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the border town of Tengchong County

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

At 23:06 on November 28 , 5.1 earthquake occurred China-Burma border . When the earthquake occurred , the Yunnan -Burma border adjacent to Mans , Yingjiang , Tengchong and other places have felt.

According to the China earthquake measuring , at 23:06 on November 28 , China-Burma border, 5.1 earthquake epicenter was located 25.1 degrees north latitude , 97.6 degrees east longitude , focal depth of 7 km . Seismological Bureau of Yunnan

Reporters learned from the earthquake epicenter is located in Myanmar , Yunnan Province Yingjiang county epicenter about 57 kilometers, about 15 kilometers from the Chinese border , earthquake, regional population density. Earthquake occurs, two towns in northwest Yingjiang clearly felt . Currently , Dali and Kunming in Yunnan Seismological Bureau were sent from two working groups rushed to Yingjiang .

earthquake occurs, correspondent is the capital of Yunnan Dehong Dai-Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture Mans 10th floor of a downtown hotel room , the room suddenly felt a noticeable side to side, lasted about five seconds. Subsequently , many people ran outdoors. About half an hour after meals to avoid the crowd has dispersed , well-ordered city .

Tengchong county propaganda Mengxue Wei , vice minister , said there was a slight tremor was felt in Tengchong county , the people living a normal life . By phone about the disaster , the border town of Tengchong County, the disaster did not happen .


the bus reform year after year

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Bus reform difficult, much public attention. However, the relevant departments under the State Council recently issued two documents gave the

11 19, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other three departments jointly issued a document, official party and government organs to further reduce the car’s purchase price, clearly not over 1.8 liters displacement required , the price is not more than $ 180,000. Lower than the previous standard of 2 million.

11 21, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office published official vehicles of social reform.

bus reform from the start date of the last century, This conveys a signal: Bus Reform ice soon?

Vehicles have changed 17 years, how much progress?

From 1994 CPC Central Committee and State Council jointly issued Party and government organs and the use of cars with the provisions of the management, If the official launch of 2003 However, the bus reform year after year, seems to have been hanging Overstaffed with cars, Gongjusiyong, the wheels of corruption still going strong.

According to the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission and National Bureau of Statistics survey data, government agencies and administrative units of official vehicles of more than 2 million total annual spending 150 billion yuan of public service vehicles to 2000 million, not including hospitals, schools, state-owned enterprises, the army and overstaffed with cars, purchase of official vehicles per year growth rate of expenses more than 20%.

Throughout the vehicles have changed the course of nine consecutive years in the National People’s Congress on the reform of the National People’s Congress called for the bus, Ye Qing, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Bureau of Statistics analysis, waste is mainly reflected in three bus : the first is to buy links, there are super-prepared, over the use of standard problems. Followed by the use of links, Gongchesiyong serious. A survey shows that there is a bus with Finally, the maintenance part. Authoritative research results show that only some units a year a bus maintenance costs as high as 10 million yuan, a year or even actually replace some of the bus more than 40 tires per week for one, in which vulnerabilities can be imagined .

reform is urgently needed since the bus, and cried for 17 years, why the government procurement is still ranked in the top three car?

Municipal People’s Congress of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress Cheng science program and budget committee members be admitted that the perpetrators of the bus itself is the vested interests of reform, which is not open around the problem.

through many years of observation, Yeh resistance to reform the bus summarized as two points: use the bus. The second is security theory, many people think, something more like the leading cadres, and work and driving, unsafe. reforms difficult to implement. For example, Amount of subsidies from 300 yuan to 2600 yuan per month. According to local statistics, the vehicles have changed, the bus costs have decreased for three consecutive years spending more than 30%.

Huizhou police Politics units recently launched cars are also popular with Internet users in favorable changes, specific practices are: compressed vehicle body, with strong grass-roots vehicle, cancel the cadres of non-police car and car, according to the rank of each different the monthly payment ranging from 500-2800 yuan of public transportation. After calculation and demonstration vehicles have changed after the police car ownership PUC authority will cut 59%.

where the amount of subsidies are still down space.

still suffer from

in Yeh seems monetization model is the general direction of change around the car. However, vary widely across the country, in the end how much subsidy the right, should be unified by the central authorities issued guidance.

two sessions this year, Yeh proposed subsidy program of their own design: the areas of civil servants around the 20% subsidy to 30 per cent.

Serious situation facing the proliferation of the bus, how to apply the reform of the New Deal?

Correspondent noted that regulations clearly states: super-prepared, super standard of public service vehicles, vehicles in violation of regulations or with donation accepted off-road vehicles, to increase high-end luxury interior configuration or official vehicles, official cars by the level of government authorities to recover and process.

how to distinguish between public or private vehicles, how regulators Gongjusiyong, what punishment is most concerned about Internet users.

suspension Not only convenient for people to participate in supervision, and off the bus for personal affairs can effectively monitor the situation.

bus reform agenda which involves only one sentence. step, ice is expected.

However, Zheng Xue-ding is not so optimistic. The so-called social reform, is to remove the unit with the car, the implementation of the bus rental. This is also called the car for many years to change his pattern. However, the use of regulations is The New Deal, the attitude is not enough firm. determined according to Zheng

study the idea of ​​bus reform, the reform should first determine the country bus and all in place step by step timetable. Furthermore, according to the degree of regional economic development step by step implementation. Third, to determine the bus the proportion of total expenditure of funds, the figures to be qualified. Finally, the bus is not yet implemented the reform of the place, make clear that the implementation of the most stringent management system to facilitate public participation and supervision.

This is a great mistake. Bus reform is one thing, the car changed the implementation is another matter. If difficult to implement because the car does not change, they are wrong. Bus reform program is not guaranteed. Take operability, the people have the habit of that, Gongchesiyong about no big deal, and no access to money, not a good punishment. However, after the implementation of different regulations, subsidies went to non-compliance if the car holding a bus, on an economic problem is corruption, you can deal with accordingly.


Shantou and Foshan City Shunde District

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Yangcheng Evening News and a half -day meeting of the province to deepen structural reforms closing 23 in Shantou . CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary Wang Yang attended the meeting. Provincial Committee, Acting Governor Zhu Xiaodan concluding speech at the meeting . Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Xiao Zhiheng chaired the meeting . Zhang , Chen Chi , Lei Yulan , forest sound, Xu Shangwu , attended the meeting . Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Shantou and Foshan City Shunde District, responsible person made ​​a statement.

Zhu Xiaodan noted that this meeting has four main aspects of the harvest : First, to further enhance the deepening of reform of responsibility and urgency ; the second is a clear system of Guangdong to deepen reform ideas and key tasks ; three is a summary of the exchange system reform in Guangdong good experience and good practices; four key reform is to improve the policies and measures .

Zhu Xiaodan stressed that at present , the provincial government on deepening the reform objectives and tasks have been clear , the next key is to implement the plan, and strive to further establish and improve the scientific development of institutional mechanisms to make new real breakthrough and progress . First, we must quickly convey and implement the spirit of the conference to do the work , the formation of the province makes a concerted effort to further deepen the reform consensus and action. Second, we must focus the work , focus on three key reforms to achieve new breakthroughs . We must concentrate on improving the implementation and introduction of three major reform program , efforts to promote transformation of government functions , to seize the key to push forward the three key reforms. Third, we must focus on improving the socialist market economic system, pay close attention to the introduction of economic reform , Guangdong Province, Fourth, we must earnestly and steadily push forward boldly explore combine to promote the reform to achieve new results. The one hand, the courage to boldly explore the active and innovative ; the other hand, good local conditions , steadily push forward . Fifth, we must pay close attention to the implementation of inspection and supervision to ensure deepen the reform of the work impossible. To strengthen the organization and coordination , we will focus on supervision and inspection, evaluation, reward and punishment mechanisms do a good job , good job summing up and publicity.


until the 14th of this month

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 23, according to Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po, a Hong Kong Kowloon Hospital, a major medical. A 73-year-old suffering from throat cancer and stroke male patients, received in June after throat surgery, tracheostomy is necessary to assist breathing. Kowloon Hospital patients during the stable condition, until this month, 14 am, suddenly found no heartbeat and pulse, died a final death.

hospital survey found, patients are covered by gauze stoma, routinely only paper tape affixed to the top of the gauze to be fixed, but the sides are dead gauze 4 tape affixed to live, have the opportunity to lead a patient’s breathing is not smooth. HA does not recognize the proper care, but the cause of death undetermined whether related to this, the event will be referred to the Coroner’s Court for investigation. Hospital admitted care during the patient’s family had

HA 22 A 73-year-old male patient suffering from throat cancer on June 9 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for removal of throat surgery, doctors at the same time to open tracheostomy to assist their breathing. June 13, right side paralysis stroke patients, and hospital treatment in Iraq continue to go to Kowloon Hospital 23 patients continue to receive care. From the June 24 to November 8, the patient was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 4 degrees treatment, until the 14th of this month, his condition has remained stable. However, in the early morning of November 14, staff found that he suddenly no heartbeat and pulse, died dead.

Kowloon Hospital Chief Executive Officer Zhang Guangyu, said the investigation began after care program found an error. He pointed out that in order to avoid patients with cervical debris into the throat stoma, health care workers will be covered with a gauze in the stoma, and gauze and tape securely affixed to the paper. Xiong Zhi, director of the Hospital Authority Kowloon Central Cluster, said Tim, the paper tape will normally attached to the gauze at the top, leaving space to facilitate medical suction, but the staff is from November 8 to 14 days without proper 4 side of the adhesive plaster gauze, practices have the opportunity to smooth the patient is not breathing.

hospital said the patient during his hospital stay, the family had made The hospital will investigate this matter and apologize to the family members again. Zhang Yuguang stressed that the patient’s death being undetermined whether the improper care procedures related to the incident involving more than 20 health care workers is not suspended. He also acknowledged that, Kowloon Hospital, 22 Hospital before the accident report, an independent accident investigation team will soon find out the truth, if negligence was found to cause an accident, will make punishment.

ENT Department of Surgery University of Hong Kong Professor Emeritus Yuan Baorong said breathable gauze strong, even if completely covered tracheostomy, the patient choked to death is very low, estimated that the patient died due to other diseases. He noted that nursing procedures are not appropriate, the responsibility of the whole team, no reason for more than 20 health care workers are not aware,

Hong Kong Nurses Association Chairman and Health Services of the Legislative Council Joseph refers, delirious patients have the opportunity to get the stoma, the nurse will be affixed with adhesive tape and more number of edges fixed gauze, gauze, but he believes the high permeability, the patient can not breathe. He believes that this problem is the patient’s family has been questioned, and improve health care but did not solvable asked, urging HA carefully investigate the cause.


driving a coal car just a few kilometers away

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

The evening of October 27 to 28 at 1 pm, a coal reaching the territory of Yu County , Shanxi Lan County and were stopped by traffic police drivers were charged 100 yuan and 50 yuan , the release will not open any documents . Reporter shot after traffic police found Yuxian grab the camera , and later November 21 , CCTV broadcast the report , the Ministry of Public Security sent a team to the local inspectors . First of two counties in Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau decided to persons responsible for such removal , and investigation.

traffic stretched a finger 100 yuan

>> Lan County

10 27, CCTV reporter traveling in Shaanxi Shenmu driving a coal truck driver , Shandong , Shanxi vehicle through the channel into the territory of coal , found arbitrary institution card , fines, and arbitrary collection of fees three arbitrary state highways prohibited behavior still exists. Along Highway 313 , drivers and old Guo Xiaohua driving coal trucks at 17:00 on October 27 to enter the territory of Shanxi Lan County , replace old Guo Xiaohua the driver to continue driving , driving a coal car just a few kilometers away , old Guo suddenly slowed down the speed .


and running the boiler . Mission in 2012

Monday, November 21st, 2011

According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network reports: Today, the Navy Network November 18, 2011 article that, according to official Russian reports Machinery Factory in northern Russia for the conversion of India , upgrading the system work .

addition to the construction of nuclear submarines, modified So far , the aircraft ‘s main propulsion has been assembled and tested for the steam , the same time, the propulsion system of mooring trials are underway .

the carrier every day hundreds of experts at work , including the main plant of the test berth No. 55 team had 200. In order to accelerate and complete the work efficiently in early 2011 , Northern Machinery Factory for the production structure adjustment , and set up a workshop in the temporary

In addition , a lot of construction work to increase staff, especially managers, all teams are working at full capacity . This year, the North carried out in an orderly mechanical factory work and the timely completion of the annual construction program . But in the next month and a half years this year , there is still a lot of work . For example , in the In November, the carrier plans to supply fuel , and running the boiler . Mission in 2012, the mooring trials have been completed sea trials will be spring next year . (China Shipping Information Center Shiwen Jiang )


In this report

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Have a

China Youth Daily reporter recently went to Qujing investigate this

two hundred million yuan almost all the land sales proceeds

the developers did not build on the located in the downtown area Qujing area of ​​about 281.91 acres, is Qujing one of the key landmark projects.

the plot of land acquired from the army reserve center, on December 17, 2009 to sell by tender.

in Qujing Municipal People’s Government and Shenzhen Oriental Land Co., developer of the limited liability company some form of financial support given by way of reward for supporting the project of urban infrastructure construction.

Qujing City Department of Finance reporter access to the

In this report, the total cost of the land plots of about 414 million yuan. 683 million yuan of their land, minus the total cost of 414 million yuan, about 269 million yuan net income, minus 9% should be turned over to the province’s net income, net income was actually city Qujing 246,712,000 yuan.

Qujing City Deputy Mayor in charge of the Municipal Finance Bureau, said the reported pieces of

ratio is different. In 2006, the State Council issued All income paid into the local treasury, spending all the budget through local fund revenue from the land transfer be arranged to introduce radical Set up at the local treasury special accounts, special accounts, land transfer revenues and expenditures,

This bid is below 600 million yuan on the other without the successful bidder is obviously unfair.

Qujing outreach office, according to the staff, although the signature of a general nature asked the Bureau. Reporters repeatedly to Qujing Construction Bureau, the office staff told Wu is responsible for this project outside of the meeting, Deputy Secretary, not to be interviewed.

project is not completed, how do you know If construction is completed there is surplus, how to deal with? The problem has no answer.


production sale and usage

Monday, November 14th, 2011

The food additive picks and gets rid of 33 kinds of products to forbid production sale and usage
The national quality checked a bureau to release to announce recently, since this very day, forbade to wait 33 kinds of products as the food additive production, sale and usage to the Qian radicle benzene A sour C ester.

According to the health department 《concerning<food additive usage standard>(GB2760-2011)concerning problem of reply 》,到會服務the national quality checks a bureau to decide since this very day, the quality technical director bureau in each province no longer accepts the food additive production of 33 kinds of products to admit an application and includes to food antiseptic of the Qian radicle benzene A sour C ester etc. among them, two oxidize a chlorine etc. the food is used a disinfection.Already approval of production admit certificate, from take charge of section recall and log off, and completed before December 20 this year.

According to understanding, 33 kinds of products involves benzene A the sour C ester is to the Qian radicle, to Qian radicle benzene AN is sour C ester sodium salt and Mao benzene Mi Shi and time chloric acid sodium, two oxidize a chlorine, lead to oxidize hydrogen and lead oxygen acetic acid and chlorination phosphoric acid three sodium, 12 alkyl benzene Huang sour sodium, 12 alkyl Huang sour sodium, 1-C Chun, 4-chlorine benzene oxygen acetic acid sodium, 6-Xia radicle adenine, single ether An, two chlorine different Mao cyanotype uric acid sodium, Vaseline and Huo sour calcium aluminum and amber sour Hang, F two sour, F two sour Hang, formaldehyde and burnt phosphoric acid four potassiums, urea, three ether An, 12 alkyl two A radicle the bromine turns An(the new Jie Er puts out),美食到會 iron powder, five carbon the double shrink Quan, sulfurous acid An, oxidize iron, silver, sour oil, fat Chun Mao An and fat ether sodium sulfate.

At the same time, all food additive production business enterprises forbid Learning Chinese to produce 33 kinds of above-mentioned products, already the forbiding of production is a food additive factory sale.Food’s producing a business enterprise all can not use as well.

nursing book

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Know “poisonous side effect” of nursing book
Example a:In the book says a female milk to is the most nutritive food to the infant, should make the baby eat female milk more.My canned milk is very good, so should with the female milk feed to keep for lord, etc. baby half year old hereafter again add to assist a food.

Order to review:Because the infant grows up,這樣的果汁喝了便秘the human milk quantity that absorbs every day also corresponds to increase, but secretes for a day of female milk have great capacity invite at 800 milliliters of or so, the nourishment composition provided by it has already canned not satisfy a baby to grow to develop of need.Take thermal energy as an example, 4-6 babies of months need 700-900 kilocalories every day, but 800 milliliters of 80%s that can provide 560 kilocalories, only can satisfy the thermal energy needed.So infant from 4 months after, in spite of the female milk feed to keep, a bottle feeding still a mixture should add for baby to assist a food in time to feed to keep.

Example two:In the book says that the 3-month-old kid should have 14 catties, can my baby just 12 catty, whether Be getting thinner too much?

Order to review:The data that announces according to World Health Organization:The baby of age March, the baby boy’s normal weight should between 4.1~7.7 kilograms,百歲老人都愛吃什麽 according to this standard range, your baby’s weight is normal.

Example three:The in the book says that the baby sleeps not feel is lack calcium, child in my house goes to bed always not dependable, affirmation was to lack calcium.

Order to review:Come to say to the baby whom the female milk feeds to keep, if going to bed is always not dependable, at expeled a paroxysm factor outside, should first consideration whether the female milk is ample.Judge the female milk ample index sign to have several followings:The infant has a contented and happy facial expression after sucking at breast and respond intelligent;The infant changes a diaper every day 6 or so, move bowels to present the golden color paste form 1~3 times every day;Infant’s weight increases every day on the average 150 grams of or so, full moon want to increase to be 600 grams of above.

Example four:The morning of the baby gets up lips to obviously and very do, and still a cough, I doubt BE”last fire, but I see in the book say, the purely female milk feeds to keep of the baby don’t need to drink water.

Order to review:Theoretically speak, the purely female milk feeds to keep of the baby generally can’t appear “last fire”, but this important cause person, because of but difference.For example the baby catches a cold to have a fever, have to repair water for baby at this time, this because water contains the function to regulate body temperature, body water shortage after, produce hot and spread hot will lose balance, and water can also promote the metabolism in the body, the benefit is poisonous at the row.Again for example, our country some region winter the weather is very dry, and very blazing hot then in summer, should also repair water for baby in time at this time.Water is the main composition of cell, the age is more young, the fat organization in the body is more little,海帶降血脂 the comparison of humidity also more big, the water content in the infant body is 70%~75%, healthy everyday of infant water of the depletion is about 10% of weight~15%, so say that should just the right amount give the baby the drinking

Autumn winter baby

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Autumn winter baby easy”lousy mouth Cape”
Whenever deep autumn early winter the season is a child to suffer from the high peak season that the quarrel blazes.The quarrel is burning to be so called “lousy mouth Cape”, it main symptom BE:The tide is red and rise pimple and take place ivory debauched, open wound, knot Jia etc., returning the companion has already burned to burn feeling and painful feeling.改善耳鳴症狀An open mouth easy bleed, connect have a meal, talk all inconvenient.

So, autumn winter child why easy get quarrel burning?Mainly is season factor to make however.Whenever deep autumn early winter, the weather is drier, by this time the skin of the person’s lips and surroundings is easily dry and cracked.Some while feeling a people’s lips becoming dry, the babies will appear a kind of action of habitual, that is to like to lick a people’s lips with the tongue.In the weather aridity, licked the last saliva to soon evaporate, more lick as a result more dry, cause a people’s lips dry and cracked but inflammation.The one more is the problem of baby oneself physical endowment and have of lack the vitamin B2 inside the baby body, easily occurrence pit Huang Su lack sex quarrel to blaze.

How prevent and cure pediatric quarrel burning?In this aspect, the mother is the best “doctor”.

At ordinary times, the mother should tell the kid doesn’t want to lick a people’s lips with the tongue, especially after quarrel happening and blazing, must be scathing to stop a kid to lick infected part, because the starch Mao contained in the saliva is more sticky dense, lick the paste that is best to be like on the 1 F in the quarrel debauched noodles, need humidity to recall into a skin after vaporizing, the debauched quarrel will more and more be infected but aggravate a condition.

To notice baby’s oral hygiene easily suffer from quarrel’s blazing of the kid should usually add vitamin C and the vitamin B2.Before going out at baby the few glycerin or edible oil etc. of lips, in order to prevent outdoor breeze great cold is cold, 男人更性感the occurrence of the mouth Cape aridity and open wound.

Baby get the quarrel blaze, the civil in common use following method carries on a treatment and there is certain effect.

1.Wash mouth Cape infected part with the rice soup, everyday 3 times.

2.Clean quarrel infected part with thin brine, after needing stem in advance grind into the vitamin B2s of powder to spread on the quarrel, after meal and sleep ex- one for each, take effect for general 3 days.

When the quarrel debauched long term not more, should send to hospital hospital treatment, the reasonable uses anti-virus medicine under the doctor’s instruction,核桃紅參炖鹧鸪 the in order to prevent causes disruption a condition