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hand smoke a people

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Father doesn’t allow the baby to become second hand smoke a people
When you sparked a cigarette, whether once think the cigarette will produce 3000 various compounds after burning, among them, all of the great majority are harmful to healthy body, like tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, and Mao Ding…etc., these influence of the material upon the baby and the darling child can not neglect.The happiness that father’s smoking acquires takes the sacrifice baby’s health as price, imperceptibly, the baby became second hand smoke people.

Passive smoke cigarette harmful health發質好壞預知壽命

To the foetus baby’s influence

The passive smoking equally will bring very big injury to baby of foetus.After the mother-to-be inhales the nicotine in the air, will cause the womb not normal constringency, make placenta blood circulation damaged, influence the foetus baby’s growth.

If the mother-to-be smokes cigarette, will increase a foetus the baby grow to develop dilatoriness all to lead in the womb, the weight for baby to is born wants compare not smoke cigarette of the baby given birth to by mother light 150~250 grams.When the baby grows 7 years old, height and weight can not catch up normal average level, either.

To the baby’s influence

1 increase the opportunity that the baby descends a breath way infection

Father smokes cigarette, the baby easily suffers from bronchitis, thin bronchitis or pneumonia, and the smoking degree of the incidence rate and father becomes a direct proportion.

2 easy hair asthmas

Although smoking be not cause baby’s asthma of direct reason, can increase going into action of asthma number of times and reply to go into action.Because the cigarette released while burning of chemistry material, will strengthen the sensitivity of breath way mucosa, enlarge the occurrence of asthma.

3 be disgusted with inducting a food禿頭的男人

The baby after being passive to smoke cigarette very difficult ejects the inhalation harmful material in the body.If father smokes cigarette when the baby has meal and influences the baby’s appetite very easily, being the baby will have a meal to contact the smoking, the possible emergence is disgusted with a food.

4 middle ear diseases

In the family environment that the life curls up in the smoke, will increase the possibility that the baby suffers from an impatient or chronic middle-ear infection.

5 influence intelligence develops

Even if is a little”second hand smoke” will bring injury to the baby’s study ability, influence reading, reason logically with mathematics.The nicotine splits up in the body after make of can D Ni, will make the baby’s reading, mathematics and reason logically average result more and more low.

To the passive smoking say”not”

Father is much the baby’s consideration

Quit smoking demand courage and persistence, but from now on created a family space that has no smoke for baby.營養過剩

If can not quit smoke, should also reduce at the smoking number of times of home and avoid in front smoking at the baby.

Take baby’s egress and choose to have no smoke place

Discover a body side when someone smoke immediately take a baby to leave, don’t make the baby on the spot absorb “second hand smoke”.

If is in bus or hotel, body someone smoke cigarette beside, try in=Qi doors and windows, circulate air to reduce the density of smoke and to the baby’s injury.

When family boarded out together, choose an overall smoking ban of restaurant.

Educate baby more at ordinary times, build up ego protection consciousness, keep off smoking crowd.

The mother cans make

1 much eat the food of the vitamin C content Gao for baby

The vitamin C can raise the machine body immunity function, can also prevent°from catchesing a cold with treatment and alleviate nicotine to the injury that the human body results in to some extent.

The vitamin C is existed to a plant food in, particularly extensively distribute in the vegetable and the fruit, take the green vegetable and the orange content as tallest, also imply jot in the animal liver kidney.

The expert reminds:The content of vitamin C is under the influence of many factors in the food.

The AN is storing to lose a vegetable in the process of storing, some materials will have the loss of different degree.

The B cooks a method not appropriate time also having influence cooking is more long, the temperature is more high, the loss of the vitamin C more many

The area of contact that the C making method wants to be fitting to narrow food and air and water can immediately reduce loss.The vegetable slices more thinly, more ground, the vitamin C loses more many.

2 in homes place an adsorbent

The decontamination machine that places to used for smoking pollution in the indoor’s managing can purify and get rid of an indoor cigarette smoke and reduce the possibility that the baby takes place passive smoking.

baby’s lead poisoning

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The air pollution greatly and sincerely defends baby’s lead poisoning
Sometimes we will hear some fathers and mothers at complain displeased:My kid’s statures is long not high;My baby’s body immunity dint is bad;Baby in my house doesn’t have the cleverness of his house ……the small plait listens to listen to,United Statesunderstanding this was what is the row, is all disaster that the lead poisoning asks for!The articles of lead aren’t only up these, can much wear!The father mother doesn’t worry, let’s come to the introduction of listenning to the expert together.

“Lead poisoning” why?We tell you!

Causing the reason of kid’s lead poisoning is a lot of and for example say:

1, the baby will absorb a mother to absorb of and release a great deal of lead of from the skeleton, don’t make the kid be born and then be subjected to leaden damage.

2, the little infant suck up the skin with the lead cosmetics of mother, Tu You, , or suck up the human milk of mother’s lead contamination.

3, plumbic talcum powder used in kid, chew the food toy and product with the lead coating.

4, take a meal plumbic Peng to turn food, loose flower egg and steam to cook with the inferior enamel ware, enamel quality of food.Ma support

5, is particularly a life in the environment of lead contamination, more easily result in the kid’s lead poisoning.Although there is unleaded gas product currently,can not out and out promise that everyone uses as well as soon get rid of the air that is polluted.The much less life is in an environment of lead contamination of height.

The infant is the weakest crowd that the lead infringes upon and cause all leading of the lead poisoning to far be far larger than an adult, its reason because the kid’s metabolism and excretion function develop not perfect, is bigger than 5 times that of adult to the absorption rate of the lead.The lead poisoning broke the blood system of building of infant and made lead calm and steady on the skeleton, therefore influenced the kid’s growth growth.Because infant blood brain the natural cover has high transparence, the age is more young, more high to the transparence of the lead, under the same condition, the lead is 18 times that of adult to the transparence infant of blood brain natural cover.The lead has special affinity to the nervous system, therefore lead poisoning will seriously growth of influence kid’s nervous system, make kid’s intelligence lowly.The cardiovascular system, Bi urine system will also be subjected to influence in the meantime.Because the lead poisoning is a chronic development process, the poisoned symptom isn’t specially obvious, people usually neglected the actual condition that the infant is poisoned.

“Lead poisoning” how judges?Follow to take a look!

The clinical performance of “lead poisoning” is:Stagnant, the reaction muff, language dilatoriness and attention aren’t concentrated, the sight descend, move so much, attack others, leave cluster, mimicry dint bad, be disgusted with food,Culture goes into allied sleep to cry and scream etc.;On top of that, the lead poisoning represses the child’s growth growth, if the blood lead level rises 10 tiny gram of|the cent rise, its height Zhi grows 1.3 Li rices, and the weight reduces about 3 kilograms.

Prevent°from lead poisoning, the expert pays to recruit need not fear

Common saying says “defend Be suffered from to not yet”, so how effectively prevent°from the babies lead poisoning?Whether really need to be like to say so “do not take the car and don’t drink water a fruit and even move the big steppe that didn’t pollute to live” in the advertisement?In fact, also need not so exaggerated, as long as you pay attention to a daily protection, we as usual can control lead poisoning in the safe scope-

Move a:Frequently shear a nail and frequently wash hands

The Tong mama’s hand to the Tong treasure sweeps pretty much a value, because thoroughly washes hands clearly can not only prevent°from a disease dissemination, but also effectively control a lead.Tong mama makes the request of “five necessarily wash” to the Tong treasure:The egress returns to necessarily wash hands and takes a meal to before and necessarily wash hands and finish having fun the toy necessarily wash hands, the painting necessarily washes hands after and reads to complete to necessarily wash hands.Then have, frequently shear a nail for the babies also very necessary.

Move two:The baby plays place and chooses like

The mothers as far as possible don’t bring the baby to the car discharge big street and the lead homework factory neighborhood to play, stroll, because there mostly”heavy disaster area” of the lead dust gathering.Again the lead dust much comes together below one meters, so if the mother has to take a baby to go to the above-mentioned amenity words, had better embrace baby.

lately recruit

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Cure infant’s hair thin afferent lump to have to lately recruit
“The small jade finally saw clear world.”The small jade Zheng wears bright of big eyes, lie on the mother’s warm bosom to embrace in,extraordinary plan happily recover from illness to get out of the hospital.Recently, state City two people ophthalmology in the hospital successfully carried out right eye”the hair thinned afferent lump” cancellation Shu for 3-month-old small jade.

Small jade just full moon, the family discovered her right eye ascend long the strawberry similar thing of being like of a scarlet, and obviously enlarged along with the crying and screaming of small jade, slowly spread to the whole eyelids.The family see the form hurriedly take small jade to arrive at state City two people the hospital seek medical advice.After that Shen Zhi from ophthalmologist beam in hospital diagnoses, the certain small jade suffered from a child the familiar hair thin afferent lump.Because the age is young, the tumor diameter reaches to 1.4 Li rices, and the position is dangerous and usually cure a method is take off through a surgical operation in addition to, but in consideration of kid the age is young, the surgical operation is risky.The beam states the method that Zhi decides to adopt to inject times inside the body to the small jade lump his rice loosen has been injected a treatment at a time, the tumor of small jade eyelids completely fades away.the extraordinary

According to the introduction, infant’s type afferent lump, again the hair thin afferent lump, much occurrence after birth of in 3 months, 1 year old in growth quick, particularly is original hair at eyelids skin and skin bottom, can spread to whole eyelidseses and cheek department, suffering from son to cry and scream can obviously enlarge.The tumor is much irregular, the color depth is red, the surface has many small hollow, like the strawberry kind, past strawberry birthmark or strawberry-like in shape afferent lump.Inject his rice of times inside two hospital adoption lump bodies of state City loose, repress skin cell inside the blood vessel to increase to living, make the hair thin afferent chamber shut a lock, has been injected at a time, majority of case tumors can completely fade away, the curative effect shows Zhao.Don’t need surgical operation, the risk was small, the safe coefficient is high.disease thin stomachThis text related recommendation infant’s head afferent lump picture hair thin afferent lump picture infant strawberry-like in shape afferent lump picture infant the afferent lump cure a method infant the afferent lump see which section the thin afferent lump eyelids of the symptom just born infant’s hair of the room infant afferent lump afferent lump picture infant afferent lump severity

powder standard low

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

China becomes the biggest milk powder consumption country infant milk powder standard low
The work believed a department to mean recently, infant formula production business enterprise would build up a trustworthiness management system.But the expert think, the initial problem of our country infant formula is the problem that wants to solve standard and nations to be in line with currently.Currently, the standard of domestic infant’s milk product, with the international universal general rule, still have a not small margin.choice of beverage

Expert:Local milk powder standard of infant is low

The Xinhua news agency report way said that declared in having no tin to convene of food industrial business enterprise trustworthiness system constucting making experiements exchanges and training willing last week, the national food safe situation total stability also kept toward the good trend.This year, the work letter department guides the organization 4000 food business enterprise establishment trustworthiness management system, and produce a business enterprise to build up a trustworthiness management completely in all infant formula system.

But expert then means currently, the problem of local infant formula, the being still of most standard doesn’t have heel nations to be in line with.Chinese doctor association child healthily professional committee chairman of committee, military district total hospital in Peking subsidiary 81 childs and directors from reputation in hospital the D Zong mean on the tiny Bo for a the 15th:”Last year July 13 I appeal a value infant formula standard draws up.Passed by for a year, the nobody managed me.I think that the food safe problem that appears nowadays derives from standard establishment.International organization actually how draw up, need to make the large crowd know, control, then can the original pure source.”黃山美景誘人

Convened the meeting of international expert’s team in the German Munich in 2005.International expert’s team have two for infant formula of the views Be worth thinking deeply:A, infant formula isn’t a general food, but the infant’s”food”.Two, any manufacturing’s counterfeiting the behavior of false inferior infant’s food is all “pertaining to crime crime”.Currently, the domestic’s social need to infant formula flies soon a growth, but to the foundation knowledge of infant formula, management laws and feat technique didn’t get a synchronous exaltation.Our knowledge to infant formula gradually acquires with the importation of foreign infant formula product.No matter is a large parent, consumer, production business enterprise, the management section is still establishment and pediatrics of the standard doctor, all flows the impact that flows with knowledge to descend in this kind of huge product caught unprepared, the mistake area cluster livings.Minority of illegal businessmans take advantage of an opportunity a manufacturing to counterfeit a false inferior product, weighed an infant formula safe crisis more and brought tremendous injury to our country infant formula industry and the market.The this kind bane will produce long ago breakage to the our country whole trustworthiness with social, safety, science and culture.

The D believed in a to use while accepting a medium interview earlier five”not enemy opponent” tallied up the our country infant’s formula of present condition:The establishment of standard in the nation not enemy opponent, the whole management system not the enemy opponent, market is quasi- to go into system enemy opponent, label isn’t not enemy opponent, recall the bad product report system the enemy opponent is not.”These and international top a vast difference between the two, therefore would produce today’s circumstance.”D believes in a to say, for example:In the national standard, doing not request formula has to have the pediatrics the doctor’s opinion;From the ranch, grew a cow etc. beginning don’t also manage according to the international standard;As for behind of production with together produce a check each time, also have no according to international standard, but just will it conduct and actions general of the food carry on a check.”Infant formula should is a food to investigate production and management.”
Market:China helps the biggest milk powder in ball to consume a country旅遊規劃

Milk industry expert, Wang Ding Mian, is in the milk article lately standard set of once bombarded with artillery an existing milk industry of our country standard world lowest, mainly because is kidnap separately by the big business enterprise.But the domestic standard is low, the consumer doesn’t buy the result of Zhang, be cause ocean milk powder of the market is more and more big.Wang Ding Mian introduces while accepting a medium interview, the ocean milk powder brand has already attained 60%-65% in the comparison of the our country milk powder market total sales of infant, in the front-line flourishing city, the ocean brand occupies an absolute leadership position.Though the ocean brand year by year rises in price, still keep deeply being extoled, this also makes the ocean brand risen in price to even have bottom spirit.In May, this year, the national hair changes Wei to talk several ocean milk powders around tycoon, hope to maintain the ocean milk powder market price stability, after only two months, the markup tide of ocean milk powder once more again appears.Start July, four ocean milk powder Hui surname within tycoons with the formula get stripe for from lift price 10% to the new product, but the graceful Pei call original material cost ascension, equally rise in price 10%.Several ocean milk powders annually lift price ranges all at 15% is to the of 18%.

But in fact, the milk powder of China consumes quantity particularly the dependence to the ocean milk powder, enlarge gradually.Recently, IDF milk industry Feng in the world will hold in the Italian Pa Er Ma, will ascend to release IDF2011 versionses of 《milk industry situation in the world 》, show among them:The 2010 milk powder import(the whole milk powder is 326,000 tons, skim milk 89,000 tons) in China takes up 11.8% of the global trade quantity(the whole milk powder is 2,065,000 tons, skim milk 1,461,000 tons) and compares last a year of 10% to again increase 1.8 percentage points.