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they did not ship is carried out Captain Wang Xiaofu

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

But in recent years intensified fishing disputes, but to be barriers to the development of bilateral relations, South Korean authorities and the media is always the Chinese fishermen, crew members and a series of facts of violence, it is difficult to see the media in South Korea. January 17, there are a Chinese fishing boat was Han Guohai Police seizure. It is understood that law enforcement in South Korea did not issue any warning to stop for boarding, and 13 Chinese crew members brutally beaten, causing three badly beaten, unconscious.

Han Guohai Police without warning 13 Chinese crew on board were beaten

Wenling City, Zhejiang Province under fisheries fishing Bang Coast Guard inspection. South Korea did not whistle or law enforcement officers in the case issued a warning forced to stop for boarding. After boarding, they did not ship is carried out Captain Wang Xiaofu, and other crew AI Ming and small Min 3 people were on the spot to play induced coma. Subsequently, the use of 3002 Han Guohai Police helicopter on patrol rushed the injured to hospital in Jeju.

It is understood that 13 Chinese crew members were met with Han Guohai police beatings, and even drew a pistol shot a sea police warning, but fortunately did not hit the crew. Worse is that the Chinese crew were handcuffs after he was Han Guohai Police took turns kicking. After inspection, they bear different degrees of injury.

South Korea claimed that the Chinese crew of

After the incident, South Korea claimed that the Chinese crew members’ violent resistance to law, So, after Han Guohai Police quickly took control of the cab on board, and beat the captain. After hearing movement in the rest of the crew, also went into the cab. This reporter has learned, in the process, the Chinese crew of Han Guohai Police did not have any violence.

It is reported that Han Guohai Police in the implementation of audit operations are recording. But when the Chinese Consulate General in Kwangju South Korea’s demand to provide first-hand evidence and information, the Han Guohai Police refused to provide any information. More strange is that Han Guohai Police on July 24 with the requirements of the Chinese crew who do a 25 am, dressed in plain clothes as part of the Han Guohai Police and uniformed police again on board the sea, and fishing off the cab door. Let the Chinese crew on the sidelines in any case, Han Guohai police he had made a

On the other hand, all the crew of the medical costs. 25 pm the vessel was allowed to leave Jeju, and on the 27th returned to Zhejiang.