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more cleverness

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The new born whom the love takes a shower will more cleverness
The new born likes water, because he is in the mother’s womb be afloat wear in the warm amniotic fluid.He isn’t afraid of water, can also get into water exhalation in, immerse to can’t be lived by water Qiang, either in the water in a moment, this glint also has in the female stomach.

The touch is a very important physiology functionJADEITE ORIGINAL, but not elephant sense of vision and sense of hearing be so valued by people.The psychologist thinks the clever degree that grows up a later hand and touch of the earlier period develop germane.Speaks from the physiology, it is 1 kind to be advantageous to to take a shower sweep hygiene, growth growth of well habit.Speak from the psychology, it is a kind of best touch training to take a shower.The new born can accept water temperature, towel and soap and adult all over in the middle of taking a shower hands action of incitement.

To notice the temperature of water while taking a shower, the adult tries with the elbow department not cold no longer scalds then.The water temperature has something to do with indoor temperature, general water temperature 37 oCs and human body homology, but in the indoor temperature with 10 oCs, bath water wants to rise 38~40 oCs.The new born’s incitement to the cold heat reaction is still not enough intelligent, the attention prevent°froms burn.While taking a shower by hand, thin sponge or soft towel wipe a whole body soap for infant and hurtle clean wipe stem with the towel behind, this kind of different incitement is a kind of touch training to the new born.Strip nude before washing and wash to want in the new born behind so much of the whole body is by hand and lightly tapped and daut him of chest and belly, back muscle and arms and legs.

If the new-born childhood years doesn’t develop to take a shower a habit, 34 months later he isn’t willing to enter water to take a shower.Some infants once had an unpleasantness of experience(the great majority are hotter water or soap water to enter the incitement of eye), ignal modulationdon’t like to take a shower, will frighten to weep aloud on touching water.The adult acts thicker or take compulsive, and more hurried, will make the infant feel to fear but refuse.Wash every several days while meeting this circumstance, let him blur out this memory, or wrap the new born good to put in the water with the towel, not and directly get in touch with to take a bath water, wait his quiet empress again slowly towel loose open;Or put first seldom of water, wait he after going into basin the orientation fills with water gradually.

Rises to take a shower every day from the new borntelevision system, not only prevent°from disease, promote health, and is promoting is pleased emotion and touch function of the training is also a kind of education.

influence an infant memory

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Shampoo water and soap to influence an infant memory
The Ze Yi fills Er, Doctor points out,ASEAN terrace “study main concentration in shampooing water, soap and many personal other two Qian radicles two B An compositions that the health is had in the things, is exactly this kind of material to make soap and shampoo water to have soft and rise bubble characteristic, but our researches express, two Qian radicles two B Ans will make the brain lost the ability of creation memory cell.”

The Ze Yi fills Er the Doctor carries on of research result enunciation, two Qian radicles two B Ans with similar material-three Qian ethyl An meeting modernization construction

Drive skin of head absorb, and get into a brain, end they will repress the ability of the brain cell absorption Dan alkali and various vitamin B, while Dan alkali and vitamin B form to have an important function in the process in the memory- related cell.The Ze Yi fills Er the Doctor think, these influence of the material upon the adult brain is very small, but two Qian radicles two B Ans will produce bad influence to the formation of the baby and infant’s brain in the female stomach.Although still don’t can do so far end conclusion, because experiment temporarily just carry on in testing rat.

But the Ze Yi fills Er Doctor emphasize to point out, “I didn’t thought of at any time, shampooing would become bringing harmful reason to child, probably this research of ours can’t get a confirmation further, but is exactly proceed from this reason, strange burst of color we established a specialized research group, the research group has already acquired the pecuniary aid of national healthy graduate school, so that he/she finds out the accuracy of this experiment result.

baby safe rules

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The babysitter nurses a baby safe rules

● The babysitter needs to know telephone number in the first aid center and knows to leave recent hospital telephone number in your house and go to the route of hospital

● The place that sees most easily at the babysitter lists following telephone number:The thing industry management deficiency, parents’ cellular phone and parents office relatives, a family doctor, for the purpose of urgent circumstance provide for use

● Let the babysitter know urgent passage or safety export, tell babysitter to watch out for smoke spirit to report to the police, the fire fight equipments deposits of position, and play the operation method of showing the fire fight equipments

● Tell the babysitter door key in the home to put where, for the purpose of baby anti- lock door urgent use

● Let the babysitter understand the baby’s special problem, such as allergy(drive bee Zhe allergy, food allergy etc.) etc., how use medicine, quantity, orientation the disease have to give an account know

● Tell the babysitter first-aid kit’s where Business enterprise

● The request that let the babysitter know you, for example doesn’t hope that the babysitter takes a baby string door, definitely tell babysitter

● If you don’t hope to be some to come to visit into the house, don’t hope to connect to listen to some incoming calls, also want with babysitter speak know

● Tell fire alarm and bandit Jing plea for help a telephone:119 and 110

The safe rule that the babysitter has to obey

● Can not misuse for baby to use any medicine

● No matter in the room still just yard in, can not leave a baby for a minutes

● Don’t make the baby play in near water operation analysis

● Don’t make the baby play products, such as plastics bag, balloon and coin…etc.

● Don’t let baby at close to places, such as stairs, stove and AC outlet…etc. to play

● Don’t eat nut, puffed rice, hard loaf sugar and the whole fruit for baby, or any hard but smooth food

baby’s 10 greatest taboos

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Novice’s parents’ nursing new baby’s 10 greatest taboos
1.Hate to be infant’s diaper with the plastics thin film

The plastics thin film is airtight and wrap up an infant with it, will directly influence normal growth of its body skin, eject a waste inside the body, secrete a sweat liquid, regulate body temperature and exhale carbon dioxide etc. the function will be blocked.And thin film will is aging at any time and stimulate infant’s skin to flush thus, ache, a Si germ invade, will take place an infection and fester, also cause a septicemia and endanger life.

2.Hate Ning to knead infant’s face

While feeding a medicine for kid, many parents by hand knead a mouth because the kid doesn’t wish to eat;Sometimes parents while teasing kid for fun, it is incorrect to also like to knead on the infant’s face Ning and do like this.The infant’s parotid and parotid take care of once and with a run suffer from crowded wound will result in to drool, the mouth cavity mucosa blaze etc. disease.Therefore, hate the face that the Ning kneads an infant.

3.Hate to let infant Tuo in the adult in the center

Many young parents while going to bed always like to put infant betwixt, it is disadvantageous to do health to the kid in fact and like this.In the human body.The oxygen consumption that the brain organizes is very big.-Under the sort circumstance, the kid is more small, brain oxygen consumption’s hasing the comparison of oxygen consumption is all over also more big.The kid sleeps in parents’ middle.Will make it be placed in extreme anoxia but the carbon dioxide quite a few environment inside, make the infant appear to go to bed unsteady, have evil-foreboding dream and cry and scream an etc. phenomenon at the midnight, directly hindered the kid’s normal growth growth.

4.Hate to wash infant’s clothes with the washing powder

The main composition of washing powder is a sour alkyl benzene Huang sodium.This kind of material has and represses a function very strongly to the starch Mao in the human body and stomach egg white activity of the Mao after getting into a human body.Easily causing a human body is poisoned, if the rinse isn’t clean.Will result in bane for infant.Therefore, infant’s clothes hate to wash with the washing powder.

5.Hate to shear the infant’s eye Yi hair

Have some young mothers currently for making his/her own kid a little more beautiful.The eyelashes that always like the kid shear.Thinking can make the eyelashes grown to grow so.In fact, life span of eyelashes probably only has for 90 days, imaginable.Knot a kid to shear eyelashes, can’t make the eyelashes grown to grow more.Say again, shear eyelashes health is disadvantageous to the kid’s mind and body, the eyelashes have the function of protection eyes, can keep dust from etc. the material directly get into an eye.Eyelashes after shearing, lost a protection function, eyes were eroded very easily and cause various eye disease thus.

drools should how reply

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The infant always drools should how reply
The infant’s saliva always constantly gushes such as the Chan Chan spring sort and just a little forgets to wipe, the clothes are wet one.The old man says that the saliva flows much”harm spirit”, and the skin immerses the Zi very easy inflammation because of the saliva.How to should improve an infant this sees endlessly drool phenomenon? dvb t tuners
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Infant why does the saliva “overflow”?

The infant’s saliva always constantly gushes such as the Chan Chan spring sort and just a little forgets to wipe, the clothes are wet one.The old man says that the saliva flows much”harm spirit”, and the skin immerses the Zi very easy inflammation because of the saliva.How to should improve an infant this sees endlessly drool phenomenon?

Investigate “source head” of saliva

Just be born the infant’s saliva only just enough and moist mouth cavity mucosa, and infant sucks at breast at this time or liquid substance food, these foods weren’t big to the incitement of saliva gland, secreting of saliva gland quantity few, so the new born hardly drools.

3 around months, the saliva secretes quantity to obviously increase.

Waiting until an infant is 4-5-month-old and assist a food to add the growth toward the infant to have a prominent function.At this time, dvb t receiversadded food with the starch etc. nourishment composition gradually in the food, after saliva gland is subjected to incitement of these foods, the saliva secretes obvious increment.And the infant’s mouth cavity is small and shallow and swallow glint function return disfunctional, can’t use to swallow action to regulate saliva, so when the saliva secretes slightly many or the infant is happy, the Xi smile, probably meeting because of can not swallow all of the salivas secreting the bottom go, but Man lead big dike, run off outside.Moreover, not a few infants like to put the finger, and rubber nipple…etc. into a mouth to suck to absorb, also stimulated secreting of saliva gland like this and made the saliva increased.

The infant who grows till 6-7 months starts long first tooth.When the baby tooth harbours , small tooth crest the gum is outwardly long, will cause the gum organization light degree to swell unwell, stimulated the nerve on the gum thus, cause the saliva gland glint the ground secrete increment.So, the experienced elder sees the little infant drooled, can’t knit the brows, on the contrary will show unintentionally a very pleased facial expression, because the infant wants to grow teeth, this should be a happy affair.

The saliva isn’t the importance that the treasure does want to despise saliva, in fact its function is a lot of, such as can promote to swallow, stimulate taste;Keep mouth cavity damp, maintain sweeping of mouth cavity and tooth;Promote lips and tongue of sport, contribute to talking.There is also few anti-virus function in addition, can form the thin film that the 1 F has no germ cell composition and contribute to the occurrence that guards against decayed tooth on the enamel of the tooth.

The saliva overflows, infant’s skin suffers mental agony an infant to drool although be not what serious problem, if carelessly, it is still possible to influence the infant is healthy.Because the infant’s skin is thinner, but saliva in again imply some Xiaos that have caustic digest sour, so when the saliva flows mouth Cape, face and neck even is a chest skin, make the callous periostracum decayed very easily, or cause fungi’s being infected because of damp, produce to flush or eczema and hair burning etc. symptom.


1.Should usually help an infant wipe carelessly the run off comes of saliva, make the infant’s face department, neck kept dry with avoid the occurrence of eczema.

2.Can not make an effort while wiping,cable supplier lightly wiping saliva the stem can immediately, in order to prevent hurt a partial skin.

3.The wet paper towel that as far as possible avoids using to contain fragrance extract wipes a face department for infant, the in order to prevent stimulates a skin.

4.In common use Wen Shui washes saliva clearly to flow everywhere, then Tu Shang’s grease with protect the skin of chin and neck.

5.The handkerchief that wipes saliva for infant, requests quality soft, take cotton quality as proper, usually wash to burn.

6.Had better surround for kid to round a mouth, rounding the mouth should usually keep clean and neat and dry, so the infant would feel comfortable and take pleasure in use.

If the infant has already had measles or debauched, had better make a diagnosis and give treatment at the hospital, ask a doctor to give correct treatment.But skin inflammation period, should even keep clean and neat, clearness, and can cure according to symptom, if the part paints antibiotics or the medicine cream of Yang, wiping time of medicine had better before the infant sleep or take advantage o an infant to go to bed, in order to prevent the infant carelessly eat an entrance in, influence health

living of kid

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Embrace a living of kid, let father do better cause future trouble
The mother embraces the kid’s posture to mostly have a problem

Many mothers always don’t dare to hand over to father the darling child to embrace, the reason is to fear the father’s thick hand thick feet lane pain he.But the expert means:Exactly thinking is anti- and brings kid harmful of but is the mothers,finance equation because they usually carry on the back kid to outwardly hug in the bosom while embracing a kid, the chin puts on one side shoulder.This kind of embraces the method profession is called “violin hand”, although save a strength, when kid outward the boundary thing has reaction, can the head turn to move toward a side, time a long will appear two sides to turn the trouble of moving the dissymmetry.It is thus clear that, embrace a living of kid, the father is more more suitable than mother to do.

Science embraces kid’s method to contain a lot of kinds, for example:There are”the airplane embraces”, “revolve to embrace”, and”up and down throw”Pakistan provide …etc., even can with”pour to lift”, these patterns beneficialed very much to the infant’s growth.Among them, two adults the kid is mutually throw around incredibly is also embrace one of the methods, the kid can enjoy to arrive to in the sky “fly” of fun, but these”flower type” embrace a method obviously more suitable father come to do.

Handle kid surprised trouble father to be competent more

The child may run into various accident in the growth process,subconscious appearancefather usually copes with more suitable.Expert’s raising lately one infant in Shanghai is choked dead example by the jelly, he meant:As long as the kid’s father saved to living common sense at 1:00, the kid completely couldn’t meet with accident.The method that in brief and easily goes most is all alone to pour to lift a kid a double feet, the another skill claps shot its back, or kneads kid’s nose, the mouth-to-mouth strong dint inhales.These affair fathers do easily, while the mother does of the effect is probably a little worse

Anne slept slept

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Prepare before making small month age what baby Anne slept slept
Before sleeping, don’t make the baby too excited, if the baby has crying and screaming of a habitual prelude before going to bed, don’t immediately strip nude baby.The parents should pay attention to at ordinary times and control the baby’s sleep habit and help a baby establishment rise a good sleep glint habit, can do preparation before crying and screaming a prelude beginning, stir he smiles and lets his mood delectation.Then just can take off clothes for baby.

Sweep the baby’s body

Baby’s emotion after being steady, can start cleaning body for baby.Beat the baby’s body wet, use center of palm of hand to lightly roll to whole body, finance mangainguntil the body is tiny to flush, strength can not too big, also can not too light, bathing the dew can use once next day and use clear water blunt clean after, Tu Shang’s moisturizing lotion, take a piece of big towel to wrap up a baby to put into sleeping bag all over, after wiping stem.

The whole process has to be quick and act simply, the indoor temperature regulates at about about 25 degrees.

Baby asleep empress again leave

The baby don’t immediately go away after lying down, you can looking at his eyes and talk with him and lightly hum song or clap his body, various baby’s activities that moderately suit you all can, until he is asleep.

Some mothers after the baby shut eyes the meeting starts to do other affairs right away, in fact this time very probably the baby has no real asleep, once you go away, he will come to, after process like this once has several times, you discover that the baby becomes to seem to be not easy asleep.Correct way of doing BE, see the baby shut eyes, will just of the activity continue in a short while.Then might as well sit the baby nearby seeks this book to see, a period of time after leave again, do like this of the purpose want to start to build up enough trust feeling with the baby’s.

Considerate hint:

1, if you have already intended that making the baby try is naked to sleep, since summer, but wants to be advertent BE, can not definitely let in summer baby’s completely nude,have beautiful move can bind a piece of towel on his belly, in order to prevent catch cold diarrhea.Wait while slowly becoming cool, needing to cover with quilt son, the weather then can make the baby naked to sleep.

2, the beddings must choose whole cotton textileseses, the choice of another sleeping bag up must notice a safety, the design of zipper whether reasonable, the Niu buttons up whether is easily swallowed inside in by the kid ……all of these are to need an advertent place.

3, baby’s body temperature of small month age adjust the ability of controling to differ, wait about 1 years old again to try.

4, in fact each kid’s qualities is all different, the kids of different type all have their his/her own sleep habit, even if the same kid also has at the different stage will different sleep performance, the parents want to establish according to the they kid’s characteristics to be a since accommodation again include the work and rest method of vivid definitely, don’t force a kid to go to bed with the way that he doesn’t like, the result doing like this be very likely to be parents’ utterly exhausted, Manage finance equationthe kid’s mental state is also hurt and on the contrary lose more than gain

use antibiotics

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The autumn pediatric diarrhea doesn’t blindly use antibiotics
The autumn is pediatric rotavirus to Gao Fa Qi of diarrhea, some parents under the sistuation that didn’t find out a cause of disease blindly usage antibiotics treatment.solution constipationThe expert reminds that the antibiotics generally aims at diarrhea that the germ causes and be infected to the virus invalid, also break the bowel normal germs inside the way, make the condition aggravated.
Broadcast the Teng Xun tiny Bo

1 just was full 1-year-old kid’s several dayses ago emergence diarrhea, fever, vomited etc. symptom, the parents took for him some antibiotic behind not only disappear an effect, poisonous soupon the contrary the condition was more and more heavy.Wuhan City one hospital man the west branch pediatrics vice- director’s doctor Chen Qiu Lin’s check discover, the kid has already appeared dehydrate and sour poisoned symptom, beard hospitalization treatment.

Chen Qiu Lin says that the rotavirus belongs to enterovirus and mainly passes the bowels and breath way dissemination, is seriously the main cause of disease that the infant dehydrates sex diarrhea.Annually sign after autumn, because of the dissemination of temperature, the degree of humidity specially feat rotavirus, the pediatric diarrhea patient counts to sharply increase.

Introduce according to Chen Qiu Lin, kid’s diarrhea of the rotavirus infection rise disease more nasty, often the companion have been already had fever, infection with vomit symptom.If the parent discovers pediatric diarrhea, don’t use a medicine without authorization and begs to diagnose to regular hospital.Don’t give the kid of diarrhea the way of doing for eating is incorrect moreover,Philip LED if the kid doesn’t vomit should eat some simple elegance easily digestive foods appropriately

great knowledge

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Wipes great knowledge that the bottom hides for kid
In recent years, suffer from the kid of anus Lou more and more, its reason has something to do with having no exactitude to wipe a bottom for kid.For the sake of the kid’s health, the parents can choose the quality is soft and absorbs water sex strong new cotton to do a diaper, mercilessly happinessor choice urine not wet, and don’t make an effort too much while wiping a bottom for kid.
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The parents never despise to wipe a bottom, this matter for kid, the noodles contains certain knowledge here.In recent years, suffer from the kid of anus Lou more and more, its reason has something to do with having no exactitude to wipe a bottom for kid.

The diaper that the parents prepares for the new born all generally does with the old bed sheet, old clothes, although these old cloths are soft and absorb water, because of their process many times of again and again rub, the floss on the cloth has already become the 1 F hair sting, these hair sting in the old cloth dry appearance very strong and tough, come to and say to the young and delicate new born of skin to is very harmful.

New born after relieving nature, the parents usually without extra trouble use stem diaper to wipe a bottom for them while changing a diaper, and the new born’s bowels is more sticky, needing to be wiped again and again several times then can be clean and increased the opportunity of hurting new born’s skin thus.The parents who still have use wastepaper to wipe a bottom for new born, this more easily makes the new born’s ass mucosa suffered from harm, and once being infected easy behind to ass burning, cause ass abscess, form anus Lou after breaking Kui.

Boy ass inflammation red and swollen ache, the anus week skin swells after the formation abscess shining, the center softens and break after the Kui run off Nong liquid but Mo degree any dustformation anus Lou, move bowels then from the Lou tube run off.The girl was that the generally outside Yin is red and swollen to, after breaking Kui, moved bowels to eject from the Lou of vagina the hymen external and started moving bowels for 3 days almost whole ejected from the vagina, the ass didn’t have a bowel movement.About lead 10 day, the ass just recovers to have a bowel movement gradually, decrease have a bowel movement along with the vagina, anus Lou surroundings burning the disease will also fade away.But the girl’s anus Lou can’t automatically heal, if diarrhea still leak excrement from the Lou.To want to thoroughly cure more anus Lou the parents should take a kid to arrive treatment in the hospital in time.

It is thus clear that, parents’ controling science nursing knowledge is how important.For the sake of kid health in the future, the parents can choose quality softness and absorb water sex strong new cotton don’t made an effort too much while doing a diaper, or choosing one time”the urine isn’t wet”, and wiping a bottom for kid.New born after relieving natureLED applied group leader, the parents can use Wen Shui first to clean outside Yin ass for them, then use an alexipharmic soft toilet paper to slightly wipe stem, can availably prevent°from anus Lou so

later the digest help sleep

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Knead ridge benefit to the baby sooner or later the digest help sleep
After going into an autumn, the rain water increases, the air degree of humidity is big, a lot of kids feel whole body tired, not quite right appetite, move bowels sticky and ikky, sleep not and rather, the suggestion kneads ridge for kid sooner or later every day, shopping neversince can Jian Pi benefit spirit benefit digest, and then tranquilize the nerves to help sleep.

Child knead ridge therapy mainly is pass to knead to lift to wait massage skill function in back of Du vein and foot the sun urine bladder through, pass to knead the ridge incitement Du vein and urine bladder through of spirit, can attain to adjust reason internal organs,Big affairsstrengthen physical endowment, strengthen the whole body spirit blood movement, exaltation immunity function etc. function.Make the kid keep Fu to lie or half Fu to lie while kneading ridge, keep back flat flabby, knead the part of ridge as back exact center line.Concrete operation skill BE, point with the thumb the stomach and index finger, middle finger points stomach to match, clip hold skin, thumb at after, index finger, middle finger fore, then index finger, middle finger backward the Nian move,strategy guide thumb forward push, the side kneads a side to change to the neck.

If regard prevention health care as principle, generally everyday once, each time 3-5 line;If with cure appetite infirmity etc. disease for lord, then general for everyday 1-2 times, each time 8-10 line.Had better wake up in the morning or just before sleep knead ridge, avert from after meal in an hour, the baby cry and scream or go to bed.When have already caught a cold,assassin thinks impatient diarrhea or spinal column department skin is damaged and get Jie swollen, skin disease, should not knead ridge, either