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If everything goes according to Merkel’s plan

Monday, December 5th, 2011

At least, European leaders finally reached a consensus that If there is exaggeration in this statement is suspected before, and now the German long-term treasury bonds over the Anglo-American poor and the first class rate bonds, certificates along is bring disaster to the euro zone debt crisis has been the core countries, and take a reality, to say.

few days ago, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on European debt crisis were addressed, both for the actual launch of the Sarkozy said that Europe should create a more disciplined, more united and more responsible to the people, a real economic government. Merkel is a clear declaration to resolve the debt crisis of the idea is to create a fiscal union. To this end all euro area member states to implement Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris once again coordinate their positions, no accident, then, strong in the EU summit will launch the

aside Although experts from government officials to recognize that this is caused by the root causes of the debt crisis, but to promote financial integration would mean transferring part of national fiscal sovereignty to the EU, at the technical level to modify the EU treaties, at the political level To obtain the agreement of the EU-27, which is considered difficult to operate and difficult to go beyond the step. If the debt crisis did not spread to the core countries of the euro area, I am afraid it is difficult to Germany determined to promote the establishment of a fiscal union.

according to German ideas, the first German to fight for the establishment of 17 member countries in the euro area financial stability alliance, or a smaller step pattern in accordance with the Schengen Agreement, some euro zone countries in the coalition. In short, as soon as practicable, promote financial integration.

If everything goes according to Merkel’s plan, then the euro-zone member states should implement strict economic austerity policies to drastically reduce the national debt, efforts to improve economic competitiveness. This means that the strong labor market reform, a substantial increase in the retirement age, a significant reduction in social welfare. This requires not only determination, but also take time. Merkel also said that to solve the debt crisis will take several years. The problem is that Europeans have no time for several years. German government bonds in the market freeze and Italian bond yields high, indicating that investors are growing distrust of Europe. The negative rating agencies has also been issued a warning, forcing the euro zone leaders and the European Central Bank to take timely and decisive action.

Thus, while Merkel resolutely refused to implement a fiscal union in the European euro bond issue before, and reiterated to respect the ECB’s independence, but in order to gain time, to prevent the total loss of market confidence, Germany or Europe, by default debtor central bank continue to buy government bonds. Even so, the


farmers use scientific name phorate 3911

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Organic food, people become more familiar with it, organic is the highest level of internationally recognized, the best food safety standards. Thus, although the supermarkets, the price of organic food several times more expensive than the ordinary or even several times, but a growing number of consumers still feel this is money well spent. Because organic food means healthier and safer. The reporters found that some so-called organic food, why people 花了冤枉钱.

price of organic vegetables is about ten times more expensive than ordinary vegetables

in Jinan City, Ginza, Carrefour and other large supermarkets, specialty areas have organic vegetables products are spinach, leeks, cucumbers dozen varieties. Reporters saw the price of one kilogram of organic spinach is 25 yuan, the price of organic leek is 40. In order to prove their

organic food although expensive, is still sold well, because when sales promotion, the main selling point is natural, healthy, no pollution, no pesticide residues.

according to national standards, organic vegetables, refers to the entire production process must be in accordance with organic farming production growing vegetables. Namely, the production process do not use pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators chemical agents, does not use genetic engineering techniques, but also must be independent of the organic food certification body the whole process of quality control and review to ensure that its natural pollution characteristics. It is because of these characteristics, organic vegetables by many consumers.

reporter noted that in Jinan, the supermarkets sell an indication of the origin of organic vegetable production and Shouguang city, Shandong fat, then these high-priced organic vegetables are not really strict implementation of the organic standards, without pesticides fertilizer it? Reporters then went to the main producing areas of organic vegetables in Shandong were investigated.

fraudulent use of pesticides in the production process is serious

Reporters San manor farm in Shouguang, Shandong’s organic farm, to see where the workers are brominated vegetable spraying bacteria five nifedipine and Kresoxim ester two pesticides.

fruits and vegetables after the reporters in the Green Resources Ltd. On Station Feicheng organic farm, found here, also in the use of pesticides.

bromine bacteria five nifedipine, Kresoxim and hydroxide ketones are chemical pesticides, according to the classification of pesticide toxicity, is low toxicity fungicides, planting vegetables in general is allowed. However, as long as the use of chemical pesticides, these vegetables would certainly not be called organic vegetables.

so this farm, other farm then? Reporters in the other, an organic vegetable base found that some farmers even prohibited by the state in the use of pesticides 3911.

farmers use scientific name phorate 3911, the Ministry of Agriculture is prohibited in vegetables, fruits, tea and herbs on the use of pesticides, can only be used for other saplings and trees of the pest. Then the reporter driving safety in fat city, another town to see an organic vegetable base in 3911 is also used here, along with the other two and the same is strictly prohibited in 3911 the use of pesticides on vegetables and omethoate 1065. Reporters saw the base use of pesticides is up to a dozen.

in the base, the workers put freshly picked spinach packed in printed In addition to not use any chemical pesticides, in accordance with the provisions of the organic vegetables also can not use chemical fertilizers. But the farm, told reporters, in order to improve their production, have been using potassium-based fertilizers.

It is understood that sales of organic vegetables and organic supermarket business as long as the pesticide certification and test reports, you can sell the OTC.

investigation by reporters, these so-called organic vegetables from the sale of the entire process of production to gradually clear up. First, some vegetable farm vegetable company certified as organic vegetable base, and employment where farmers grow vegetables, vegetables, after the acquisition of Cook’s hands up from the farmers, organic product labels affixed, and finally is sent to the supermarket on the market . But that these have been labeled as organic label ordinary vegetables, but the soaring worth of. With spinach, for example, vegetable farmers the company from the hands of the acquisition price is up 8 cents per kilogram, and they affixed the label of organic products in China after the supermarket can sell per kg 25. Because there are huge profits to be made, types of fraud more and more organic food, the higher the price the more lift.

organic food industry is only in recent years developed a new industry, very popular with consumers. However, industrial development faster, more appropriate management should keep up, keep things under control. Otherwise, not only destroyed the industry, not reputation, and consumer health will suffer. Only the better to strengthen the certification process, improve the detection measures, to clarify management responsibilities. To let people enjoy their organic food, in order to prevent offenders from taking advantage.