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Baby’s tooth grows

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Baby’s tooth grows to slowly have which reasons
The baby clearly has already arrived the age of tusk, why slowly disappear a tooth to come out?The parents can not help anxious:”Is it growth that has a problem?”"Want to add a calcium slice?”In fact, the tooth grows slowness not and lacks nourishment so and in brief, resources and otherfollowing 4 greatest factorses all probably have something to do with once growing teeth slowly.

The inborn heredity kid grows teeth slower main reason to come from heredity, including the history, and race…etc. of family disease, even the sex will also have difference.See according to majority of research papers, girl of tusk time will be more early some than boy.

The day after tomorrow environment the inborn inherit a factor, besides which, , the environment will also probably indirectly result in to grow teeth the day after tomorrow slow-moving.Take a premature infant to come to say, his tusk time have to deduct premature first for time and get the conclusion of like this just more accurate.If premature infant, who is a foetus age to be born for 30 weeks, after so growing time of the first tooth and then having to postpone 10 weeks.(is usually a birth after 6~8 is in month)Moreover, the every birth weight leads a light infant, may appear to grow teeth slower problem very much as well.

The system disease Down’s Syndrome, pituitary gland secretes an abnormality and outside Pei layer growth not whole symptoms etc., LED interior lightingthe speed all probably making the kid grow teeth has difference, having to pass to draw blood a check then can make sure a real cause of disease.

If external injury and infection the kid’s baby tooth appears a height different circumstance, then is very likely to be the tooth once was subjected to outside dint to bump shot and caused the ligaments that connects with tooth bad to die, but replaces(the bone glues connect) by new-born bone and saw to from the external appearance the just a certain tooth grow a little bit slowly, actually but will influence a sprouting of Heng tooth.If kid’s baby tooth loses in advance, gum surface then will the born knot Di organizes, once the Heng tooth hasn’t well grown up at this time, will be subjected to oppress but cause Heng tooth the tooth is slower.Moreover, sometimes the medicine taken by kid will make the gum increased thick, the tooth doesn’t easily come out, will also make the parents produce to grow teeth slower misunderstanding.

Periodical check, relax a mindset if the parents aren’t doctors, so usually all can not the correct judgment kid grows teeth slow-moving real reason,Beijing Acer Clear therefore, grew from the kid the first tooth arrive full 1 year old before, the suggestion periodically went to the dentistry clinic had a check and invited the concrete circumstance that the professional doctor aimed at a kid to handle and fought for an improvement to grow teeth condition as soon as possible.

Need what to remind everyone BE, the kid’s tusk none of period exerts a homology, although it is said should at about 6-month-old grow the first tooth, however in regard to baby tooth, the time margin of tooth in half year inside all calculate as usual,Intelligent television carnival but Heng tooth’s harbouring a time of reasonable marginb even can prolong to for a year.So, generally didn’t need to excessively worry, usually just grow teeth horary rate of speed different, and can’t influence the function of tooth.

milk powder top fire

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Autumn how prevent baby from drinking a milk powder top fire?
Autumn dry, baby’s humidity absorbs shortage and is constipated, up the fiery phenomenon Be a lot of to see, speak of fire, in fact is as germane as the food composition eaten by baby.Baby’s constipation because the excrement leads hard,product quality but this is because excrement in of don’t dissolve material to cause of, this doesn’t dissolve material to mainly come from a bowel way sour combine the calcium quality formation calcium with stearic acid in the palm tree that can not absorb soap to.

Alternative season in summer autumn, baby body internal water the reposition of redundant personnel lose more, the constipation and last fire is a lot of to see, this is germane with the food composition eating.Baby’s constipation because the excrement leads hard, but this is because excrement in of don’t dissolve material to cause of, this doesn’t dissolve material to mainly come from a bowel way sour combine the calcium quality formation calcium with stearic acid in the palm tree that can not absorb soap to.Therefore, if there are sour more palm tree oil and stearic acid(all belong to the long chain saturated fatty acids)LED industry takes in the food of infant, having a bowel movement then will be harder.

Therefore, chooses formula to want to as far as possible choose refined plant oil for the baby formula, the baby drank not last fire and moved bowels sparse soft, calcium quality and fat absorb well, have help an infant the skeleton growth and energy of absorption exploitation.Should avoid implying infant’s formula of palm tree oil, the whole milk compositions, such as powder and butter…etc., otherwise easily make the bowels hard, number of times decrease, even the last fire be constipated.Can also increase to assist a food appropriately, had better cut to pieces spinach, book heart vegetables, green vegetables, and Ji vegetables…etc., put into a rice gruel to together cook, make into a vegetables gruel to eat for baby.A great deal of cellulose etc. food remnant contained can help the bowel to wriggle and attain a cathartic purpose in the vegetable.

Should also train a baby since childhood and develop as usual in addition habit of having a bowel movement, generally proper chose to make the kid have a bowel movement after taking a meal, for example in fixed time make the baby sit a toilet everyday,intelligence television even if didn’t move bowels to also want to make him sit ten to come to minute, the establishment rises the conditioned reflex of the bowels, can rise the effect of half effort and double results.

baby immunity dint

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

The Pou stomach produces the matter of baby immunity dint
According to understanding, the western countries Pou temple produce ratio at 10% to the of 15%, the lowest control is in 3%, while the Pou temple of our country some big cities’ producing ratio have already been up to 50%-60%, this ratio reflection goes abroad and produces surgical operation to the Pou temple more and adds approbation inside the parents, but Pou temple’s producing will bring baby what linger effect, estimate the parents not too understand.We is as follows your collection circumstances:

The Pou stomach produces a male baby the immunity dint is much lowerchange spirit machine

According to the report way, the little more than Pou stomach produces, the baby boy more easily descends than the baby girl’s immunity dint.The vein blood of 63 baby girls and 69 baby boyses that the obstetrics doctor sampled to just be born, carried on immunity globulin in which contrast.Giving birth to baby naturally among them is 68, the Pou temple produces 64.Research expresses, naturally give birth to baby of baby boy and baby girl immunity dint the difference isn’t big;Compared with the nature childbearing, the Pou stomach produces the new born’s immunity dint and anti- infection ability opposite worse, this phenomenon expresses on baby boy more outstanding.

The Pou stomach produces a baby to alter to suffer from asthma

British researcher warns to say, the Pou stomach produces a kid compare fluently produce of kid alter suffer from asthma, the Pou stomach produces a kid to suffer from asthma all the rate compares to fluently produce as usual of the kid is 80% in height.Although the accurate reason is still not explicit,the reason may be a Pou stomach to produce a kid have never experienced an immune system and lung department growth of some necessarily also have something to do with hormone secreting imperfection through step.

The Pou stomach produces son easily suffer from feeling govern out of tunerecall new breeze

So-called feeling the all maladjustment is a kid to think of with do of isn’t one thing, his thinking usually can not control his/her own behavior, while Pou stomach’s producing is really reason that causes kid’s feeling all maladjustment.

The baby is vitally related in the maternal each and every move and it future destiny, baby’s normal production line in maternal birth canal is also the first-time brain and body to moderate mutually in the meantime of fondle an opportunity to touch, but the Pou stomach produces right that deprived kid’s earliest sensory integration’s toughens.Thus the condition and the day after tomorrow not scientific infant of inborn shortage educates and brought the society and the family a have study and activity up of obstacle, even because studying result is bad, is mistaken for to have intelligence growth the stumbling kid.

In fact these kid general intelligence quotient test all can at average level on, but because it is can hardly for general check to discover to get to integrate an out of tune disease, therefore very difficult carry on an instauration treatment to them in time, from here make children’s body responded seriously and unusually, consciousness function and attention obstacle, further influence a kid aware of self ability and sense of pride.

The Pou stomach produces to increase”wet lung disease”

A research discovers that suffered from the just born son brief sex spirit to urge for the past five years, again”wet lung disease”.application in the engineeringNeed among them into live a just born infant profoundly the individual case of treatment department(ICU) increase over 100%, from 20 in 2002 increase to last year 43.In 155 infants who appears a seriously wet lung disease sympton, 71% is through Caesarean section, with the result that infant can not by oneself the clearance lung department accumulate water, among them, 45% appear the labor pain ex- Caesarean section and invite to carry on Pou stomach in 37 weeks surgical operation on the average.

The data suggests that go into because of the wet lung disease annually ICU the individual case contains up-trend, the circumstance and more and more pregnant womans chooses that the Pou stomach produces son concerning.Only 14% infantses were born on demand but Pou stomach of right and wrong medical science in the research, the expert appealed quasi- parents in response to the head choose Be been natural to give birth to baby by birth canal, avoid because of love, choose a day or even reserve a bed etc. external factor but Pou stomach.

She says that the infant is born ex- need to definitely prepare time, make the infant lung department had an enough condition of absorption parts of lung inner tire water;Moreover, maternal womb constringency and Be canned help baby and accumulate water to the lung department and squeeze a lung outside by vagina birth.

glint influence a baby whole life

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

The infant is greatly several the glint influence a baby whole life
At the time of just being born, the kid’s companion contained the inborn glint of various each kind and passed these inborn glints, kid can not and independently movable he or she’s body.If we when the baby is born wrap up them tightly, or is usually put in the closing space, so kid imperfection make use of their various inborn glint to move the opportunity of they’s body.profession development analytical

1.In advance sex reflects and be also called symmetry nervous sex neck glint not, be kid’s head twists toward body one side of time, for example say that twist to body of left side, so they left side of the arm will naturally open, be the head twist to right side of time, the arm of the right side will naturally open.Ask for help of an inborn glint like this, the kid’s body part can unconscious ambulation.

2.Change a glint, also call to reflect in time, be you put baby bed up or is a ground up, let them climb, be the body be subjected to exciting of time, the kid’s double feet will make an effort of kick, backward the ground of Deng Chuai or is a bed, make the body moved.Ask for help of an inborn glint like this, the kid can feel to move forward to is what kind.Ask for help of an inborn glint like this, the kid can know his/her own body part;Pass thus the ambulation of subconscious, the kid can control his/her own body gradually and make their sport become sport of independent ambulation thus.

3.Grasp to hold a glint, you can notice once, be you of the index finger put in the very young baby’s hand of time, they will the index finger tightly holding tight you don’t put.When you feed a baby of time, you may notice, be the baby absorbs milk of time, he of a hand will not and independently open-grasp to hold-open, thus circulating, this is also a kind of inborn glint and pass a sport kid like this to know to own hands gradually, can independent control own hands.competition of vehemence

These congenital glints are all count for much, they all need at fitting of time can repress, if these inborns reflect after the kid enters school haven’t got to completely repress, so their study will be subjected to influence.

Grew up in early days at the kid of in the process, the parent must provide a lot of sport opportunities for kid and for example said that the Fu climb, turns over body and Fu to lie to run about an etc., these sport represses an original glint to contain very nice function to them.When these original glints get low-key of time, the kid can develop their posture glints, this holds the balance to them and good physique very of importance.In the process of exercising in, go together with the happy sound of having the rhythm better, because Be like this contribute to stimulating kid brain study, the establishment studies level

contrary and slowly

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Use a baby walker the kid learn to walk on the contrary and slowly
Have a kind of child the thing have already stopped producing in the western nation, but our country usage a lot of very wide baby walkers.Pediatrics doctor suggests a parent, don’t make the baby learn to walk with the baby walker.It since the insecurity is more disadvantageous than a baby to develop.洗滌劑致癌

Baby walker, a sow noodles Anne have wheel, the kid is rounded a station to betwixt learn to tread tool.The parents all hope the kid will walk earlier, the baby walker is hasing already guided the function that the kid walks.And sometimes the home hand isn’t enough, the parent goes away once and puts baby into baby walker and lets him and plays by himself, and the baby can’t cry and scream and keep kid from climbing to the deathtrap.In fact, the viewpoints of parents are getting wronger.Medical college in Guangzhou is subsidiary third doctor Tan Xiao Hua from pediatrics in hospital say, don’t promote a parent to use a baby walker for baby, the current insecurity factor of the usage baby walker is more disadvantageous than the kid’s sport to develop.

Use a baby walker

The kid runs about ability to can not get a practice

Tan Xiao Hua reminds a parent:”The kid who uses a baby walker on the contrary and more late learns to walk.”

On coming, baby walker disadvantage in toughen the kid’s equilibrium ability.Once the kid take a stroll, the car follows ambulation, so the kid in the baby walker didn’t need independence confidence balance, this disadvantage in toughen the kid’s equilibrium ability.Two come, the kid is by foot point to move step while learning to tread and depend on a baby walker the kid carried out to run about, but the kid’s thigh muscle cans not get to strengthen to toughen.The equilibrant, thigh muscle strength is the key that kid’s academic association walks to order, so, once the kid leaves a baby walker, can the speed carrying out to walk by oneself is on the contrary slower.The parent makes the kid walk quickly and belongs to “haste makes waste”.最傷腸胃的食物

In addition, the baby walker in fact very danger that looks like safety.In the baby walker, when the kid runs into stumbling blocks, such as chair and tea side-table…etc. very easy”person the Yang car turn over”, once the car turned over the kid’s head and then will hit the ground, this has fatal danger.Even if the indoor in opposite safety, once the adult left a kid, the cheery kid might take the car into a health, kitchen, step and have the place of socket to result in a dangerous factor.If the parent wants to go away a short while, might as well round into one to round a column with a few chairs, let the kid be rounding to crawl along an activity inside the scope of column, but can not put into a baby walker, this is the way of doing that promotes most .Tan Xiao Hua suggests that buying the family of baby walker might as well be the baby walker as the kid’s game place to, under the parent’s present circumstance, let the kid go into a baby walker to let he play a short while by himself, but isn’t suitable for to wait for a long time.

Proceed from above-mentioned consideration of these factors, the abroad has already forbidden a production baby walker.There is still in the baby walker 1 kind, is BE pushed to go forward by the kid, this kind of car then can be made use of to a kid to learn a step.Tan Xiao Hua says that this kind of baby walker strictly says that call to learn to tread cart, its headway is pushed by person, is what kid predominates by himself[herself] to the left rightward directions alignment, can toughen the kid’s equilibrant and run about ability.

Learn to walk

The best when 10 monthly meetings stood

The kid more and early learns to walk, the parent is usually more happy.But lead to early make the kid use a baby walker, the same disadvantage develops at the kid’s body.Tan Xiao Hua says:”Kid’s using the best age of baby walker is 10 months.At this time, the kid has already learned to crawl along, is standing to start in the study.”

The baby’s sport growth contains certain regulation, will sit for baby 6 around months, after is crawl along, the end is to stand and run about, namely the control of leg and feet.Process essential to have of crawling along.Crawling along can toughen the baby’s body coordination ability, is also the way that the baby investigates world.Pass to crawl along of toughen, baby leg department the strength is strengthened, the equilibrium ability acquires an exaltation, and these independently ran about to beat solid foundation for him, so the etc. baby can crawl along and wanted to stand, is the best opportune moment that learns to walk.

Even if used a harmless baby walker, Tan Xiao Hua also reminded, the kid should not lead every time time long, should avoid accidental injury occurrence within the scope of the view of the adults while using.九大養生菜

female baby health

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

According to the age choice of the month the infant is braces to carry on the back to embrace a way
The infant braces benefit is at the female baby health

Now, can buy to various infant of style, various material in the infant’s thing store braces, the price also arrives to°from several 10 dollarses up to thousand not etc..But a lot of parents buy back braces after, few usages, “(adult)feel uncomfortable, the kid sits at in seem to be also very suffered, in a short while cry.And also worry that sitting is long not good to the kid’s skeleton growth.”Ms.bodhi good luck Lee says having a lot of one mother of feeling with her.

Subsidiary child director from out-patient department in hospital beard Lan in the child graduate school in capital city says that with in China what to use the only a few circumstance opposite ratio of braces parents BE, suggest in a survey of the United States, around 81% mothers mean to use an infant braces, for himself Teng hands.

Usage the survey of the United States suggests, the infant is braces to make mother need not depend on the car child safety seat of arm, Kuan department and infant, baby carriage too much, also all healthy to the baby and the mothers:Carry on the back baby on the body can ease the mother’s postnatal period to suppress Yu, be advantageous to a female milk to feed to keep,pearl jewelry match eachalso be advantageous to the formation of baby and mother more intimate relation, contribute to the increment of baby’s sense of security, develop to kid’s nerve and the emotion also very important.

3 babies with following month are suited for a horizontal embrace type braces

According to understanding, currently on the market the main infant is braces according to embracing the kid’s way different, can is divided into a side to lie a horizontal embrace type, behind carry on the back type, face to ex- sightseeing type and face to face type, braces have a fixed shelf, have of still give attention to both to keep rain from defending to bask of function.Braces since can pack a baby, can also place various small miscellaneous articles or objects, like milk bottle, diaper, and paper towel…etc..

Baby from Fu in Guangzhou City vice- director’s doctor Wei from pediatrics in hospital is super even say, infant the time in 0-3 months,divorce with methe neck muscle hasn’t developed well, can not nicely prop up own head, so can adopt a horizontal way for embracing to make the infant lie is carrying on the back a towel or braces in, more safe comfortably sleeping.

Baby 4-6 months hereafter can keep sitting, then can be safe to sit at that kind of round a Kuan department at the parents of braces in.However because of by this time of kid’s neck the muscle isn’t just very emollient, so the parent should choose with kid face to face type of braces, easy to observe the baby’s appearance at any time, avoid because of braces squeeze a people’s nose to result in of suffocate dangerous.Can make the baby face dynasty outside sat at braces in, satisfy a kid outward the curiosity of boundary.

1 year old empress, kid’s head had to prop up dint,移民搬家到新西蘭 can carry on the back a kid in carrying on the back, until the 2-year-old half is or so.

neonatal care ten taboos

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Pay attention to neonatal care ten taboos
1 avoid using plastic film as baby diapers
The plastic film is breathable, use it to wrap the baby, will directly affect the body ‘s normal development, from the body of waste, secretion, regulation of body temperature, sweat exhaled carbon dioxide and other functions will be blocked. But the film aging with time, thereby stimulating the baby skin redness, pain, a Si bacteria, infection, ulceration occurs, can also cause sepsis and life-threatening.
2 avoid pinch baby face
Many parents in giving their children, because children to eat by hand and mouth; sometimes parents in play with a child, also like in infants face pinch, it is not right to do so. Infant parotid gland and parotid duct again and again by the squeeze will cause slobber, oral mucosal inflammatory disease. Therefore, avoid pinch baby face.
3 and let the baby sleep among the adults
Many young parents in total sleep like put the baby in the middle, actually do on children’s health is unfavorable. In the human body. Brain tissue oxygen consumption is very large. Normally, the younger children, cerebral oxygen consumption accounts for the proportion of systemic oxygen consumption is greater. The children sleep in the middle ofchain’s position their parents. Will make it in an extreme hypoxia and carbon dioxide are many environment, that occurs in infants sleep instability, nightmares and night crying phenomenon, obstruct the normal growth and development of children.
4 do not use washing powder to wash baby clothes
Washing powder is the main component of alkylbenzene sulfonate. This substance into the body, on the body of amylase, pepsin activity has a strong inhibitory effect. Easy to cause human body toxic, if does not wash net. Will give the baby harm. Therefore, do not use washing powder to wash clothes.
5 avoid shear infant eye or hair
At present, some young mother in order to make their children more beautiful. Always like the child eyelash clip. Think it can make eyelashes grow long. In fact, an eyelash life probably only 90 days, one can imagine. Node children scissors eyelash, make eyelash length is no longer. Besides, shearing eyelashes on children’s physical and mental health is adverse, eye lashes eye protection function, can prevent the dust and other substances directly into the eye. Eyelash clip, will lose the protection role, eyes are very susceptible to erosion, resulting in various eye diseases.
6 new clothing baby cannot directly in
New baby clothes, must use soft detergent ever wear, cotton clothes must buy a bigger, so as to shrink after wearing the appropriate. Want to wash after wear, is to wash new clothes of bleaching powder and other dye residue, so as not to stimulate the baby’s delicate skin.
7 avoid long baby dandruff
Dandruff, i.e., neonatal head black scab. Some people think that dandruff is unsightly, but has the role of protecting fontanelle. In fact. Retention of dandruff is very harmful. Because the dandruff on scalp sebum secretion,, add some dirt accumulation. It not only protect the fontanel, instead affects the scalp on the growth and physiological function. Therefore, should be promptly cleaned.
8 avoid flapping infant brain, back
In the hindbrain and spinal canal, a central nerve and spinal cord nerve, if hard to beat the child’s brain and back, it will produce pressure and vibration, so that children can easily damage the central nervous. Therefore, children’s brain, avoid heavy beat back.
9 taboos in baby bedroom put flowers
In addition to the flower pollen can make infants allergic pathogenic, some flowers also contain toxins, such as: cactus juice toxic, the thorn if the puncture in the skin becomes inflamed; Nerium oleander leaves contain Nerium indicum glycosides, eating will soon poisoning; lilac, jasmine flower has a strong smell, can cause allergic reactions. Therefore,competitive power avoid placing flowers in baby bedroom.
10 avoid baby to take a shower too much
You know, the baby’s skin soft and thin stratum corneum, abundant blood vessels, the absorption capacity is very strong, if take a shower take a shower times frequency, or use soap and strong alkaline soap, because of skin surface lipids are removed and reduce the skin barrier function. So baby take a shower, avoid excessive

makes 11 false actions

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

New hand daddy’s mama often makes 11 false actions
“The in this world only has a mother well, mama’s kid is like a piece of treasure……”No one doubts the new hand mummies love for the babies,market’s sales but the mummies some care and love methods will not only make the baby uncomfortable, but also probably make the baby get sick or develop badly.See these quickly, you had to once do these NG(not good) actions!

NG:Fix a new-born baby to sleep posture

“It is said that baby’s side’s sleeping will result in to be partial to a head, the Fu sleeps to easily result in asphyxiation, so each time the baby is in my bosom after falling asleep, I am lightly to let go of a baby, then put positive his head, and arrive with the small pillow in the head both sides.Thus the baby is very safe.”

Correct way of doing:The new born kept posture inside the foetus while being just born, arms and legs still Quan song, for helping him swallowed into in the birth canal of some water and sticky liquid run off, after livinging 24 hour in, still need to adopt a low side to lie.Over a long period of time lie on the back will make kid head the form is flat even, the correct way of doing usually turns over a body for baby, this sleeping left side lies, will be even to lie next time, again the right side lie next time, then can make like this baby head the form grow well-balanced and good-looking.Want to notice a side to lie to don’t lie on the back after sucking at breast, in order to prevent vomit milk to suffocate windpipe.When the or so side lies, bewaring of don’t press the pediatric ear Kuo forward square,coordinated process otherwise the ear Kuo is usuallyfolded an inconstancy form also.The Fu needed to must notice to don’t result in baby’s suffocating while lying.

NG:Awakenning to sleep soundly is medium of baby wet

“I afraid the baby wet the bed, each time every a few hours embrace baby to chase urine, sometimes the baby is awoke by me behind weep aloud, can’t, I not miss his small fart fart is wrapped by the very wet diaper and got a red bottom not much good.”

Correct way of doing:The baby’s sleep is very important, if sacrificed a baby precious sleep to not make dirty his small fart fart, that lost more than gain.Choose the small fart fart of high-quality urine not wet protection baby, if the baby wet very uncomfortable,hundred million he will use to cry a voice to remind that you replace in time.When the 23 years old later baby urinates at the mid-night, have of have already known to call a person, have of meeting while having an urine idea nature awake, don’t need don’t  awake baby can not.

shower parents

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Take a shower parents for new born to notice 7 details
Behave a parental father mother to come to say to the beginning, take a shower for baby isn’t a simple affair.After baby is born, the day haven’t got out of the hospital at the pregnant woman, will have a specialized nurse to take a shower for babyeduce weight a fruit, once getting out of the hospital, the parents will take a shower for baby in person.
Broadcast the Teng Xun tiny Bo

The baby takes a shower to not only sweep a skin, but also accelerates blood circulation and help the baby to grow growth, so the academic association takes a shower for baby is each affair that the parents should will do.The baby is born after the second day, the conditioned words should take a shower to the baby once everyday.That obstetrics protected to grow Li Gui Feng to specially introduce the some steps and detail that takes a shower for baby.

Detail a:

The water temperature is between 38~41 Celsius degrees

Taking a shower time for baby should arrange before nursing with milk for 1~2 hours, the in order to prevent causes to vomit milk.The best appropriation of the new born’s bathtub brushes the basin clean first before taking a shower, the conditioned words were burned bathtub to once wash with the hot water in order to prevent leave a germ.

Baby’s skin is young and delicate, in order to avoid baby skin burn, giving the taking a shower of baby the water temperature should control between 38~41 Celsius degrees.Should put first cold water puts hot water(this in proper order hope each parents shoulds special attention, if put hot water first to forget to put cold water, cause a baby very easily skin burn) again, then by hand carry on the back or the wrist department try water temperature.Because these two part skins are younger and delicate, Be approached to the baby’s young and delicate skin more, can know by feeling how of the water temperature suit a baby more, the water temperature takes doing not feel very hot as proper.Can also use specialized water temperature to account to measure water temperature,Super strong DIY more accurate.

All these after readying to, can take off clothes for baby to take to take a shower.

Detail two:

The left and right hands moderates and give baby’s body

Can pour the baby appropriative bathing liquid into water or whole body daubery bathing liquid, then lightly put baby into water.

Time of taking a shower, clip tightly the baby’s body with the left arm and give steady baby’s head, make the baby feel safe and comfortable, use index finger and thumb lightly baby’s ear to inside cover up, keep water current from going into baby’s ear.

Take a shower a department to the baby the beginning wash face first, the engineeringthen shampoo, then wash whole body first and from the beginning.