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types massage a method

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Make to order daily life at home for baby seven types massage a method
Now, the infant fondles to touch already drive more and more young parents value.BE an infant for baby to fondle to touch in fact, not- professional of you equally can attain!Daily life at home seven types massage a method and make you do to fondle to touch for baby at home.Hope the daddy is to the new hand treasure treasure mamas have a box children’s
Broadcast the Teng Xun tiny Bo

Square one:Warm-up exercise.

This is the beginning that carries on massage to start.The one who fondle to touch sits on the floor to stretch to keep legs, let baby the Yang noodles lies in fondling and touching a leg, head toward fondling to touch the direction of the double feet.Rise to see for the sake of the safety, can spread first up the towel on the leg.Open to gather together his arm again before chest, this can make the baby relax back, can betterly breathe.Then the top and bottom move the baby’s legs, the emulation walks of appearance, this action can stimulate baby’s brain two sides.

The second step:Chest and torso.

Fondle to touch two hand distinguish from the baby chest outside bottom side to lightly massage to the side shoulder department, then again and again and lightly fondle the baby’s body from top to bottom.If the baby has a joyless performance, that might as well change the next posture.This action can help the baby to breathe circulating.

The third step:Arm and hands.

The one who fondle to touch is used a hand lightly hold baby’s a hand combine will he of the arm lift and use another hand massages a baby, this hand of arm, come to hand wrist from the shoulder, then again arrive each finger.Slightly open baby’s palm and finger, and lightly crumple to wipe.Then become another hand to do same action.This can increase the activity of working properly of baby

The fourth step:Belly.

Fondle to touch to use the whole rib that the palm is from the baby to pelvis position first lightly press crumple, immediately after and by hand point a belly from the right top stomach and slip rightwards abdomen, again slip toward the left abdomen from the left top stomach.Belly massage can the in aid of baby line up spirit and alleviate constipation.Princess’ heat strikes once again

The fifth step:Leg department and feet department.

Fondle to touch to use an ankle that a hand hands a baby first, lift leg, immediately after massage the leg that the baby lifts with another hand.Massage since hip, until ankle, then daut the baby’s small feet Ya with the palm.The massage of small feet Ya adopts to arrive to┬░from the heel a toe from descend but last of sequence.After, change another side again to do same action.Massaging the leg feet can strengthen the baby’s coordination ability and make the baby’s body more vivid.

The sixth step:Back.

If the baby doesn’t mind Fu to lie, can try to let his noodles to with a downward exposure lie in fondling and touching a leg.Then the one who fondle to touch is used a palm to from top to bottom carry on massage from the baby’s neck to hip.If baby didn’t like the Fu lie, that canned also make the baby even to lie.The one who fondle to touch is started to give the baby’s hip with a hand, another hand slightly rolls the baby’s back bone slowly and downward from the baby’s neck.The back massage contributes to strengthening a baby immunity dint.

The seventh step:Face department.

All of massage can also since face department.Let the baby see first to clearly fondle to touch, again carry on the massage of the body other parts.The such baby will compare a sense of security.surprised pleased red box

Use two centers that the fingers are from the baby ex- sum to daut to two sides.Then, follow a bridge of nose toward the tip of nose skidding, again slip toward two sides of nose from the tip of nose.Majority of babies will like this skill, they think to be doing a game.But if you of the baby feel uncomfortable to stop doing this action first, might as well try one more next day.

quantities vomited milk

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

When baby in great quantities vomited milk should how reply?
Because the infant’s stomach capacity is small, the stomach department is basically horizontal, sucking at breast to hiccup not exactly can eject all airs out of the body outside, so sometimes appeared to suck at breast to still vomit the phenomenon of milk after 12 hours.Slightly overflow milk and vomit milk, the baby will adjust breath and swallow action by himself[herself], can’t inhale windpipe, as long as breath condition and skin color that closely observes a baby are then.If in great quantities vomit milk, then need the method of controling the exactitude.therefore accounts

A lot of babies always vomit milk while drinking milk and make the new mother indecisive.Vomit milk affairs and at that time in baby’s occurrence, is a parent of how can you cope with?

Because the infant’s stomach capacity is small, the stomach department is basically horizontal, sucking at breast to hiccup not exactly can eject all airs out of the body outside, so sometimes appeared to suck at breast to still vomit the phenomenon of milk after 12 hours.Slightly overflow milk and vomit milk, the baby will adjust breath and swallow action by himself[herself], can’t inhale windpipe, as long as breath condition and skin color that closely observes a baby are then.If in great quantities vomit milk, then need the method of controling the exactitude.electronic products,

If in great quantities vomit milk, can according to the following method processing:

1, even lie the occurrence vomit, should quickly baby face side to part, in order to prevent exhalation the thing flow into throat and windpipe backward.

2, tie up handkerchief an in hand to stretch into mouth cavity, even throat, will vomit, overflow of the canned milk food quickly clean up to keep a breath way smooth, then clean up a nostril with the small cotton stick.

3, the baby is short of breath when the breath or facial expression don’t get dark meaning to vomit a thing may have already got into windpipe and make its Fu lain on the adult knee or bed up, make an effort to tap back for 45 times, make it able to cough.

4, if still invalid, clip or knead to stimulate feet scaleboard right away, make the baby cry because of ache, enlargement breath, at this time the most important is to make him absorb oxygen into the lung, not takes a lot of time to think how to take out foreign body in the wave.illumination lamps

In the above process, the baby should send to a hospital to check in the meantime.

If after the Qiang milk the baby breathes very smoothly, had better think a way and let he again make an effort to cry once, cries by observation of absorb oxygen and let out action, see have no abnormality(such as the voice change to adjust faintly, inhale difficult, seriously cave chest etc.), if have namely send to hospital hospital.If the baby cries one loud and clear, win to annoy hundred percent, the facial expression is rosy, then mean have no big Ai.

drink amount of milk

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Do 5-6 month babies need how to control to drink amount of milk?finger belongs
5~6 in month, infant even if drink the milk surfeit can’t was like again, either to appear “was disgusted with food milk” so before.The infant, who edible, regardless gives how much also always show not enough appearance, but not ability for satisfy an infinite degree of the infant’s appetite ground increment amount of milk, make the infant become fat son very easily like this.Whether the infant how edibles or not, the total amount in everyday should control at 1000 milliliters in.Majority of infants are 5 milk every day, each time 200 milliliter.Some infants are 200 milliliters of probably not enough eat.If before going to bed in the evening after drinking 250 milliliters of milk, the infant once doesn’t come to at the mid-night, can before going to bed to 250 milliliters.But want the amount of milk that the adequacy reduces daytime, have to once reduce to 150 milliliters in namely 5 milk, the not enough part can be added with juice or vegetable soup.

56 foundations that easily beat giant son in month of general infant.Therefore, the infant who can drink milk have to each l measure weight once in 0 days.Normal for increase to put on weight 150~200 grams for every 10 days.If increase 200 grams of above, have to take into to control.
price expensive

More than 300 grams have results to show for the inclining to of giant son, at this time parent can before nursing with milk or finish drinking milk after the adequacy to some juice or the density small sour milk.

Have started wanting since this month to transfer to break milk gradually, therefore the appetite that can use to break a milk food to the infant carries on regulating.The appetite specially strong infant can replace milk with the rice gruel appropriately.The fast food that can sell with the market infant rice gruel.Rice gruel the nourishment is little but can fill satisfied belly.The infant who generally edibles not too cares alimental of taste, it is the rice a gruel still a bread to ignore gruel, various foods of each kind all like to eat.200 milliliters of milk seems to return not enough drink, can feed some rice gruels or brose(bread gruel the nourishment be worth of too high) first, then feed before drinking milk some vegetable soups or consomme, then feed 200 milliliters of milk.(as far as possible feed 180 milliliters)This is the way that adopts to the big infant of appetite.The infant satisfied each time to everyday 5 milk and 180 milliliterses, generally give first a milk food, then feed 180 milliliters of grades

Quickly break the progress of milk appropriately towards originally and not too loving an infant who drink the milk, if the weight could not increase 10 grams every day on the average, should as early as possible start eating to break a milk food, combining.The appetite little infant usually can’t be like imaginary of then the love eats these foods and drink milk the little infant can’t like to eat to break a milk food, either.Even if this needs not worry, either, because this is a kind of life style of little appetite infant.

Arrived this period, premature infant from maternal iron acquiring will be run out, therefore have to have added since this month to break a milk food.

Baby’s abnormal sweating

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Baby’s abnormal sweating is used a strange star and exercise, recuperate the double combine
The baby perspired while sleeping or once the activity perspires is a very universal phenomenon, seeks medical advice at the hospital of suffer from son in, had sweat disease and sweat of night many babies to have about 70%, but among them because get the anemic etc. disease of the rickets disease, tuberculosis, light degree to make much of sweat shared very few number, the baby of overwhelming majority could not check special disease, general of the medicine don’t dare to eat for baby but again worry the abnormal sweating has the influence on the baby’s body growth!directors warned

The Chinese medicine suggests that”keep, treat, cure” combines should to baby abnormal sweating problem

The modern medical science confirms that often the abnormal sweating easily lose to the dehydration, the electrolyte inside the body equilibrium mess, trace element.Light will be usually dizzy, have a poor appetite, and evening uneasy steady, the body resistibility also descends and thus and easily catches a cold;Serious of the emergence muscle have muscular spasms, often feel confused that annoying is short and causes brain memory’s descending and seriously influence a normal study work.

At the same time, child’s suffering from a sweat disease will appear a night the surprised dream is many, easily tired at ordinary times, and usually catch a cold to wait a circumstance, heavy also causes other diseases, such as the tuberculosis, rickets disease and thyroid gland function Kang is into etc..Therefore expert reminds, the child is being placed in growth growth stage, the sweat disease will seriously influence a healthy body, and this parent needs to watch out for.

In consideration of the baby’s body and age problem, antibiosis efficacy of medicine fruit although good, the side effect is also big, isn’t suitable for more to the child, other western medicines have no the curative effect of antibiosis medicine to show Zhao again, contrary, “keep, treat, cure” of the Chinese medicine combines of the advantage companies

Cure:The strange star abnormal sweating stops grain according to the rule of Chinese medicine”falsely then repair it”, carefully selected Ya oyster, yellow Mao, float various flavor medicine material science set of root, great Zao etc. of the wheat, Nuo rice square and go together with five, attain benefit spirit to keep Yin and solid form the purpose of sweat, particularly to the debility or the spirit Yin two falsely cause of show Zhao from the sweat, night sweat effect.

Treat:So-called”the medicine treats a not equal to food to treat”, the treatment child’s abnormal sweating, the parents should well value to eat to treat of part!If the baby’s abnormal sweating recommends a mother a soup is more serious:Loach soup:Take loach 34, put into oil pan after washing clearly deep-fried become a tiny yellow, again fill with water, put into a little amount of spring onion, salt.The baby eats loach and drink soup, a week is 2~3 times.The loach can repair debility, warm appetite, abnormal sweating, suitable body weak, the appetite is falsely cold, the baby of malnutrition, body is weak night sweat edible, contribute to growth growth.

Keep:The child keeps body very important, in addition to daily is not outside, appropriate of sport is also an essential to have!The parents takeses a baby and usually runs running and swim the type of swimming of, and can toughen body, and then promoted feelings of of parents and kid.The research expresses that the parent accompanies the time length of the kid and intelligence growth of the kid to become a direct proportion!So, parents much take your kids more to take part in a meaningful activity!reduced worker’s