eczema cares

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The family of infant’s eczema cares
Infant’s eczema is so called “milk tinea”, usually occurrence after livinging 2~3 weeks or 2~3 months, much deliver at the head face, the Sao Yang is violent, it is 2 to can is divided into exudation type and dry type, is the infant’s performance to the different race egg white allergies, such as milk, egg, fish and shrimp…etc..This disease easily relapses, winter the heavy summer is light, can delay to 1~2 years old.

1, as far as possible avoid the whole foreign stimulate, if the clothes being dressed in have to be light, soft, relaxed, the silk, woolen fabrics, synthetic fiber clothes doesn’t want to directly get in touch with a skin and avoid making an effort to scart to grasp and rub.

2, keep excesssive skin from cleaning, specially don’t burn to wash with hot water soap or disinfectant.Clothes, bed sheet,

The diaper wants to frequently wash to change;The indoor temperature doesn’t once want Gao, the dress wasn’t wanted warm, reduce a sweat liquid to secrete incitement.

3, the attention food regulate and observe to suffer from son’s sensitive reaction for food, as far as possible reduce edible sensitive foods, such as fish, shrimp and egg…etc., can carry on taking off when it’s necessary quick if replace low quick milk powder etc..

4, the part can a little bit early apply a burning type of anti- the medicine cream and Cape turn to facilitate, the Jia skin is thicker can outside soften with the plant oil

In addition to, the small area skin Sun can outside use the skin quality steroid product and have the infection leaks out to apply wet spread and anti-virus medicine of cream.

5, Sao Yang violent can take orally An medicine appropriately and have infection can short-term application antibiotics.

6, for skin dry type the eczema want to use suitable hydration smooth skin when the applied medicine cures and particularly want after bathing in 5 minutes usage, such as graceful Yang three heavy especially smooth frost, so the benefit is completely recovered at the eczema.

expert inquiry into an infant

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The expert inquiry into an infant to feed to keep a problem in early days
On July 2, in stating radicle Suo being thin to hold especially of 2011″infant’s health” high peak forum in Chinas, Asian pediatrics nourishment the alliance chairman, local and well-known child’s expert’s D believes in a to teach on meeting to mean, the infant healthily feeds with earlier period to keep very the toll-gate fastens, so must speak science while feeding to keep in the earlier period.

Formula can not replace colostrum

On this high peak forum, the cow colostrum became the focus of discussion, its nourishment value got the consistent approbation of attending meeting the expert.Local and well-known child’s expert’s D believes in a professor to tell a reporter:”For can not carry on a female milk to feed to keep of mother come to say, the cow colostrum at the right moment can add the living creature live material and the immunity live material of formula want for”

But according to New Zealand national agriculture institute for research fine food research scientist DON OTTER introduce, as early as more than 1,000 year agos, the cow colostrum is seen by the ancient Indian as”saint medicine” and used for curing various diseases, including a type of rheumatism, and arthritis…etc..The research discovers that the cow colostrum can repress an upper respiratory infection, the cow colostrum experiments the number that suffers from flu far far low 300%, so a lot of national now in the world, the cow colostrum is used at the sour milk, meal add an article, chewing gum and mastication slice in.

The United States APS technique manager’s Doctor Zhang Gui Hao of Asia thinks then that the colostrum is the most complicated material, it is rich the immunity globulin containing is also the characteristic that discriminates between other foods, the completely protecting of the colostrum is what formula can not act for.Once had the scientist’s fresh milk to the market, expected the surname disinfection milk and formula to carry on the disinfection milk of analysis, fresh milk and Ba Shi all existence immunity globulin of, but could not examine immunity globulin in formula.But colostrum come to say to the infant, is such importance.Because adding of want for immunity globulin, the various germ, virus will advance unopposed and threaten the health and safety of young and small life.Therefore, such as really can not carry on a female milk to feed to keep, best of act for a way is foundation in formula milk to assist a food to add cow colostrum.This is the only method that can carry out to add live immunity globulin, re- imitate a female milk to feed to keep currently.

The D believes in a:Choose the cow colostrum sees business enterprise brand first

For on the market beautiful cow colostrum brand, should if choose?

Asian pediatrics nourishment the alliance chairman, local and well-known child’s expert’s D believes in a professor thinks, had better choose real strenght the stronger business enterprise produces of cow colostrum product, then can promise a safety.

D believes in a professor to emphasize, want to produce a qualified cow colostrum, have to have a few conditions:Is the milk source that has to there is high quality first, this among them in addition to the nourishment of the quality, cow of cow, even is still include the environment of keeping the cow grass field, he specially reveals to the reporter, abroad some flourishing regions, some even wanting of the grass fields control noise, also having can not beat and scold a milk cow, and the in order to prevent influences the quality of milk.

Moreover, the original milk collects and transports process also very key, if this process not and strictly controls, will result in super original milk microorganism mark’s waiting a series of problem, end, carrying on the craft process that process, disinfect, withdraws will also influence the quality of cow colostrum.

He emphasizes that the quality of infant’s product is safe, from the milk source, the milk grows of choose that the direct article that produces a craft controls an end product, is healthily the foundation that the infant guarantees, but with accuracy read the knowledge information that the related code of laws of child’s food requests and necessity to the parent and the society, thus Zhen don’t the health food of high level will become a pediatrics’ doctor to provide a work contents of basic essential to have in medical science service for public.

Related news:Purchase cow colostrum to spot IGG content

Cow colostrum is the healthy cow produces Zi after in 72 hours secrete of human milk, cow colostrum and common milk obvious dissimilarity, the cow colostrum protein content is higher, while fat and sugar content are lower.On top of that, it contains precious live immunity globulin(IgG, IgA and IgM, IgE and IgD) and abundant milk calcium quality, protein and various trace elementses etc. the nourishment composition is praised as “the king of 21th century immunity”.

The cow colostrum is led into a Chinese market from 1998, after cultivating with development after more than 10 years of market, the cow colostrum has already got more and more rational consumers approve.But for if choose a cow colostrum product, but a lot of consumers are always”careless”.In the cow colostrum, have a key function in fact is among them of immunity globulin G(Immunoglobulin G, brief name IgG), but purchase cow colostrum, IGG the total content is more high, the nourishment then is worth of more high.But if spend same money, buy more IGGs, more worthwhile.

Related news:The cow colostrum dosage varies from person to person

At edible up, according to the suggestion of New Zealand international milk article association, the edible method of cow colostrum should decide according to the physical endowment, then the immunity globulin of healthy crowd recommends dosage is 0.0085 grams of|kilogram weight.The immunity globulin of second healthy crowd’s recommending dosage is 0.021 grams of|kilogram weight.Take a gram of IgG from the cow colostrum every day under the ideal circumstance, ability since the economy availably maintains the body good appearance again, the quantity of absorbing of child should gradually decrease according to the weight.