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because it works with more sky satellite communications. It is such as forests

Friday, December 30th, 2011

China yesterday to open its domestic civilian areas of satellite navigation systems to the U.S. global dominance in the field challenged.

The central government said that although the Beidou system has not yet completed, but it has proven its in enhancing China’s military, technological and economic strength of the value.

China’s satellite navigation system management office RAN Cheng in Beijing yesterday announced its Beidou system signal in space interface control document. Access to the file are limited to long-term PLA and some have a government-backed companies, but now people are even able to use the service of the Beidou.

Ran bearing its said that an independent satellite navigation system for China’s national security is very important. Without such a system, this country can not call themselves big and strong. He said, opening the field to the civil system will also help the economy.

If a navigation device can use multiple navigation system signals, it can start faster and run more reliable, more accurate, because it works with more sky satellite communications. It is such as forests, mountains and high-rise buildings of the city such as Hong Kong and other non-open environment is particularly useful.

Government recognizes the Beidou system is currently used in three of the most inaccurate satellite navigation system – the first civilian accuracy of 25 meters, after next year will launch more satellites up to 10 meters; but it also provides a unique emergency services – - SMS Service. Ran Cheng the said:

U.S. News: new means of discouraging U.S. Navy

[United States,

Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system is not as people think, as with the U.S. Global Positioning System as accurate. However, according to Eric Hager special and Matthew Durning published in October in the United States,

They wrote: have identified at sea, tracking and combat ships of the basic capabilities.

The system will give the Chinese military a global positioning system alternative. The latter is developed by the Pentagon and still controlled by the U.S. government. In theory, the United States in the event of conflict prohibit or deny other countries access to the system, even though they say has never done so.

Military experts as the Chinese Beidou system over the past 15 years, the U.S. Navy to deny or prevent conflict in the case of trying to interfere in China's coastal waters into the part of the effort. Beidou system with other satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and related technologies in combination, to help track the U.S. ships, submarines and other positioning their ships, and to guide anti-ship ballistic missile against the target.

The system also received the Chinese territorial disputes to those of neighboring countries with a significant tactical advantage.


Zhaocheng Sheng

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Truck hit the carriage containing 24 students 2 dead 23 injured caused

21 日 12 45PM, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Qiubei County trucks carrying 24 students and the coach collided, killing two students were killed and 23 injured. Department of Education is responsible for the county’s deputy director of school safety actually alleging an interview, or walk children to school safer.

Zhaozheng Heng Zhao Zhengjuan and sister had died on the spot in the village school, old school converted last year, they were diverted to distant cat red primary. Parents have found the school to the schools bus children to rent, cost-sharing by parents. However, parents are looking for Education, the school, parents do not know how to do, think of a way to rent took the second carriage. Parents find Zhang Hong, agreed to the price of 60 dollars per person per month by Zhang Hong carriages pick up the child.

run in accordance with the usual carriage routes to school, with a total distance of about 5 km, of which nearly 1 km to generic carbon road, there are nearly 1 km away from the Shizong before the old road to the north Qiu . Adults walk takes about 40 minutes, the students walk to school, take three hours a day.

dialogue Qiubei County Board of Education deputy director Zhao Chengsheng

yesterday afternoon, Qiubei County Board of Education. Responsible for school safety from the Deputy Secretary Zhao Chengsheng Wenshan hospital back.

Reporter: Qiubei County school car?

Zhao Chengsheng: counties Qiubei County is not equipped with any school bus.

Reporter: Have you been to school cats red do? Seen or heard of the carriage as the school bus thing? The children go to school accident forty-five km, with a school bus that is not how to go to school?

Zhaocheng Sheng: The last time I rushed to the cat primary in 2009. Never seen, never heard of the things the students pull the carriage. According to reality, or walking children to school safer.

Reporter: Recently, more than national school bus accidents occur, it carried out Qiubei County school bus safety inspection?

Zhao Chengsheng: county government, formed a school bus safety inspection team, a comprehensive examination over school bus safety problems.

Reporter: You do not have the county school bus, school bus safety inspection group of major check?

Zhaocheng Sheng: The main examination have engaged in illegal private car pull to send the case of students, once found all banned.

Reporter: Since it is a comprehensive inspection, it should’ve been red cat primary school, are no heard?

Zhao Chengsheng: We have not been to check the cat primary red school bus safety.

Reporters: how can they say now never been a comprehensive examination?

Zhao Yi at the secondary road K29 +630

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Xinhua Kunming, December 20 (reporter Ji Zhepeng ) reporter from the relevant departments that Zhaotong City , 20 at around 7 , Zhao Yi at the secondary road K29 +630 , due to water seepage caused by ice mountains collapse , causing traffic congestion . Currently , work is underway to reopen , no casualties reported , is expected to be reopened around 15:00 .

It is understood that after the collapse Zhaotong municipal government immediately organized the construction team , mechanical , and timely repair of the collapsed body of the PAT . At the same time , local traffic police department is also first at the scene to maintain traffic order , ensure that blocked vehicles and drivers and passengers safe .

Zhaotong secondary roads linking Zhaoyang Zhao Yi , Yiliang , mark three counties , a total length of 91.678 km , full capacity in December 2009 , the end of August this year, opened to traffic .


Penglai 19-3 oil field oil spill occurred more than six months

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Penglai 19-3 oil field oil spill occurred more than six months, the fishermen have a claim for ConocoPhillips, when the litigation, ConocoPhillips 16, has said that basically there is no evidence of oil spill impact on the environment.

Gaosuibuyou Thailand ConocoPhillips above statement is in the Yesterday, the

Oil spill incident, ConocoPhillips, respectively in July and August, held a news conference, followed by ConocoPhillips to carry out a number of stakeholders with small-scale exchange. Environmental organizations, Environmental Research Center, the public was invited to Ma Jun, the person in charge with ConocoPhillips December 8 for the exchange.

ConocoPhillips said the international media for the oil spill did not affect the behavior of the environment, Ma questioned, said: contribution, and now how to make inconsistent statements it? took place in June this year, two oil spills caused by the pollution of the Bohai Sea water is no need to argue the facts.

Ma told reporters that the Bohai Sea is a semi-enclosed seas, with an average depth of only 20 meters, the environmental impact of oil spill on the Bohai Sea is a more serious harm. Moreover, the oil spills caused by oil-based mud has not yet been cleared by the impact on the environment will be a long time. He said ConocoPhillips public hide the first, and often misleading statements in the post, but repeated attempts to evade its commitment to the ecological damage and loss of farming and other economic interests, its credibility has been lost.

In fact, it is easy to see ConocoPhillips with 16 the previous remarks are quite contradictory public statements. September 6, ConocoPhillips said it would fund the establishment of Bohai Bay, according to China’s relevant laws and assume due responsibility and benefit the overall environment of Bohai Bay. ConocoPhillips Chairman and CEO Muhuai Li said at the time:

As Laoting County, Hebei Province, 107 fishermen to bring 490 million yuan ConocoPhillips financial compensation attorney, Zhao Wei of ConocoPhillips 16 comments saying: not to Conoco’s will, but will make the identification of authority prevail.

Previously, Zhao Wei have been the State Oceanic Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture applied for government information. State Oceanic Administration, Government Information answer book shows, Penglai 19-3 oil field oil spill Leting County, Hebei Province, has been farming in the area surrounding land. Ministry of Agriculture, Office of the reply letter also ruled out by the known bacteria, parasites and viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms that cause mass mortality of aquatic products, confirmed the red tide, oil pollution and other factors may cause the fish’s long stagnation and death.


Canada in 2005 17% reduction level .

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

People power in Ottawa , Canada December 12, will be formally withdraw from the This is attending the climate conference in Durban, just to return to Canada’s Environment Minister Kenny statement on the evening of 12 . He said in a statement , .

Kenny said in a statement , global climate change solution , on the contrary , it is a hindrance .

Statement said : Canada is committed to the negotiation of an effective international climate change agreement , which means that it should include all major emitters . Canada will continue to perform at the Cancun meeting the commitments made , 2020 , Canada in 2005 17% reduction level .

Kenny ‘s statement a release, immediately met with They said in a statement : Although the companies continue to go its own way through the many loopholes to continue its voluntary emission reduction can not be verified .


the PLA has no teeth

Monday, December 12th, 2011

German media and compiled domestic needs , do not last long . And Beijing ‘s military buildup and military exercises not really want to fight, its strategic thrust is to dominate through means other than war in East Asia , the tiger Moreover, the PLA has no teeth , claws can dance outside .


but the year also increased the number of aviation accidents .

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Xinhua Montreal, Canada, December 7 (Reporter Shi Li Zhang Dacheng ) , said the ICAO 7 , 2010 show signs of recovery in the global aviation industry , but the year also increased the number of aviation accidents .

ICAO headquarters in Montreal, published its was expected that this figure will reach 52 million times .

But the report also pointed out that commercial flights in 2010 the number of accidents to 121 cases, compared with 113 the previous year’s increase . Reported that the aircraft take off and landing runway occurred during the accident was a major part of aviation accidents , accounting for 59% of the number of accidents .

ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin said the same day , the aviation industry is still relatively safe in all transport . With the continuous development of the global aviation industry , in particular, require the parties to work together to reduce accidents .

ICAO is a United Nations specialized agencies , established in 1944, its mission is to develop civil aviation safety , security , efficiency and environmental protection standards and regulations , and promote global civil aviation safety and orderly development of


the threat of the United States

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

吉哈德马格 Darcy Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman: We signed the agreement on a positive attitude, ready to sign, we require signed an agreement in Damascus, to show the sincerity of the Arab League, we signed an agreement in After the Arab League should lift sanctions against Syria, and restore Syria (Arab League) membership.

Moderator labor Chunyan: Good evening, welcome to the news channel is being broadcast

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