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South Korea

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

World Wide Web intern reporter Zhou Xu , reports, March 15 , according to Yonhap , South Korea, Han Guohai Police official said , these ships will be devoted to the fight against the Chinese fishing boat

It is reported that , can be power forward. The boat also improve fuel efficiency and a savings of 25% in fuel costs than the previous diesel engines . Because of vibration and noise when driving , also known as the
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Reported that within the boat will be carried out renovation and commissioning of equipment, is expected to be delivered in July this year , the Korea Maritime Police Agency , specialized in combating the Chinese fishing boat


present and future are Russia in the region ‘s geopolitical enemy Syria and Iran with regard to

Monday, March 12th, 2012

March 11 , according to RIA Novosti , the Russian world arms trade analysis director of the Center Igor -科罗特琴科on the 11th , military-technical cooperation with Riyadh, the impasse is likely to have no future .
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The data indicate that the world arms trade center , the U.S. Air Force March 8 with the Boeing Company signed a $ 11.4 billion worth of contract , within the framework of the foreign military sales program , Saudi Arabia Air Force export 84 F – the 15SA new fighter . The agreement also includes the supporting systems and ammunition . Under the conditions of the contract , the F – 15SA export of the new fighter should be completed in October 2020 .

科罗特琴科 said : the most attractive part of the arms exports piece of the pie .

科罗特琴科also said probably not worth looking forward to the military-technical cooperation prospects in Moscow and Riyadh have , because the authorities in Saudi Arabia in the past , present and future are Russia in the region ‘s geopolitical enemy Syria and Iran with regard to


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Friday, March 9th, 2012