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Your patience will determine the child’s character

Monday, December 29th, 2008

The most recent days, found himself in mind from the inside of the child is basically not get angry, and can be described as “quietly Internal Strength” Xiaocheng early.

I have been advocating education entirely reasoning, of course, I have always do this, do not abuse children, the surface is not able to play not lash out, but in fact many times there will always be a heart would like to make impulse.

But now they finally did.

Read the American film “spiritual trip” would pay for the masters of mother moved – ownership is a blind, they have a music talent, is because ownership of her mother’s confidence and continue to encourage, ownership eventually be successful.

In fact, on a child is concerned, for many, many aspects of understanding and there is no difference between the blind, we tend to make a comparison of a wise blind hope and inspiration, but the children can not always.

Of course, never pause does not mean anger, insecurity to do if the child is not a matter or courtesy pm (This is my son, set to the most basic points), was not anger, but I will coat the surface of a very angry like to let the children know that some things can be, some things can not be for, although it is sensible to allow the children the process of reasoning is entirely possible, but in some cases must be to let children know of their seriousness.

I strive to do this, also because of the effect of doing so has become apparent, his son has made great progress in all aspects of people happy.

Son’s education, I am currently focused on personality formation, with complete disregard for the so-called scores of education, one semester, the math test countless times, I basically do not ask scores, or even wrong for each paper which I will not say (Of course, many parents, teachers attach great importance to the wrong question corrigendum).

In fact the children have a good time being Score is not difficult for children to have a good character, good quality, which is not in just one day into the day can be.

In a competitive environment so intense, parents focus on learning scores is a matter of course, but in general, although the parents know the importance of character and quality, but the real implementation of the operation there is always in constant wait-and-see mentality.

Good character, good quality, small form completely depend on your patience.