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carry out the police Collaboration silver channel

Friday, January 6th, 2012

29 Ministry of Public Security held in Xiamen bank card to prevent crime against the forum and the economic loss of $ 400 million.

In 2011, China’s public security organs in the code-named big net ,

The special focus on combating counterfeit cards class action , class and related net cash etc. a high degree of subjective bad faith , involving a large bank card crimes , through the initiative , widely distributed networks and other means to play a regional police cooperation benefits , during the operation the national bank card crime in previous years were arrested 927 fugitives .

Currently, the Ministry of Public Security has established a national network of bank card suspect blacklist database, Economic Investigation of the provincial departments of public security organs with the province to establish a liaison system for financial institutions , involved through regular exchange of information, carry out the police Collaboration silver channel

In addition , the public security organs at all levels of Economic Investigation Department also carried out various forms of promotional activities to enhance the means of mass screening for various types of crime prevention.


In Arkansas

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

American girls in New Hampshire prior to abortion in order to tell their parents or a judge ; Alabama employers hire former employees must first verify the legal residency status ; California students are forced to learn homosexuality These are some take effect next year across the United States law , it is , or sad or happy .

According to the Associated Press reported that in 2012 the state law went into effect , most of which reflects the American interest in the issue of immigration .

Alabama will begin to implement the country’s most stringent immigration laws require all employers to use the name

Georgia (Georgia) state will also implement a similar law requiring more than 500 large companies use the Georgia also prepared prior to July 2013 requires all companies with more than 10 people are required to use E-Verify to verify employment status .

Tennessee will also require employers to ensure that the legal status of employees , but some owners do not need to use E-Verify, and just keep a copy of employee’s driver’s license .

Illegal immigration has always been on a very But still allow illegal immigrants to California public school students enjoy private time financial assistance.

A new California law also provides for public school students must learn to homosexuals and persons with disabilities contribution to society . In addition, this law also prohibits homosexuality detrimental to the image of the teaching materials.

A decree , New Hampshire girls seeking an abortion must first notify their parents or a judge . The state legislature as early as 8 years ago , but a series of lawsuits because of the obstruction have not been able to perform .

In Arkansas (Arkansas) State , monthly , more than 10 abortion clinics must be licensed and the State Department of Health review by the department .


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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012