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B liver vaccine

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Does your kid need to reseed B liver vaccine?
B the biggest bane of liver virus be will the one who cause to take change into chronic B liver sufferer, even develop to become liver cancer further.The research suggests that take the person of B liver virus if is a new born, 90% will change into chronic B liver virus to be infected.The child is infected about 28% is behind~30% will change into chronic B liver virus to be infected.But adult this comparison is 2%~5%.Therefore, taking B liver virus is more serious to the infant’s bane, brand businessthey also even need to inoculate B liver vaccine.

The our country brings into B liver vaccine in 1992 plan the immunity manage, but B liver vaccine with inoculate a fee demand at one’s own expenses.Practiced after 2002 free inoculate B of liver vaccine, but need to pay 10 dollars to inoculate a rent service fee.Until the rent service fee cancels in May, 2005, inoculate B liver vaccine just the real little money don’t accept.Therefore, may there is child giving up to vaccinate because of the economic reason before in 2005, they can lend this time opportunity to reseed vaccine.Have some a child, because of premature or be born low weight etc. special circumstances, can not inoculate B liver vaccine after being born.Moreover some children are born behind although inoculated B liver vaccine,afterwards lost immunity dint again, therefore they also need to be reseeded or beat B liver vaccine to strengthen needle.

Once beat vaccine to not and all take effect

Want to know whether B liver vaccine that inoculated in the past still has a protection function, can pass to draw blood to analyze an assurance.If B liver surface antibody is a feminine gender, didn’t produce antibody or once produced antibody but have been already disappeared after explaining to inoculate, this kind of child shoulded reseed three needle B liver vaccines.If produced antibody, but the level is low and explain the protection effect is weak, can beat one more needle B liver vaccine, then strengthen needle.If the antibody is higher for masculine gender and antibody drop degree, elucidation originally of B liver vaccine still has good protection effect, don’t need again inoculate B liver vaccine.In addition, some people though the vaccinating B liver antibody is a feminine gender,re- beat after one needle vaccine an antibody drop degree to obviously go up behind, this circumstance explains to still have immunity memory to the original vaccine inside the body, at this time again beat one needle vaccine all right.industrial chains

The past survey suggests that greatly parts of persons after inoculating B liver vaccine will get a protection and protect the effect generally can keep on for 12 years at least, therefore isn’t each kid to need to draw blood to analyze antibody.If the kid’s family or touch elbow existence B liver virus takes of circumstance, it is B liver surface antigen masculine gender to particularly is a mother, the kid after inoculating B liver vaccine had better draw blood to analyze B liver surface antibody.If feminine gender should strengthen immunity or inoculate again.Time of analyzing can when the last needle vaccine inoculate after a month, for example the new born is a birth after 0, 1, inoculate three needles June, so can analyze on the time in July age whether appeared B liver surface antibody such as being a masculine gender, explain vaccine effectively.

Vaccine should the whole distanceses inoculate

Come to say to the new born, inoculate a ratio not and inoculate well, the whole distanceses(3 needles) inoculate than the single needle and inoculate well, birth behind immediately inoculate compare lead a period of time behind inoculate effective, the antigen content is high in the vaccine effective, such as 10 tiny gram of vaccines are more effective than 5 tiny gram of vaccines.

So, 10 tiny gram of and 5 tiny gram of vaccines have what differentiation?Compare under, the high antigen ratio vaccine can carry out rapid serum B the liver surface antibody sun to turn, can sooner appear a protection function, and acquire the serology protection of Gao level.Have again, the antigen content is high of the vaccine provide of the protection term is also laster long.For understanding their differences further, a “15″ topic-B liver immunity strategy researches just compare 5 tiny gram of with the difference of 10 tiny gram of B liver vaccine effect, research will the knot in next year, then will have more accurate data.

Currently nation’s unifying the vaccine of request is an antigen content 5 tiny gram of of B liver vaccine, but should choose for mother for the new born of “big three sunses”s 10 tiny gram of of vaccine.Under support that part of economic circumstance better region, like Peking,innovation development Shanghai and Zhejiang, in the local government, the B liver vaccine of new born is 10 tiny gram of amount ofs.Moreover, if the economic condition allows, the parent can choose for the kid at one’s own expenses 10 tiny gram of domestic or importing B liver vaccines, each needle expenses is between 20~70 dollars.

born’s 12 kinds of instincts respond

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The new born’s 12 kinds of instincts respond
The darling child will swim on being born and will walk, is the fact indeed as expected such?In fact all of these parlances is to the occurrence is on new born some misunderstandings of phenomena.The normal new born has on being born some glints of inborns, these glints can reflect whether your baby’s machine body is sound, whether nervous system function is sound.Change hot mechanism

Suck up a glint:The nipple, finger or other object runs into lips, the new born immediately does the action that sucks at breast.This is the unconditional a kind of food glint, then suck at breast of instinct.

Look for food a glint:The nipple, finger or other object not and directly run into the new born’s lips and just ran into cheeks, he will also immediately change direction the object to the head and do and suck at breast action.This kind of glint makes the new born able to find out food.

The bosom embraces a glint:When the new born is started to embrace, he will by instinct and tightly depend to stick an adult.death a lovely daughter

Grasp to hold a glint:The object touches center of palm of hand, the new born immediately seizes firmly it tightly.If try to take away, he will grasp more tightly.

Wink a glint:When object or current of air stimulate eyelash, eyelid or eye Cape, the new born will do to wink action.This is a kind of defense instinct, can protect eyes.

Surprised jump a glint:The Zao voice of coming all of a sudden stimulates, or is like forty put a bed, the new born immediately stretches double arm to keep and opens finger, bow carries on the back, head backward Yang, the legs are straight.

The fencing reflects:When the new born lies on the back, change direction one side of his heads, he immediately stretches out the arm and leg of that side and start to bend to side of arm and leg, do the posture of attacking the sword.How to clean a heat exchanger

Move forward a glint:The adult hands the new born’s two Yis and puts his feet on the flat surface, he will do to move forward action and seem two leg coordination the ground alternately walk.

Swim glint:Let new born Fu lie on the bed, give his belly, he will lift up head, stretch leg and do to go on a tour swimming gesture power.If let his Fu the Fu is in Shui-li, he will by instinct raise head and do the swimming action of a coordination in the meantime.

The Quan shrinks a glint:When the new born’s instep runs into a flat surface edge, he by instinct does to be like the kitty Quan like that to shrink action.

Expect the guest Si radicle glint:When object slightly touched the new born’s sole of foot, he by instinct stuck out a big toe, opened a small toe and made five toes fan-shaped.

Expect a cloth gold glint:If a hand of the new born or the palm of the hands were suppressed, he would turn a head to open mouth, he will gape while being the pressure on the palm to relax.becomes Dalian

The instinct activity of new born that above enumerates, ex- few kinds as to it’s maintain life and protection to have realistic meaning by himself/herself, empress some have no actual meaning, just they evolve at the mankind of the possibility in history is ever meaningful.After the infant grows till a few months, these unconditional glints will disappear one after another, and form many conditioned reflexes gradually.

mother kisses the baby

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

The mother kisses the baby’s sevens small pay attention to
Kiss, not only is allow the kid to know that you love he have much deep of best way, also can make both parties feel to relax.A lot of mothers don’t know still have while kissing a baby 7 pay attention to.

1, sing a song,Quan’s invitation talk to the baby and daut him forever can’t be lead early

Naturally put into 1 to kiss in the melody of melody daintiness-the baby like very much with your man-to-man contact.

The sweet reminds:If you happen to be to catch a cold and seriously catch a cold or just once smoked, please avoid kissing a baby.

2, witness the sleeping posture of baby’s amiabilitybusiness enterprise level, each person’s hearts are silently melting

You listen to a baby a very shallow breath voice and looking at his eyelids of tiny vibration, can not not marvel the miracle that you create-stealthily and softly kiss you of baby.

The sweet reminds:Let the baby lie on the back a sleeping, notice whether the baby’s quilt cover good.

3, look at a baby each time huge of have no evil eyes, always can not control feelings ground to hold close and kiss him

The baby can make us involuntarily want to protect him and also have what can kiss to express us than the embrace of love?Really have no.

4, you need not always get in touch with the baby’s body completely,Tai solar energy from you of kiss, he can already completely be subjected to a benefit.

The sweet reminds:Everyday morning, be you send to a baby day care, let to kiss a part of becoming the routine rites.

5, walk of kid if suffer an accident to knock and break, you should start to embrace a kid and slightly kiss the part that he gets hurt.

Don’t know that young mothers have already denied the treatment method to realize that you are practicing a kind of ancient legend.It is said that the shaman in ancient times always uses a mouth to lightly touch location of injury, symbol will to pain of”improbity factor” suck out.

The sweet reminds:More and more like an activity along with the kid, more and more independent, it is hard to avoid to get hurt.The mothers want time to notice latent danger, but must calm down once taking place, let the baby keep equanimity.

6, want to from the beginning kiss the baby to feet to are very natural to mother.

Because the kid grows up, you can kiss is a part of the game, draw to take a common happiness from it.

The sweet reminds:The belly, finger, and toe…etc. that kiss a baby are the good methods that makes the baby know he or she’s health condition different part.In this process, the baby can always give the mother the brilliant smiling face.

7, gradually grow up along with the baby, he likes you of the skin fondle the felling of touching his skin.

symptom parents don’t neglect

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The infant gets sick six kinds of symptom parents don’t neglect
The behavior parents make person surprising, but is also an at a loss what to do for for the first time of, particularly is a baby the first time get sick.Very small cough or will feel flurried since the rashes, how know the baby’s circumstance severity or not?If the infant has 6 kinds of following serious symptoms, the parents should not neglect.
Broadcast the Teng Xun tiny Bo

1.The lips deliver purple

If the baby’s lips deliver purple, or mouth cavity or tongue mucosa becomes blue, is the omen that didn’t get enough oxygen, be called hair Gan.It is a very suitable way of doing to by this time stir to call 120.

2.The breath isn’t agreeable

All infants will often send out murmur voice or moan voice, if their breath is always all very difficult and urgent and see they excessively use their their own chest muscle, or the nose extend, may breathe a hard-pressed evidence.By this time want right away and make a phone call to the children’s doctor, if is next time, can consider seeing emergency call.

3.The new born gets a fever more than 38 ℃LED don’t flash

If you of the infant don’t arrive 2-month-old, anus is more than 38 ℃ , will ahem.The new born gets a fever not of the common run, may be catch a cold or meningitis, hard treat the new born’s fever.

Body temperature more than 38 ℃ new borns may go to hospital to have a series of check, is like a vertebrate to wear a sting the valuation is the reason why to result in fever, he|she probably needs to use antibiotics;As for the immune system of child with bigger age develops more complete, the fever isn’t necessarily very serious problem.

4.The jaundice is worsen

If the new born’s skin is more and more yellow, he|she may have jaundice.Isn’t that all jaundices are dangerous, it is normal to have some, will disappear by oneself, but if more and more Huang but can’t disappear, cause epilepsy to go into action to hurt with permanence for the possible influence brain.

Majority of doctors will suggest the increment feeds on frequency, let infant the bowels expel superfluous of the Dan is red and plain, and do for infant the light treat is red by increasing Dan plain decomposition.

5.DehydrateLED lighting town

If the baby’s diaper isn’t wet to worry a dehydration problem.After being born of in 6 days, the diaper of usage increases 1 slice every day, 6 divas use 6 pieces of diapers every day.

Other the evidence seriously dehydrating include thirsty, eyehole to deeply sink and love to sleep, the doctor of the pediatrics may suggest to feed an infant to drink electrolyte displacement a liquid at this time.Making the infant drink water at this time isn’t good, because it may cause sodium content’s descending, but this causes epilepsy’s going into action again.

6.Vomit the gall of shallow green

The reason that the baby vomits is a lot of, because a cough devotes major efforts, cries too much to make an effort, eat too much too many and stomach trouble etc., however, if vomit green gall severity.Vomiting thing’s looking like a black coffee residue is very serious.LED indicates card

Green gall representative the bowel jam and need to be noticed immediately, vomiting a thing to look like coffee residue may be the evidence of internal bleeding.Vomit to also need to be evaluated after sustaining a head injury, because it may be the evidence of concussion of brain

Chinese mother

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Lack most in the female milk of Chinese mother which nourishments
Because food structure and living habitual reason is sometimes also in need of some nourishments in the mother’s human milk.Therefore, the breast feed mother should add a homologous nourishment chemical element in good time.

The nourishment in the human milk of Chinese mother has what time shortage

1, the fat content be partial to little;colour ranges

2, the calcium content is low;

3, DHA content less.ation progress

How add to be in need of in the human milk nourishment chemical element?

1, just the right amount of increment absorbing of fat food, raises human milk in of the content of fat:Fat can provide a human body everyday thermal 20% needed~30%.But 2 years old the infant as follows is adipose everyday of the demand is larger and take up 45% of the total calories~50%.The source that can provide fat food contains edible oil, nut, butter, and animal fat… inspector

2, drink milk more is bestly repair a calcium article:Calcium is help kid’s skeleton, muscle and nerve to develop as usual can not lack of nourishment chemical element.Calcium content within female milk the shortage Be direct to have something to do with the calcium shortage in the food that the mother absorbs.In addition to milk, the rich food with the calcium there are also sours milk, meat, fingerling, and drieds shrimp…etc..

3, DHA in Chinese mother’s human milk the content is less than foreign mother to pass sea fish to increase a DHA content:DHA is the gold brain that we say, to the infant’s brain growth and see the formation of retina to contain important function.DHA is mainly stored in the sea fish, particularly is a fish head cent, so eat sea fish more, can the content of in aid of exaltation DHA.

female milk feeds to keep

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The advantage that the female milk feeds to keep(mother’s article)

1, the breast feed help pregnant woman’s womb to recover.

After giving birth to baby several minutes inside make the new born suck up nipple will cause womb constringency, reduce issue of blood.The baby sucks up action incitement to urge to produce a vegetable of secrete, help the womb to recover the size before the Yun.The womb that breast feeds a pregnant woman recovers to compare the pregnant woman of breast feed not more quick, terrestrial mobile

2, the breast feed contribute to the pregnant woman’s body figure instauration.

Be pregnant period mother body savings of the fat is a great universe is “fuel” of postnatal period breast feed but storage.The breast feed consumes mother additional calories inside the body, the mother’s metabolism for nursing with milk will change, and need not Be on a diet and then can attain to reduce weight a purpose.BE making the baby have a body figure with normal health such as the female milk, the baby also helps a mother to recover a body figure in the meantime.

3, the breast feed protect the mother be free from some paroxysms to harass.

Various researches express that which afraid several rates of cancer only breast feeding for a few months, suffering from mammary glands will consumedly be less than have never breast fed of women.With never the women of breast feed compare and breast feed to expect several rates that more than 25 months mothers suffer from a mammary glands cancer want to reduce 1/3.And, the female milk feeds to keep of the baby girl will suffer from several rates of mammary glands cancer from now on also is less than have never eaten a mother the baby girl of the milk.The breast feed can also prevent°from ovary cancer, wet road infection and bone soft.

4, the breast feed is a kind of planned parenthood of nature.Freecom DVB-T

The research aring a great deal of for several years expresses and adopts the pure female milk of certain way to feed to keep, at least at the baby be born in back 6 months in, have certain of birth-control effect.

5, breast feed since satisfy baby again convenient mother.

The mothers who once nursed with milk all know that have no what come more conveniently than the female milk.Once the baby cry, the mother embraces to lift clothes and then can feed, but need not fluster ground to boil water, blunt milk powder, hot milk or wait for a milk powder reducing the heat.One of the infant’s mental characteristicses BE, once having a need, have to satisfy right away, the body of their immaturity since not know also isn’t suitable for to wait for.Feel hungry right away eat a sweet female milk, will let baby betterly the establishment rise the trust feeling to the life.Feed a female milk since can save the trouble of preparing the milk powder as well as dismiss the voice of crying of kid but cause the mother’s compunction and worry anxiously.Especially in the nighttime, feeding the female milk can make the whole family all sleep more safely.Particularly convenient is traveking on the way, need not worry boiled water supply, milk bottle disinfection, nurse with milk tools and implements of sweep an etc. problem.

6, the breast feed relax mother’s body, mood delectation.

Every once observed a breast feed of the mother’s persons will discover, nurse with milk a medium mother it’s very leisurely, the baby also eats to eat in quiet and asleep, seem two people all took a natural tranquilizer.The fact is just such.Have in the female milk a kind of natural promote sleep of protein, can make the baby safely fallen asleep;And baby’s sucking up action will also make the mother’s body endocrine contributed to loose hormone.Many work busy mothers all reflect, after, busy day’s nursing with milk can make oneself relax down, the tired tired felling will immediately disappear naturally.The breast feed is again one to make the mothers feeling pleased in the meantime affair, the mother’s love transports into the baby’s small mouth along with the human milk, the baby’s face becomes sheen rosy, the mother’s in the mind will also rise hard proud of feeling for comparing to.The mothers pass to feed to feed a female milk and understand own body more delicately and also enjoy own female role more profoundly.

The advantage that the female milk feeds to keep(baby’s article)semiconductor diode’s

The female milk implies all nourishments that the infant needs and contributes to infant’s growth.

Very easy digest, absorb, can drive infant machine body effectively make use of.To infant, the mother is lacteal of various nourishment not only go together with exactly, because the infant’s appetite digests and kidney’s excreting function haven’t developed completely, can not bear the protein and mineral quality of surfeit.The protein and the mineral quality content in the female milk although not equal to milk, can temper into benefit at the comparison for absorbing, make the infant’s nourishment absorption got,can’t increase to digest and excrete of burden.There is good fatty acids comparison in the female milk, too, not only easily absorb, but also imply enough essential fatty acids to provide the infant with normal growth.

There is still in the female milk enough materials, such as amino acids and lactose…etc., have already promoted a function to infant brain growth.

The female milk not only improves the infant’s immunity ability and protects an infant to be free from an infection and prevents diarrhea, breath way from being infected, can even lower the infant’s allergic physical endowment.Formula of the infant takes female milk as standard, possibly mimicry the formula that”be like” with female milk, but in no circumstances mimicry, some things are mimicries don’t come out.The most typical is various factors that the anti-s are infected, like immunity globulin, repair a body and dissolve germ vegetable, and anti- inflammation and immunity regulate factor etc..Some researches also point out that eat the infant of female milk hereafter take place child’s diabetes is as lower as the opportunity of child’s cancer.For the infant’s immunity function the postnatal period is most important for 7 days, the colostrum(contain antibody and have a bowel movement factor) of endocrine, the mother should feed to the infant possibly.

Feed to feed female milk’s development toward the infant’s personality development and the parentage to even have the most close relation.Breast feed of in the process, the infant and mother has a skin to the skin, contact of eye to eye, satisfied an infant to warmth, safety, and loving need.

6 important affairses baby

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

6 important affairses that the baby is born to want to do behind
Full moon of time with just be born variety very big, if we can in advance know “important event piece” that the baby(baby’s food) may take place this month, the new mother(mother’s food) looks after a baby will be with proficiency, not fluster, vacant have no Cuo.Be received great favors

Important event piece 1:The first cry(BE born just)

Big wave big wave mother:The baby indeed as expected cries on being born, is still one”big voice”, just this small guy didn’t cry how long asleep.

In the prenatal period, the baby depends navel string transmission mother nutrient within blood for living.His lung department can not also operate.The placenta promises the mother is rich to contain oxygenous blood and baby to eject of imply the commutation of of the blood of carbon dioxide.After being born, come in contact with air, his breath system and blood circulation system can not rely on a mother again, he starts breathing, heart and lung department start circulating operation.The air was full of his lung department, the lung bubble extended, very quick, you heard this historically the first crying.

Important event piece 2:Suck at breast for the first time(birth after half an hour inside)

Road sun mother:The felling that the baby sucks at breast is light soft, with imagination different, the milk hasn’t come down at that time, baby Chuai several asleep.

Foot month baby Wan is after cleaning, if your body allows, can nurse with milk for baby.In inchoate two days, you of breast probably secretes a few colostrums, but the nourishment(nutritious food) composition of colostrum is very high, and implies a lot of antibodies, can increase a kid the stomach and intestines way resist bacterial ability.So, if the baby makes him much suck up.electric power industrial

Important event piece 3:Vaccinate(birth after in 24 hours)

Little father distance(father’s food):On the first day, the nurse notifies to get bcg vaccine and B liver vaccine to inoculate a list.After taking a shower for baby, the nurse inoculated B liver vaccine for him.

B liver vaccine normal regulations of new born after inoculating, at least in 9 years need not strengthen immunity.Inject time for in 24 hours beat first needle, the full moon beats one needle behind and beats one needles again after 6 months, total three needles.The bcg vaccine is used for prevent°froming tuberculosis.Every foot month the new born all should complete inoculating of bcg vaccine in 24~72 hours after being born, baby 3 in month, should also the tuberculosis for the region prevent and cure the tubercle germ done the vegetable is on trial to definitely inoculate whether effective.clouds placard

baby immunity dint

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

The Pou stomach produces the matter of baby immunity dint
According to understanding, the western countries Pou temple produce ratio at 10% to the of 15%, the lowest control is in 3%, while the Pou temple of our country some big cities’ producing ratio have already been up to 50%-60%, this ratio reflection goes abroad and produces surgical operation to the Pou temple more and adds approbation inside the parents, but Pou temple’s producing will bring baby what linger effect, estimate the parents not too understand.We is as follows your collection circumstances:Wedding-Zhang river bank wedding

The Pou stomach produces a male baby the immunity dint is much lower

According to the report way, the little more than Pou stomach produces, the baby boy more easily descends than the baby girl’s immunity dint.The vein blood of 63 baby girls and 69 baby boyses that the obstetrics doctor sampled to just be born, carried on immunity globulin in which contrast.Giving birth to baby naturally among them is 68, the Pou temple produces 64.Research expresses, naturally give birth to baby of baby boy and baby girl immunity dint the difference isn’t big;Compared with the nature childbearing, the Pou stomach produces the new born’s immunity dint and anti- infection ability opposite worse, this phenomenon expresses on baby boy more outstanding.

The Pou stomach produces a baby to alter to suffer from asthmaWedding-Modern China

British researcher warns to say, the Pou stomach produces a kid compare fluently produce of kid alter suffer from asthma, the Pou stomach produces a kid to suffer from asthma all the rate compares to fluently produce as usual of the kid is 80% in height.Although the accurate reason is still not explicit,the reason may be a Pou stomach to produce a kid have never experienced an immune system and lung department growth of some necessarily also have something to do with hormone secreting imperfection through step.

The Pou stomach produces son easily suffer from feeling govern out of tune

So-called feeling the all maladjustment is a kid to think of with do of isn’t one thing, his thinking usually can not control his/her own behavior, while Pou stomach’s producing is really reason that causes kid’s feeling all maladjustment.

The baby is vitally related in the maternal each and every move and it future destiny, baby’s normal production line in maternal birth canal is also the first-time brain and body to moderate mutually in the meantime of fondle an opportunity to touch, but the Pou stomach produces right that deprived kid’s earliest sensory integration’s toughens.Thus the condition and the day after tomorrow not scientific infant of inborn shortage educates and brought the society and the family a have study and activity up of obstacle, even because studying result is bad, is mistaken for to have intelligence growth the stumbling kid.

In fact these kid general intelligence quotient test all can at average level on, but because it is can hardly for general check to discover to get to integrate an out of tune disease, therefore very difficult carry on an instauration treatment to them in time, from here make children’s body responded seriously and unusually, consciousness function and attention obstacle, further influence a kid aware of self ability and sense of pride.

The Pou stomach produces to increase”wet lung disease”

A research discovers that suffered from the just born son brief sex spirit to urge for the past five years, again”wet lung disease”.Need among them into live a just born infant profoundly the individual case of treatment department(ICU) increase over 100%, from 20 in 2002 increase to last year 43.In 155 infants who appears a seriously wet lung disease sympton, 71% is through Caesarean section, with the result that infant can not by oneself the clearance lung department accumulate water, among them, 45% appear the labor pain ex- Caesarean section and invite to carry on Pou stomach in 37 weeks surgical operation on the average.Wedding-Christianity

The data suggests that go into because of the wet lung disease annually ICU the individual case contains up-trend, the circumstance and more and more pregnant womans chooses that the Pou stomach produces son concerning.Only 14% infantses were born on demand but Pou stomach of right and wrong medical science in the research, the expert appealed quasi- parents in response to the head choose Be been natural to give birth to baby by birth canal, avoid because of love, choose a day or even reserve a bed etc. external factor but Pou stomach.

She says that the infant is born ex- need to definitely prepare time, make the infant lung department had an enough condition of absorption parts of lung inner tire water;Moreover, maternal womb constringency and Be canned help baby and accumulate water to the lung department and squeeze a lung outside by vagina birth.

eyelash should how reply

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The baby pours an eyelash should how reply?

1, what is pour an eyelash?greatly see a point

Pouring an eyelash means that the eyelash changed a growth direction and grew toward the direction of eyeball, while opening eyes or shutting an eye, the eyelash rubs cornea or conjunctiva and feels an eyeball unwell and sheds tears and there is foreign body.Pour most seriously the eye hair is continuously like “the hair brushes” and rubs transparent but young and delicate cornea, time is getting longer and easily make black eye pupil gradually turbid and influence sight.In addition, other reason can make to turn over to pour Jie inside the eyelids occurrence scar formation to be like various hot burn, chemistry burn and conjunctiva diseases, such as pimple Chuang and diphtheria conjunctivitis…etc. in the sky.

2, pour eyelashes to all have what symptom?group incorporated

The infant pours Jie occurrence mainly at under Jian seamy side.Light of next Jian inside turn over, general along with age of growth but ease to go to disappearance;If pour Jie friction cornea, can temporarily use one while appearing to whet symptoms, such as eye and Chong blood…etc. long form rubber cream, on carrying fixed Jian next good luck, another on carrying to glue to stick on the cheek skin, will under the Jian outwardly lead, with can at the right moment correct inside turn over for degree, the in order to prevent makes the Jian outside turned over but to shed tears.To the kid who pours Jie severity, should arrive surgical operation in the hospital to correct and cure.3.5 mms receives

3, discover that the baby pours Jie how to do?

Discovers kid pouring Jie, don’t literally use forceps to pull out an eyelash, this is very dangerous, because do like this can not break a hair bag, the eyelash also re- grow after pulling out, sometimes returning may make hair bag burning because of the germ infection or eye side Jie.If is a trachoma to cause of inside turn over to pour Jie, have to actively cure trachoma.decoding receive a machine

baby can not leave out

Monday, August 15th, 2011

The vaccine that the baby can not leave out
Take a baby to inject to plan to save heart most and anyway stipulate a dozen inside the vaccine, words don’t beat, kid’s park all can not up, so need not the consideration should beat of problem.Say again, these vaccines are all safe, generally can’t have what problem.Moreover, also need not worry to miss time, the hospital will notify you in time.So, you need to notice baby’s health condition to be not very good, have to not have after firing away what reaction, all right.However, some problems, you had better understand once.Mo harms

The our country plan immunity vaccine includes the bcg vaccine, spinal cord ash quality burning vaccine, 100 white break three allied vaccine, measles vaccine and B liver vaccine.Inoculating these vaccines is all free.

1, bcg vaccine-be born first needle

Inoculate bcg vaccine, can strengthen baby’s occurrence toward the resistibility of tuberculosis, the prevention serious tuberculosis and tubercle meningitis.What our country adopts reduces poison to live vaccine currently, safety effective.The baby will inoculate bcg vaccine in time after being born.


When the new born gets high fever, seriously impatient symptom and immunity not whole, birth when the companion has seriously congenital disease, low weight, serious eczema and suspicious tuberculosis don’t deal with a kind.


After inoculating at inoculate part to there is red knot stanza, the companion contains hurts, knotting the stanza will become worthless scoundrel or fester.This kind of phenomenon belongs to the normal reaction of vaccine and heals by oneself for general 2-3 months.

If the baby didn’t inoculate while being born, can arrive local tuberculosis to prevent and cure in 2 months the plan immunity out-patient service of bcg vaccine out-patient service or disease prevention control centre to reseed.have never met

2, spinal cord ash the quality blaze vaccine-edible vaccine

The spinal cord ash quality burning vaccine, the brief name ridge ash sugar pill, is a kind of to reduce poison to live vaccine, it is a white grain-like in shape sugar pill.The baby takes sugar pill according to the plan after being born, can availably prevent spinal cord ash from quality burning.(namely poliomyelitis)


(1)when the infant take sugar pill send after canning use cold boiled water deliquescence.This vaccine lives a virus product, if use hot boiled water deliquescence, living the vaccine will lose an activity because the temperature leads Gao and ate to also have no function, can’t produce antibody in the baby’s body.

(2)in 30 minutes the thing of not edible heat.(include a female milk)person not

(3)take behind if can re- repair because of vomiting milk or vomit…etc. to cause vaccine’s taking amount of shortage.

3, 100 whites break vaccine-three allied needle

100 whites break vaccine is the whooping cough germ seedling, diphtheria toxin and tetanus infection toxin the mixture make into, can prevent°from whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus infection in the meantime.Inoculating the object is 3 babies with above month.

100 whites break vaccine to beat three needles in a row, namely 3 in month inject first needle, every other month will inject one needle hereafter.Three needles would produce enough antibody after injecting in a row.

These can maintain certain time, can not the whole life immunity, so still need to beat to strengthen needle after a period.Because big age child or adults vice- reaction to the whooping cough germ seedling is more old, past 7-year-old strengthens to use vaccine to no longer imply whooping cough germ composition, but change to break two allied products with the white.