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When the baby can drink fresh milk

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Directly from the dairy squeeze of fresh milk is absolutely can not be used to feed new-born babies, and why?

In addition to its causes might be carriers of virus, but also because the milk contained in protein and minerals, such as not suitable for infants of the stomach. In fact, a lot of adult milk powder is dry milk, and are not suitable for infants.

Milk protein may be six months following the baby’s stomach have allergies, chronic inflammation and the formation of the phenomenon of bleeding; such bleeding was observed less than the naked eye, but the long-term chronic bleeding would endanger the health of infants, causing anemia. After six months to one-year-old baby, gastrointestinal strong adaptability, most can no longer accept milk the phenomenon of chronic bleeding. Chinese people like to use “weaned” as a baby from the baby grew up to large children’s signs, the general in a two-year-old child about weaning.

Generally speaking, children from six months to two-year-old from eating dairy products from the whole development of the food to eat adult stage. Six-month-old baby needed minerals (especially iron) and nutrients and can not be completely from the breast milk was needed to supplement other food. We may worry that their children will appear postweaning nutritional shortfalls. Weaning common nutritional deficiencies include: lack of energy protein, iron deficiency anemia. Symptoms is not by weight, buttocks thin, thin, like skin and bones, there will be more serious, hands and feet edema phenomenon. In addition, the lack of outdoor activities, long-term non-sun, the children will also lack of vitamin D and rickets circumstances arise, parents are advised to be aware.

After the two-year-old baby, if a balanced diet, foods from different absorption of various nutrients, fully weaned no harm. Like to continue child, may give consideration to choosing a half fat milk or skim milk, but will only be appropriate as part of the daily diet should not be too much to drink, so as not to affect the balance of nutrition.