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Promote the small

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Promote the small project of the immunity dint of new born
The Yun period makes the new born exist physiology immunity lowly under the influence of mother’s antibody of passing the placenta.

In the new born’s serum immunity globulin(Ig) in order to pass mother IgG of placenta, overwhelming majority also the synthesizing of oneself IgG ability is lowly, the content is few, and the birth is behind along with the child’s growth growthfood needs careful, the blood circularly measures of gradual increment, the IgG density quickly descends.Production and storages of the white cell of new born are all less, the white cell consumes increment and gobbles up function and disinfects activities to all probably obviously lower while being a new born to get infection and serious disease.

So, how come to strengthen the immunity dint of new born, reduce the opportunity that the baby gets sick?The new born’s immunity appearance and it nourishment condition, feed to keep of category and living positive incitement to have a close connection behind, daddy’s mama can this to draw up the project of promoting the darling child immunity dint.

Project a:Reasonable nourishment

The new born expects nourishment demand Gao, but digests metabolism function limited, therefore, to nourishment since the demand that requests to enough measure to promise to grow growth can not too many to feed to keep again, in order to prevent result in the over-weight burden of the stomach and intestines way of new born, control reasonable nourishment appropriately to strengthen the physical endowment and resistibility have decisive influence most .

Every day take balanced nourishment then can satisfy bodily need and exaltation immunity dint.The protein is the main composition that constitutes immunity cell and antibody, lacking such as the protein will result in immunity function’s descending.The vitamin C can stimulate body manufacturing interferon, adding enough vitamin can increase antibody, clearance virus and germ and strengthen immunity dint thus.Other such as-carotene and nourishment are plain medium of folic acid, vitamin B12, sour nicotine, be suffused with sour, the iron, zinc and Mao etc. also all have something to do with immunity ability.

Project two:The female milk feeds to keep

The female milk compares generation, the milk article implies more immunities live material, and it can supply all nourishment materials that the new born needs:Protein, season baby arranges fat, lactose, vitamin, iron, have the antibody(immunity globulin) of the anti- infection and the live white cell of the anti- infection, double the Qi factor and dissolve germ Mao etc. in the particularly female milk, they have to strengthen immunity function and obstruct the growth of harmful germ, can reduce the opportunity that the baby is infected.Premature infant because of give birth to baby in advance, from maternal get of antibody less, the oneself immune system hasn’t developed maturity, the skin glues the defense function of film bad, very easily be subjected to to cause of disease son of hit but fall ill, therefore, the premature infant even wants the female milk to feed to keep.

Project three:Vaccination

New born’s period although from maternal come of the immunity globulin provided some antibodies,was still the easy feeling of a height to many infectious diseases.The vaccination is the effective method that resists germ, can pass in early days effective vaccination to prevent°from the occurrence to endanger the biggest infectious disease to new born, like tuberculosis, B type hepatitis etc..

The function of the period cell immune system of new born has been more mature, can already produce homologous reaction to the tubercle rod bacteria, as a result namely go bcg vaccine to inoculate after being born currently, can rise homologous immunity effect to the tubercle germ infection.The new born after expecting to inoculate B liver vaccine has already confirmed to get good immunity should answer an effect, after livinging immediately vaccination B liver vaccine, inoculate again for 1, 6 months for 2 times hereafter, think the preventive effect is affirmative, can make the new born be subjected to a protection.

Project four:The new born massages

The massage passes the skin sense organs moderate incitement of new born and cause a series of whole body nerve, endocrine and the immunity etc. system positive reaction, can promote secreting of stomach and intestines hormone, contribute to the appetite that increases a child, promote food digest, absorption and excretion, speed the growth of weight.Massage of return a movable baby in the meantime of whole body muscle, make the body developed stronger.Moreover,normal shape the skin incitement is direct to the to build up immunity function with indirect influence and be good for the physical stature of the new born and healthy growth of the intelligence.

Strengthen the new born’s resistibility, reduce a baby infection opportunity, in addition to balanced and enough nourishment, promote a female milk to feed to keep, vaccination and actively and availably strengthen physical endowment outside, the baby’s nursing develops to frequently wash hands well habit and strengthen airiness inside the living quarters also count for much.

Mo into mistake area

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Reduce fever to the baby Mo into mistake area
Recently, the weather now cold now hot, not a few babies with weak resistibilities born a disease.Recently, the reporter understood to°from each provincial capital pediatrics in the hospital, now was a baby to catch a cold fevered Gao Fa Ji.Once the baby get a fever, the parent usually thinks to the utmost various way reduce fever for kid and on the contrary and easily walks into mistake area at this time, and the good heart does into a bad matter. experiences personally

Parent:The temperature is one Gao, be have a fever

Recently, Ms. Lee nursed with milk for 6 babies of months, a touched the kid’s forehead, discovered seem deliver very hot, hurriedly went fetch clinical thermometer a quantity-37.5 ℃ !Ms. Lee hurriedly turns over reducing fever of an in home medicine and feeds to the kid.Led in a short while, discovering didn’t reduce fever and hurriedly took a kid to arrive at a hospital again.Doctor says a kid after checking, the fever is just temporary of, is in order to wearing excessively, plus to suck at breast to make an effort to cause.The suggesting Ms. Lee takes off 12 clothes for kid and use Wen Shui again to wipe face, the very quick kid’s body temperature recovered as usual, Ms. Lee also breath a sigh of relief.

Expert:The temperature is above 38.5 ℃ and take the medicine of reducing fever again

Zheng Zhou vice- director’s doctor Liu Jing from hospital pediatrics in city center is burning to say, it is a kind of reaction that the human body function protects by one’s own to get a fever, the kid is low to burn(below 38.5 ℃ ), and the parent generally need not be too worried.If the kid body temperature is in below 38.5 ℃ , can take orally pediatric pure heat to rather wait pure hot antidotal of medicine, drink some water more, food up attention a little more simple elegance,Causeway Bay releases generally can soon reduce fever.Liu Jing blazes to mean, kid fall ill easily fever, but the fever don’t necessarily is sick, because the height of kid’s body temperature under the influence of a lot of factors, if suck at breast, exercise, cry and scream, wear the excessive etc. reason all can make the pediatric body temperature temporarily gone up to attain 37.5 ℃ and occasionally attain 38 ℃ .When kid’s body temperature is higher than 38.5 ℃ , the parent then should cause a value and take a kid to come to hospital to make a diagnosis and give treatment in time.

Parent:Have a fever, the Wu Wu will reduce fever

Ms. He 3-year-old baby, the head touches some to have fever.When noon slept, Ms. He especially mean a baby more two clothes, covered one bed quilt more again, thought Wu once sweat, the kid will reduce fever.Unexpectedly, the baby small face becomes very red in the afternoon, the head also touches very hot.Ms. He hurriedly brings the baby to hospital to seek medical advice.

Expert:The fever Wu sweat half fifty-fifty wrong

“Some parents think that the kid got a fever to need Wu, the Wu perspired and then would be quite a few, in fact such of the way of doing want to divide a circumstance.”Zheng Zhou people director’s doctor Liu Jin Quan from pediatrics in hospital says, if kid’s hand and foot is ice-cold, can keep warm appropriately for kid, many Wus Wu;If kid’s body hair very hot, will take off 12 clothes to spread heat, Wu get too many, will make the heat spread to go out not, make temperature higher, two storesseverity will appear to dehydrate etc. phenomenon.

Parent:Have a fever, taking a shower will make the kid catch cold

“Kid in my house a little bit gets a fever today and have of teach baby’s in the book to say that taking a bath can reduce the heat, but I feel to take a shower to will make the kid catch cold, how can reduce the heat?”This is Ms. Wang’s question.

Expert:Taking a bath appropriately will reduce the heat

Liu Jin Quan points out that in fact takes a bath for kid is a kind of the time that physics reduces the heat a method and take a shower can promote blood circulation, be advantageous to body to spread heat.Taking a shower”but also wanted to notice some problems while taking a shower, ” Liu Jin Quan reminded, had better the water temperature not have to be too high and generally wash all right for 8-10 minutes, oneself the kid get a fever, keep physical strength, don’t wash too for a long time.Close good doors and windows while taking a shower and want and wipe the stem to kid water on the body after finishing washing in time, with the towel wrap well, keep breeze from blowing and catch cold.

year old pure

Monday, October 10th, 2011

The baby half should not feed egg before the year old pure!
Baby till 4 months of time can add to assist to eat, the mother is accustomed to adding egg yolk for baby, because the egg is most to have assisting of nourishment value food.Half the infant’s digestive system develop before the year old still not perfect, the transparence of the bowel wall is higher, should not feed egg at this time pure.The egg pure medium egg white member is smaller, can sometimes pass bowel wall to directly get into an infant blood in, make the infant’s machine body produced an allergy to the different body egg white member, cause diseases,If I am brave such as eczema and urticaria…etc..Therefore, half the infant before the year old can not feed egg pure, eat egg yolk in response to.Moreover, the fresh egg deposits time to lead long, the quality will rise variety, the creation sticks preserved egg and spread yellow egg, mildewed egg, and the egg like this had better not eat for infant.

Formatively spreads yellow egg because in the processes, such as conveyance and sale…etc., the violent vibration makes egg yolk film broken, just like flavor, the egg liquid is still more dense, can give child edible, but have already canned not store.In order to sticking preserved egg to contain fungi or the germ invade, creation toxin and waste gas, the formation spreads Huang,H& M in this kind of sticking preserved egg has already canned not eat.

The egg that lives on to have fungi is called mildewed egg.Deeply shine on under the light, there are black spot or spot piece inside the egg.The main reason is to pack material damp or is poured by rain, or pack material not to sweep to.Big in air temperature Gao or the degree of humidity of in the environment, the fungi very easily gets into egg through an eggshell pore and forms spot-like in shape germ to fall.This kind of egg is poisonous vegetable, must can not eat for infant.This text related recommendation half year old baby recipe half year old the baby eat what milk powder the good baby much and greatly can eat egg the pure mother feed adelicacies recommendation baby to suck at breast a video frequency baby 6 months why…The baby of half year old should repair what half how does the baby of year old early teach the half year old the baby to cough half year old a baby not to eat

blunt adjust a method

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Formula of blunt adjust a method
Water has to completely boil, don’t use electricity thermos bottle hot water, because it didn’t reach boiling point or boil time not enough.

Water of pouring has to adjust to appropriate temperature, and feel with body temperature about and then the drop of water to the wrist seamy side.Eat in autumnBecause the water temperature leads Gao, will make the milk in the milk powder pure egg white produced a Ning piece, the influence digests absorption.On the other hand, it is some to will be broken to hot unsteady vitamins and add in the specially certain milk powder of immunity live material will drive all breakages.

Don’t use pure water or the mineral spring blunt milk powder.Pure water lost the mineral chemical element of common tap water, but mineral spring because of oneself mineral quality the content is more, and complicated.The family is all used tap water after the processing of science currently, the quality sign is up to standard, tap water puts after boiling cool to 40 ℃ or so, use again to hurtle a milk powder all right.

Blunt the amount of milk powder and amount of water adjusting have to press a bottle of top designation to pour, the canned milk density leads thick or lead sparse, all will influence the baby’s health.The density can not lead Gao.There is sodium ion in the milk powderfruit recommends, need to add the amount of foot water dilution.If the milk powder density leads Gao, the kid will make the afferent wall pressure increased after drinking, stomach and intestines digestive power hard burden, the excretion of kidney has unbearable ability to even kidney function happen to crock up also.Some mothers feel that many babies of amount of milk powder can eat satisfiedly, in fact and otherwise, contrary, milk powder’s hurtling too sparsely doesn’t go as well, then will cause protein content shortage, equally will also cause malnutrition.

Made-up milk powder under the sistuation that haven’t eaten, the normal temperature deposits can not longer than 2 hours.Don’t put Wen Nai Qi to have, either remain of, then should throw , can not eat again.

The milk powder that hurtles to tune up can not boil again, will make the structure occurrence of nourishment materials, such as protein and vitamin…etc. variety,small common sense lose original nourishment value thus.The baby drinks this canneds milk again, the nourishment much acquiring also wants to greatly give discount.

mama need not worry

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

New-born baby’s hair little daddy’s mama need not worry
The father mother of cocoa sees the hair of other new borns intensive and jet black to become bright, while own baby’s hair is again little and then Huang, is a misgiving in the heart.The expert points out that the hair of new born is rarely seen to have no a necessity and become sad.

On the other hand the heredity of hair inclines to a little bit obviously and exists individual difference, hair of how much, the color and luster,development trend right and wrong and parents inherit a certain relation.If parents’ hair good, the kid’s hair then is also better, parents’ hair is bad, and the kid’s hair is also bad.

Hair while being born on the other hand how much and from now on hair of how much irrelevant.Growth and body of infant’s hair are high similar, early is late, have quickly and have slowly.Big parts of kids develop process along with his body, will gradually from sparse arrive airtight, from Huang Dao Hei.Hair a great deal of fact expresses that the darling child of hair scarcity arrives at the age of 1~2, already with other kid’s nothing importants two kinds.

Some parents reduce to shampoo number of times for kid and only and perhaps wash out only hair.What to shed off is an all decrepit hair while in fact shampooing, doing not wash will also drop;

Contrary, don’t shampoo over a long period of time, the incitement of grease and sweat liquid will cause after the hair infection and on the contrary influence a new hair growth.The parent returns toLED and bright degree up wipe ginger for the infant’s skin of head, thinks with this blood circulation that increases hair bag surroundings and helps the hair to grow separately.This kind of way of doing not beneficial also has no science basis.

But pass to much shave hair for baby to attain much a way of growing the hair is more very dangerous, because when the razor pares off the baby’s hair, not a few pores will suffer from the harm that our naked eye could not see and plus razor not clean or the head skin don’t sweep, the germ takes advantage of an opportunity but goes into from here, there is small abscess or skin maturation infection leading to part.

Certainly, little the infant’s hair has something to do with disease.If the rickets disease, some and rare chemical element lacks and excess, inheritted metabolism suffering from of disease etc. sons will express be sparse for hair.If the kid about 1 years old hair still has no obvious improve, can do a trace element at the hospital with other related check.board foregroundAnd the attention regulate food structure and strengthen to body of toughen

food very importance

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

The baby grows well and assists a food very importance
The sea Dian area Fu takes care of the young to care hospital pediatrics, vice- director, Li Ying, tells a reporter, abroad, the kid starts adding of assist a food to generally regard high egg white, high fat food as principle, 3 years old in of the kid can choose in the canned food that all has already corresponded category and size of the different age segment.basic nourishment mealBut at domestic, the parents worry the kid’s appetite function is weaker, digest not, so at the beginning add of assist a food much with the noodles eat etc. carbohydrate for lord, such as noodles slice soup, and gruel…etc..In order to lacking protein etc. main trace elements, such as growth material and iron…etc., some kids appeared after adding and assisting a food falsely fat, even physiology anemic etc. problem.

So, actually how add for baby to assist a food just healthily?Li Ying points out that baby 3 and half months arrive 4-month-old can add to assist to eat gradually, total principle from a kind of arrive variety, amount from little arrive much, taste from thin arrive thick, from liquid arrive solid, from sparse arrive dense.When the baby is 3-month-old, can try to squeeze some juice,Mo Wen Weivegetables juice for baby to drink, but want to fill with some water at in the in order to prevent is too dense.

When waiting a kid to arrive is 4-month-old, can eat the egg yolk of good digest for baby first, most starts letting baby the egg yolk that eat 1|4 sizes, will add quantity gradually again hereafter.Slowly increase absorbing of vegetables mire, minced meat(chicken, pork and fishes all can), and liver mire…etc. gradually to the kid again quantity.If the kid lacked iron anemic, can make the Zao meat into mire to eat for baby.Need to be advertent BE, the green vegetable is beneficial to baby, but not ability for making the baby good to digest and then cook too lousy, tools and implements otherwise break nourishments in it.The parents can make the vegetables, such as carrot and spinach…etc. ground, the Dao becomes vegetables mire to living for baby to eat.